Never has the world been in greater need of biological scientists. 

Graduates with a B.S in Biological Science from UVM are well prepared to begin careers in technical, teaching, and consulting roles in many fields, such as health care, environmental consulting, biomedical research, pharmaceutical industry, government, or conservation.  Many students choose to pursue advanced studies leading to M.S., Ph.D., M.D., or D.V.M. degrees and subsequent employment in academia, industry, governent agencies (e.g. USDA, USGS, USFS, US Department of Fish and Game), and the health sciences professions.


See where their B.S. degree in Biological Science has taken some of our recent graduates:

Stefanie Geiger '18

student in the lab

Stefanie works as a research scientist at Seattle Children’s Hospital Research Institute. Her days consist of working on various projects involving cell culture and lab meetings with her coworkers. While at UVM, she studied in the Honors College and participated in the Distinguished Undergraduate Research program in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Stefanie did her research with Dr. Bryan Baliff, studying protein signaling. “What drew me to this position in particular is that since it was related to a hospital, we were doing science that is being used in clinical trials or improving clinical trials. There’s a pretty big connection in what we were doing and actually getting to patients,” she said. Stefanie’s strong network and personal connections helped her find a job in a field she was interested in.

Laurel Haines '17

student in front of research poster

Laurel is currently working as a research associate for the biotech company, Matrivax Research and Development in Boston, Massachusetts. During her undergraduate studies at UVM, Laurel spent plenty of time in lab settings. She used her network of university students and staff to learn about internship opportunities, which ultimately led to her her current position at Matrivax where she works on vaccines. “I am definitely excited and fulfilled by knowing that what I’m working on is on a path to move towards a clinical trial and could actually impact people’s lives. That’s the part I find most rewarding,” said Haines. Laurel hopes her vaccine research will soon move into clinical trials and be available for people around the world to prevent disease. 

Miriam Kasten '17

hiker with mountains in the background

Miriam is a medical assistant at Four Seasons Dermatology in Colchester, Vermont. She is responsible for gathering patient information, taking patients' vitals, and relaying the information to the patient’s provider. She also assists in biopsies and surgeries. “I find it very fulfilling when I feel that I have helped someone. We deal with a lot of skin cancers here and telling somebody they have a skin cancer can be difficult. Just taking time, being patient and making somebody feel comfortable is a really nice feeling,” she said. As an undergraduate at UVM, she was able to gain experience working in the lab and volunteering at the UVM Medical Center, where she has started a mentorship program working with incarcerated women at the women's prison in South Burlington, VT. Miriam is preparing to go to medical school and is interested in specializing in cardiology, ENT or women’s health.

Collin Kwasnik '15

dental student

Collin is a dental student at Stony Brook University Medical School in Long Island, New York. As a biological science major at UVM, he was drawn to medical field and decided to pursue dentistry as a way to help people and build long-term relationships with patients. As a third year dental student, Collin aspires to have his own dental practice where he can help relieve future patients of dental pain and help those unhappy with how their teeth look get to a point where they are proud to smile. Collin says his experience as a student in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences helped him develop the communication skills he needs to build and maintain relationships with patients.

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