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10. Ralph LaPointe (Class of '42)
    Francis Colburn, 1968. Oil on Canvas.

Francis Colburn, Ralph LaPointe, 1968.  
Lapointe was the UVM baseball coach from 1952-1967. Thousands of spectators pass this 'gem' of a painting on their way to UVM athletic events each year, which is located in the Entry Hall on the east wall of the Rufus Patrick Gymnasium. Painted by well known UVM art professor Francis Colburn (see the Colburn Gallery in Williams Hall which is named in his honor) whose other portraits of UVM 'Greats' include President Carl Borgmann, 1958 and President John Fey, 1964.

  Francis Colburn, President Carl Borgmann, 1958.
The paintings of Presidents Borgmann and Fey are hung in the Memorial Room in the Waterman Building. Professor Francis Colburn was well-known as an artist - he served as Chair of the Department of Art at UVM until the mid-l960's - and a humorist; his recordings of the fabled Vermont high school graduation address in "Vermontese" are still classics. Many of Colburn's paintings are in the permanent collection of the Robert Hull Fleming Museum and private collections in the area.