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GARS-2: The Gilliam Autism Rating Scale - Second Edition

The GARS-2 is a Autism screening tool developed by Dr. James E. Gilliam to serve as a practical piece of early childhood developmental screenings when teachers, parents and other people who observe children are worried that the child might have Autism. It is a 3-section, 42-question norm-referenced screening form for individuals of ages 3-22. You can learn more information about the GARS-2 and purchase it here.

  • GARS-2 training module (Powerpoint Presentataion)

    This learning module is designed to instruct teachers and early interventionists in how to administer the GARS-2. A version of Microsoft Powerpoint or Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer is needed to view this learning module. To download Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer click here

    To download this version of the learning module click here. Additionally click HTML to view a version for Internet Explorer or PDF for other web-browsers.

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