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Special Collections, Bailey/Howe Library

"Visual materials, particularly as they relate to the history of the book, are an important focus of the UVM Libraries Special Collections Department. This collection was built on a core of approximately 300 illustrated editions of Ovid's Metamorphosis, other classical and early European illustrated books from 1470 to the present, and now includes over 1,000 twentieth century private press and artists' books mainly from the United States, Canada and Great Britain, and a strong collection of American photographic books and prints. These materials are used primarily for teaching and library exhibits.

The specialty of the department has always been Vermontiana, and holdings comprise over 200,000 still photographs, including 20,000 stereo views of Vermont, the United States, and the world; thousands of Vermont postcards, broadsides and maps, and approximately 70,000 books and pamphlets, many illustrated, on Vermont. Though used for teaching and exhibits, the Vermontiana collection is used primarily for research."
--Connell B.Gallagher, former Director for Research Collections

Two editions of Ovid's Metamorphosis:
Sandys, 1632, Plates by Saverni.
[Oxford ] Bauer ,1687.
Illustrated Books/Fine Printing

Chiswick Press Collection (Stevens)

Stinehour Press Collection (Stinehour)

Illustrated Editions of Ovid (Prindle)
See Hope Greenberg's comprehensive website.

Illustrated Editions of the Bible and Shakespeare

Private Press

Representative examples, from among others, the following presses: Janus, Perishable, Ives Street, Warwick, Ninja, Kelmscott, Doves, Golden Cockerell.

Artist's Books

Faith Ringold, Peter Schumann, etc.

L.L. McCallister
Main Street
Burlington VT, 1933.
Photographs, Postcards, Stereoviews, Picture Files

Vermont photographers include:
'Snowflake' Bentley, L.L. McAllister,* Clara Sipprell, James Detore, Matt Derick, H.W. Congdon; the Dexter stereograph collecton. Fine examples documenting the history of photograpy and photographic processes. See also Fleming Museum collections. Lithographs/photoengravings.