Vantage Point is the University's Visual and Literary Creative Arts Journal. VP favors no form or content above any other; it is simply a journal of art that thinks. Our goal is to stimulate and support a creative community on campus, which will unify and strengthen the University as a whole.

VP is published for and by the students. Each academic year we release a new volume containing two issues. Our success as a peer-review journal is impossible without the talented contributors who continue to reawaken the journal's spirit with each new volume, coupled with the diligent and dedicated work of our staff. Submissions are reviewed anonymously to minimize any and all bias.

Students on staff have the chance to gain professional publishing experience, particularly in the areas of: criticism; editorial skills; layout/design; networking; marketing; leadership; and printing. Contributors to VP are rewarded with an opportunity to have their work printed in a polished, well-funded journal alongside the most competitive contemporary contributions of their fellow students. VP seeks to expand our campus creative community by reaching as much of the greater Burlington community as possible through the circulation of our journal for free, and by hosting public readings & art shows downtown at various points throughout each semester.