Customer Service: Resources for Training Employees

If you market your farm products directly to the consumer then you know that a great product is just one factor in your success. Relationships are key to sustaining your sales and every business faces challenging customer service situations at some point. Use these videos to start the conversation with your employees. In one video we address basic phone etiquette. In a second video we introduce the problem of explaining rules to a customer that just doesn’t get it. In the third video we show how to interact with an unhappy customer in a way that does not escalate the situation.

These videos are not intended to be hard and fast guides but rather to provide you with a fun way to start a conversation about basic customer service expectations. We suggest before you start this training with your employees you review your policy and procedures manual and make sure you are clear on what employees are expected, and authorized, to do (and NOT do) when approached by an upset customer. In the end it is your business and your reputation at stake. Thorough training will pay dividends down the road.

1. Juggling Phone and In-person Customers


2. Explaining Farm Rules


3. The Unhappy Customer

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