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Name Title Program Location
Justin MarquisThe Influence of Environmental Media on Stockholder Investment DecisionsAccounting & Finance1A
Tessera StrandKinetic Analysis on Escherichia coli Enzyme Equivalent of Human Histidyl-tRNA Synthetase Mutation Associated with Usher Syndrome Type IIIBBiochemistry2A
David ChenThe development of an efficient oxidizing reagent for the formation of disulfide bondsBiochemistry3A
Jenny KleinBiochemical Model for Crossover Control Biological Science4A
Andrew TranmerTargeting ryanodine receptors for relief from increased myogenic tone following subarachnoid hemorrhageBiological Sciences5A
Cristine Lanoue, Michael HerrmannThe Chemical Basis of Social Interactions Among AntsBiological Sciences6A
Gretel ClarkeEffects of pollinators, seed predators, and vertebrate herbivores on female and hermaphrodite sex morphs and demography of the gynodioecious plant, Polemonium foliosissimumBiology7A
Nabil NasseriAnt-Hemipteran Mutualisms: Plant Antagonist or "Budding" MutualistBiology8A
Danielle SemickExamining the Fatty Acid Composition of Milk Collected from Three Organic Dairies in Vermont on a Weekly BasisBiology9A
Willard GoveInvestigating a Model System of Learning and Memory: The Role of Secretin in Different Regions of Cerebellar CortexBiology10A
Chelsea ThompsonThe DNA Repair Landscape of Women at Risk for Breast CancerBiology11A
Cristian DambrosAnt predators control phylogenetic structure of termite assemblages in an Amazonian rainforestBiology12A
Allyson DegrassiThe effects of eastern hemlock removal on rodent community composition Biology13A
Jennifer GustafsonProtein Networks Associated with Autoimmune DiseaseBiology14A
William HeddenDifferences in Fungi Infection Frequency in PogonomyrmexBiology15A
Arvis SulovariA Comprehensive Genome-wide Meta-analysis of Copy Number Variations (CNVs) with Cocaine DependenceCellular, Molecular and Biomedical Sciences16A
Corinne SadlowskiThe Total Synthesis of the Aspidosperma Indole Alkaloid Subincanadine EChemistry17A
Nathan TirkStatistical Analysis of Weigh-in-Motion Data: Application to Bridge Reliability AnalysisCivil and Environmental Engineering18A
Naomi Wolcott-MacCauslandLatino Dairy Workers in Northwestern Vermont: A Lived ExperienceCommunity Development and Applied Economics19A
Alana IzzoIdentifying the relationship between ownership change and mission continuity among small business in VermontCommunity Development and Applied Economics20A
Kristin SmithStructure and Agency in the Academy of Nutrition and DieteticsCommunity Development and Applied Economics21A
Ryan LeamySocial Development Through the Small-Scale Production of Hops and Malted Barley in the NortheastCommunity Development and Applied Economics22A
Sierra Poskesocial and demographic characteristics of small and medium farms located at the rural-urban interface.Community Development and Applied Economics 23A
Christine MeagherThe Role of Working Memory in Explicit-Inductive SLADouble Major: Linguistics and Chinese24A
Talia GlesnerChildren of Incarcerated Parents: An Ecological Program EvaluationEducational Leadership and Policy Studies25A
Jeff BukowskiThe Grammar of Social Identity: Perceptions of Self Through Higher Education From Students Who Have a Refugee Story at One Community CollegeEducational Leadership and Policy Studies26A
Jodie MasottaDecades of Reform: Prostitutes, Feminists, and the War on White SlaveryEnglish, history27A
Beth RutilaSeasonal Changes in the Phosphorus Composition of Missisquoi Bay SedimentsEnvironmental Science28A
Whitney O'BrienPathways to Peace: Resolving the Border Dispute Between Costa Rica and Nicaragua by Means of Environmental Peace-BuildingEnvironmental Studies29A
Jessica DonahueConsumption of Fruit and Fruit Juice in Healthy Weight and Obese ChildrenExercise and Movement Science30A
Marley FordComparing Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity between Healthy Weight, Overweight and Obese 3rd-5th graders Exercise and Movement Science31A
John Lavoie IIInfluence of Parental Encouragement and Participation in Physical Activity on Children’s Physical Activity and WeightExercise and Movement Science32A
Xiecheng YuanThe NFL Draft: A Put Option AnalogyFinance and Accounting33A
