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7. The Healing of Tobit

R. Kennedy, Healing of Tobit, n.d.  
The Healing of Tobit is one of two easily overlooked sculptures on campus with interesting stories. This highly pictorial relief sculpture of copper and steel mesh is found at the Medical School, located in the atrium between Given and the Biology Research Complex. The story is biblical in origin, and is particularly well suited for its placement within a Medical College. "Then Tobias taking the gall of the fish annointed his father's (Tobit's) eyes and immediately he received his sight." It was placed "In Memory of Harris Henry Cohen, Physician, Class of '37, and his son, Michael David Cohen. Medical Student Class of '68." The sculptor, Roy Kennedy, was a Professor of Art at St. Michael's College.

  Klaus Herbrich, Lifeline/Lebenslinie, 1992.
Carved from Vermont serpentine, Lifeline/Lebenslinie was recently installed (August 2002) on the grounds of Wheeler House. This sculpture, by German artist Klaus Herbrich, consists of two rectangular slabs of white-veined serpentine set on a bed of small stones contained by a wooden frame. As one critic observed, the artist "saw his sculpture as a symbol for lost unity, but with the lifeline of hope running through it." The artist said "I see the neat rectangles of the stones as rigid ideological confines that can separate us from each other through racial, political and religious differences. By aligning the stones, we break the vein; by moving the imaginary borders we can become each others' life line. The choice is ours." A gift from private donors to the UVM Center for Holocaust Studies, Herbrich's work was created as part of an exchange between Vermont and German artists working in Dachau.