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1. Pothole
   aka King Arthur's Seat
   aka The Broken Molar.

UVM Pothole  
Vermont marble, c 8,000-10,000 year's old. Located between Votey Engineering and Kalkin Hall and directly across from the entrance to Perkins Geology Building, this artfully placed, richly sculptural form is in fact a natural phenomenon which appeared in separate parts on the campus in the 1950's-1960's as a gift from a Vermont Marble Quarry. This geological phenomenon, easily viewed as a work of art, was created over thousands of years by a constant stream of water carrying a harder more durable substance that flowed vertically down through the softer marble. The two parts were assembled and put together under the direction of Professors Barry Doolan (Geology) and Edwin Owre (Art) in collaboration with UVM Buildings and Grounds in the early 1980's.