Rebeka FoleyArt into Life: The Interaction Between Russian Constructivist Art Forms and Political Ideology at the Rise of BolshevismFrench / Russian34A
Mia PayraudeauGreenmageddon: Salvation Through Consumption Geography 35A
Steven GohlkeInsights into the origin of zone of slipped deformation bands from the Seiyal Fault, Western Desert, EgyptGeology 36A
Abigail RuksznisVariation in two styles of Acadian thrust faulting in the Pinnacle Formation, Richmond, VTGeology37A
Jeffrey TinklepaughDeformation gradients along the Champlain ThrustGeology38A
Honor GibsonGender Ideals in Germany's 1770's: La Roche's Die Geschichte des Fraueleins von Sternheim and Goethe's Die Leiden des jungen WerthersGerman39A
Tonya FerraroEfficacy of a Novel Continuing Care Program for Alcohol Dependence: Alcohol Therapeutic Interactive Voice Response (ATIVR)Psychiatry; CESS/Interdisciplinary40A
Jessie CurranApplication of the New School Lunch Standards: A Self-Assessment by School Communities Master of Science in Dietetics41A
Kacie MerchandHome Based Care for Children at Nutritional Risk: Perceived Value of RD ServicesMaster of Science in Dietetics42A
Amanda AugerCommon Core State Standards for Mathematics: An AnalysisMathematics43A
Stephen PearsonAcoustic Emissions Study on a Chain of Spherical Balls through a Copper WaveguideMechanical Engineering44A
Jessica LindleUsing a biosensor-controlled synthetic feedback loop to improve microbial biofuel toleranceMechanical Engineering45A
Charlotte MorganCharacterizing the relationship between basic calcium phosphate particulates in the knee joint and the frictional coefficient of articular cartilage in the intact rat knee.Mechanical Engineering46A
Stacey ChungPlatelet FcGammaRIIa Expression in Patients with Previous Heart AttackMedical Laboratory Science47A
Christopher CardonaInvestigating Whether Growth Factor–Induced Phosphorylation of Protein Kinase A Catalytic Subunits Alter The Inhibition of PKA-C by Regulatory Subunits and Protein Kinase InhibitorMedical Laboratory Science 48A
Emma DeMelimA Transgenic Mouse Model that Enables Inducible Knockout of the cAMP Response Element Binding Protein (CREB) in Vascular Smooth MuscleMedical Laboratory Sciences49A
Thomas HilzingerThe Effect of a Wedge Residue on the DNA Scanning Behavior of MutY using Single Molecule MethodsMicrobiology50A
Adam NockTranscriptional Regulation of Choline Catabolism in Burkholderia thailandensisMicrobiology and Molecular Genetics51A
Daniel KeeneyOptimizing Solid Waste Management: Public Composting Programs In VermontMS-Community Development and Applied Economics52A
Nathan ReignerModeling of recreation dynamics and capacity at multiple spatial scalesNatural Resources53A
Ellen RovelstadIndicators of Quality for Night Sky Viewing and Associated Recreation Experiences at Acadia National ParkNatural Resources54A
Barbora ZvarovaDetection of Residual Detergents During Whole Lung DecellularizationNeuroscience55A
Lyndsay BrownAltered vasodilatory response of mesenteric arteries following traumatic brain injuryNeuroscience56A
Benjamin Moody Analysis Of Changes In C-Fos Immunoreactivity Induced By Traumatic Brain Injury In Rat Brain Structures Relevant To MicturitionNeuroscience57A
Gabriel StineA Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy Study of Executive Functions and the Prefrontal CortexNeuroscience58A
Alice Galvin, Brendan HareA novel light-dark box approach to assessing running behavior in miceNeuroscience 59A
Katherine BalasEstradiol treatment in postmenopausal women increased functional connectivity in brain networks associated with cognitionNeuroscience, Psychology60A
Mariel GoldenCharacterizing Barriers to Contraceptive Use Among Opioid-Maintained WomenNursing61A
Sonali HerathThe Interaction between ERK1, ERK2 and ERK 5 in Expression of Genes that Regulate Malignant Mesothelioma Tumorigenesis: Is it a Team Effort?Pathology62A
Zhouwei ZhangFlow cytometric analysis of DNA content and cell cycle status in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded breast cancer specimens: improved assay using a core punch approachPathology63A
Lynn FangDesigning compost to suppress soil pathogensPlant & Soil Science64A
