Demystifying the H2A Program - Article & Podcast Episode

The H-2A "guestworker" visa is a program of the US government so farmers can hire workers from other countries to fill temporary/seasonal positions on farms when local workers aren't available.


In this 2021 article in Growing For Market, Gretel Adams from Sunny Meadows Flower Farm in Columbus, Ohio, describes how the H-2A program has worked on their farm.

Podcast Episode

In this 2023 episode from Growing For Market X Neversink Farm, Gretel and Steve Adams provide elaboration on the topics covered in Gretel's 2021 article. Gretel and Steve talk about how the H-2A program has worked on their flower farm, where approximately a third of their 24 person crew was H-2A workers this past year. The episode includes information about who the program is for, how to enroll, considerations for doing the paperwork yourself or hiring someone to do it for you, and the benefits, commitments and responsibilities of having H-2A workers.


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