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Dr. Felicia Kornbluh

Felicia Kornbluh

Dr. Felicia Kornbluh

Associate Professor of History

  • M.A. and Ph.D. Princeton University, Department of History
  • B.A. Harvard-Radcliffe College
Area of expertise

History of women, gender, and sexuality; legal history; social welfare; public policy; disability

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Felicia Kornbluh: Associate Professor of History. Kornbluh's book, The Battle for Welfare Rights, (University of Penn. Press 2007), is a study of the social movement for welfare rights, and its interactions with mainstream political and legal institutions, in New York City and nationally. It is now available in paperback and is used widely. She is now writing a monograph on the New York City World's Fair of 1964-1965, and on the political movements that made that fair a failure. She is also in the middle of a long-term project on disability, gender and social welfare, which focuses on the activist and constitutional law scholar Jacobus tenBroek.

Kornbluh has received fellowships from the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, the American Historical Association, and many other sources, and is an active member of scholarly communities in women's history, women's studies, legal history, legal studies, 20th-century U.S. history, urban history, and the history of public policy. In addition to her career as a scholar, she has a long career as an advocate and activist, especially on issues of women's and children's well-being, and has worked on these issues on Capitol Hill and at several Washington, D.C.-based research think tanks. She has written for numerous academic and non-academic journals.