Alexander JonesA Comparison of the Costs of the Rapid Intervention Community Court and the Traditional Court SystemPolitical Science & History65A
Mukta MuktaThe Role of Culture and Social Structures on Bengali Adults with Type 2 Diabetes in Managing Their Health ConditionProfessional Nursing66A
Hannah WoolfolkGender and Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia as Predictors of Adjustment Problems in School-aged ChildrenPsychology67A
Michelle RosiePredictors of Aggression and Hostile Attribution Bias in Adjudicated YouthPsychology68A
Nicholas LeggettTransportation Workforce Development Strategies Public Administration69A
Benjamin CarlsonBest Practices in Transportation Communications and Applications for UVM’s Transportation Research CenterPublic Administration70A
Anera Foco, Christine BellmyerWhere do tomatoes come from? - Sources of Local Food in VermontPublic Administration71A
Rachel HanishNGO Influence in the UN’s Universal Peer Review Process to Strengthen Human Rights NormsPublic Administration72A
Seth JensenMunicipal Planning and Economic Development Public Administration 73A
Alison MaynardEconomic Impacts of the Transdisciplinary Research Initiative on the Vermont Food System Public Administration74A
Julie Paris, Ashley V.W. ClarkImplementation of State-Wide Nutrition Education Curriculum in VermontPublic Administration75A
Juan ZhangConsumer Food System IssuesPublic Administration76A
Robert FIshReducing Vehicle Idling In Vermont: A Community Based Strategic Communication & Intervention PlanPublic Administration77A
Stephanie ParenteExamining the reintegration services provided to Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans as they transition back to civilian life. Social Work78A
Rebecca BourgaultA Hydropedologic Approach to Characterizing Soil Variability in a Headwater CatchmentSoil Science79A

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Afternoon 1

Name Title Program Location
Samantha Soltau“Creating an Informative Survey as a Learning Tool to Aid Dairy Farmers in Identifying Risk Factors Associated with the Spread of a Highly Contagious Foreign Animal Disease”Animal Science1B
Jamie AbbottA Mutation in Human Histidyl-tRNA Synthetase Causes Type IIIB Usher SyndromeBiochemistry2B
Adam MirandoThe borrelidin derivative BC194 influences the cellular response to hypoxia through modulation of threonyl-tRNA synthetase non-canonical functionsBiochemistry3B
Christopher VealExpression of Functional TLRs in Human Uterine MyocytesBiochemistry4B
Katherine SteblenkoStructure-function study of the C-terminal tail of Thioredoxin ReductaseBiochemistry5B
Bryce BensonMapping of Atrial Fibrillation: Centroid Frequency of High Resolution Electrograms Identifies Circuit DensityBioengineering6B
Ashley WaldronCharacterization of rasl11b and dcdc2b in Zebrafish Eye Development Biology7B
John VandenbergeThe Effect of Acute and Chronic Bisphenol A (BPA) Exposure on Benign and Malignant Human Thyroid CellsBiology8B
Jordon TourvillePopulation Genetics of White Perch (Morone americana), an Invasive Species: Using Microsatellite Loci to Identify Source of Invasion in Lake ChamplainBiology9B
Richard CarrickCircuit Density Guided Ablation Offers Improved Efficiency in Treatment of Atrial FibrillationBiomedical Engineering10B
Sharon AlajajianExploring characteristics of US food deserts through the lens of social mediaBiostatistics11B
Zachary SchmollThe Impact of Compensation for NCAA Student Athletes on NBA Draft DecisionsBusiness Administration12B
Rebecca HarveyEstablishing the Contribution of Lawn Mowing on Atmospheric Aerosol Levels in American SuburbsChemistry13B
Shashank JainQualitative Characterization and product evolution of Secondary Organic Aerosols from oxidation of Green Leaf VolatilesChemistry14B
Tyler FeralioBiodiesel vs. Petro-diesel: a comparison of particle number emissions at 80% loadCivil and Environmental Engineering15B
Kristine HarootunianDrive Like a Local! Findings From the Vermont State Crash DatabaseCivil Engineering16B
Kalil ErazoDynamic Stress Response Estimation in Structures using a Model Based Observer Civil Engineering17B
Hannah MaloyUsing Precariously Balanced Rocks to Assess Seismic Hazard in the Pajarito Fault SystemCivil Engineering 18B
