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Detail, Southwick Memorial,
Redstone Campus
The built environment of the University of Vermont includes structures which are of major architectural significance (H.H.Richardson's Billings Library, 1883-85, and McKim, Mead and White's Southwick Memorial, 1934) and those whose functional design is transparent (the bus shelter in front of the Royall Tyler Theatre) Included in this survey of major buildings are structures whose functions reveal...

Interior, John Dewey Memorial
Lounge, Old Mill
Commemorative Spaces
Across the campus of the University of Vermont are a number of buildings where commemorative plaques or specific areas are set aside to memorialise significant aspects of the institution's history. Examples include the John Dewey Lounge in Old Mill, Memorial Lounge in the Waterman...

Bailey-Howe Library
Steps, Main Campus
Campus Growth
The University of Vermont has grown significantly in size since its founding in 179l from a single College Edifice completed in 1807 which housed living spaces, classrooms, a museum, library and chapel, to a major university with buildings literally numbering in the hundreds today. As UVM has grown facilities and services central to its functioning as a university --classrooms, including teaching and research laboratories, residence and dining halls,...