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3. Two Notable UVM Landscapes.
    (UVM Buildings and Grounds)

Japanese Landscape, Near UVM Bookstore  
Throughout the larger University campus one discovers the hand of the landscape architect in the creation of many small, contained park-like settings. Two favorites include the Japanese-inspired landscape located between the University Bookstore and the Physical Plant. The imaginative juxtaposition of various tree species and flowering shrubs, wooden bridge and stone terracing with period lighting provide an enjoyable respite from the more open vistas of Main Campus.

  Secluded Library Landscape
The second small landscape composition - to the south west of the main entrance of Bailey-Howe Library with its glass 'greenhouse' and fish tanks - though more sparse in plant materials, remains park-like and inviting in its slightly recessed seating. It is contained by natural and person-made boundaries tempting the passer-by, who discovers this overlooked area within the heavily trafficked library quad, to stop and reflect upon an unusual view of the Aschenbach sculpture, the Tree of Knowledge, which defines the south boundary of the space.