Kasey CybulakPreserving Urban History from Earthquake Hazards: The Role of Base Isolation SystemsCivil Engineering19B
Danielle TorresWho is Arminius? The Transformation of a Roman Rebel into a German HeroClassics20B
Ann HoogenboomCommunity Organizing for Resiliency Planning to Climate ChangeCommunity Development and Applied Economics21B
Deborah KrugAssessing the Practical Significance of 'Transferring the Farm' WorkshopsCommunity Development and Applied Economics22B
Katharine LukasValue Mapping of the Supply Chain of Fair Trade CoffeeCommunity Development and Applied Economics23B
Phoebe SpencerBicycle Transportation and Quality of Life: Qualitative Connections between Mobility and WellbeingCommunity Development and Applied Economics24B
Shane CelisAvoiding Local Optima with User DemonstrationsComputer Science25B
Christopher Pierce, Eric Clark, Joshua PothenEvolving Multiple Gaits for a Robot using Random Boolean NetworksComputer Science26B
Heather ToreyAn evaluation of a family-based, multi-faceted nutrition intervention and behavior changeDietetics27B
Zachary Noel Evaluating the Efficacy of Natural Resistance to reduce fungicide applications for Venturia inequalis on ‘Honeycrisp’, 2012 Ecological Agriculture28B
Ben SchillingAutomated Counting of Bicyclists and PedestriansElectrical Engineering29B
John KasumbaEffects of Biodiesel on Particulate Matter EmissionsEnvironmental Engineering30B
Sebastian DownsBridge Scour MonitoringEnvironmental Engineering31B
Susannah Parsons"Schools of Public Spirit": The Role of Local in New England Environmental GovernanceEnvironmental Studies32B
Rachel J. FranzCultivating Little Consumers: How Picture Books Influence Materialism in ChildrenEnvironmental Studies33B
Casey BaczewskiThe Interaction Between Coaching Behavior, Athlete Trait Motivation and Athletes’ Situational MotivationExercise and Movement Sciences34B
Natalie Guarin, Naomi Wolcott-MacCauslandA Su Salud: Creating an Enriching and Sustainable Service Learning ProgramFamily Nurse Practitioner35B
Bart GenglerA Changing Winter Climate and the Impact on Forest SoilsForestry and Wildlife Sciences36B
Oakley ClarkThe Geopolitics of Forced Migration and Humanitarianism: A Critical Geopolitics PerspectiveGeography37B
Jacqueline MannInvestigating Protein Kinase A binding interactions during growth factor mediated signalingIntegrated Biological Science38B
Nicholas AllgaierData-driven dynamic mapping of the human brainMathematics39B
Catherine BlissAn Evolutionary Algorithm Approach to Link Prediction in Dynamic Social NetworksMathematics40B
Morgan FrankHappiness and Movement on TwitterMathematics41B
Andy ReaganWhat is the most important theorem?Mathematics42B
Jake WilliamsFiltering electronic texts for big stories via entropic analysesMathematics43B
Michael FoleyBuilding an Agent-Based Order Book Model in a Financial Market EnvironmentMathematics44B
Eitan PechenickThe Evolution of Written Language: An analysis of the Google Books corpusMathematics45B
Marc SoldiniMicrofluidic Flow Focusing Device for Fabrication of Drug Delivering Microspheres Mechanical Engineering46B
Jillian LeikauskasAn Analysis of the Effects of Education and Ethics Priming on College Students’ Immunization BeliefsMedical Laboratory Science47B
Olivia Carpinello Outcomes and incremental costs following 1, 2 or 3+ embryo transfers during in vitro fertilization: the Vermont ModelMedical student48B
Peter IslesHigh temporal resolution monitoring of harmful algal bloom dynamics in a eutrophic shallow bay of Lake ChamplainNatural Resources49B
Chester HarveyThe relationship between multimodal transportation infrastructure and housing prices in BaltimoreNatural Resources50B
Isaac LawrenceA Model to Predict Impervious Surface Impacts of Land Use and Transportation System Change with UrbanSim Natural Resources51B
Timothy PedeUsing UrbanSim for energy consumption estimates: Development of indicator for Chittenden County 2005 baseyear modelNatural Resources52B
Anna CarrageeInteractions of invasive garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata), native herbaceous plant species, and invertebrates in Vermont forestsNatural Resources53B
Sarah Pears, Eduardo RodriguezForest Ecosystem Service Trade-offs of Salvage Logging Following Wind Disturbance in Vermont ForestsNatural Resources54B
Chelsea ManningCo-localization of the Lynx1-A prototoxin and α7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in human embryonic kidney cellsNeuroscience55B
Anthony PappasTime course of the inversion of neurovascular coupling and altered spontaneous Ca2+ activity in astrocytic endfeet following subarachnoid hemorrhageNeuroscience 56B
Jackson MathewsEvaluating the effect of increasing verbal executive function task complexity on prefrontal cortex activity using functional near-infrared spectroscopyNeuroscience57B
Clarissa DrillStudent Nurse Practitioner Communication Skills when using Electronic Health Records (EHR) during Health History TakingNursing58B
Danie LeahyBranched Chain Amino Acid Plus Glucose Supplement Reduces Exercise-Induced Delayed Onset Muscle SorenessNutrition and Food Science59B
Catherine WestbomRegulation of NLRP3 in mesothelioma cells by chemotherapeutic drugsPathology60B
Thomas CampbellAgency, Authorial Authority, and the Gendered Narrative of Self Philosophy61B
Adam DohertyQuantum Sticking Of cold Atomic Hydrogen To GraphenePhysics62B
Joshuah HeathComputational Study of Ferromagnetic Phase Transitions in the Ising and XY Models via the Monte Carlo MethodPhysics/Mathematics63B
Matthew Grasso, Wes TestoFern Breeding Systems and Gender Biased Hybrid FormationPlant Biology64B
Nicholas KwanBMI, Social Support, and Depressive SymptomsPsychology65B
Alexandra SullivanThe Predictive Effect of Social Status Goals on Depressive SymptomsPsychology, B.S.66B
Sophia HowatMemory and PhotographsStudio Art67B
Frances Iannucci, Trevor GearhartEffects of Diet Differentiation on the Fatty Acid Content of White PerchWildlife and Fisheries Biology68B
Samuel HartDifferential MHC Class I allelic expression between tissues in dairy cattleZoology69B

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Afternoon 2

Name Title Program Location
Jack O'DayQuantitative determination of fatty acid composition in milk of the University of Vermont's CREAM Herd followed over a course of four monthsAnimal Science1C
Sara StantonImages of Vermont: Constructing Statehood through Pastoral CharmAnthropology2C
Kanita ChaudhryQuantification of Site-Specific Phosphorylation of Cardiac Contractile Proteins by Mass SpectrometryBiochemistry3C
Tom SewatskyDetermining the structure of aggregates of N-ethylformamide using CP-FTMWBiochemistry 4C
Tiffany DessainSynthesis of Selenium Analogs of Anti-Mucolytic DrugsBiochemistry5C
Patrick PlociennikSynthesis of trifluoromethylmethionine: Making sulfur chemically behave like selenium.Biochemistry6C
Susan LeggettThe Role of S-Glutathionylation in Epithelial to Mesenchymal TransitionBiochemistry7C
Chelsea MitchellDivergent diel vertical migration in Mysis diluviana: is it a plastic or fixed behavior?Biological Science8C
Jonathan KarpIdentification of Novel RSK-Dependent 14-3-3 Binding Proteins and Their Potential Role in Ras-MAPK SignalingBiological Sciences9C
Jennifer TrimbleAge Modulated the Tamoxifen-Cholinergic Interaction Effects on Cognition in Healthy Postmenopausal Women: Evidence for a Critical Period Effect.Biology10C
Andrew NguyenSequence and cis-regulatory evolution of heat shock protein hsp83, in social HymenopteraBiology11C
Emily BatesCataloguing Human Gut Microbes in Hosts Across the Tree of LifeBusiness Administration: Management Information Systems12C
Emily AldrichA Comparative Investigation of Preparation Methods for Stable Carbon Isotope Analysis of Tree RingsChemistry13C
Erik HorakInvestigation of Heme Ruffling in IsdIChemistry14C
Andrew GillGender differences in psychopathy variants and emotional disturbance among adjudicated youthClinical Pscyhology15C
Benjamin BarnetThe Effects of High & Low Stress on Pitch & JitterCommunication Sciences & Disorders16C
Ashleigh DiLaurenzioSocial Networking and Feelings of Acceptance, Loneliness and Relationships in ASD and Neurotypical PopulationsCommunication Sciences and Disorders17C
David BuckinghamUsing machine learning to estimate snow distributionComputer Science18C
Robert SwainCrowdsourcing HypothesesComputer Science19C
Erin DonovanImplementation of RtI for Mathematics: Findings from a Statewide SurveyEducational Leadership and Policy Studies20C
William BakerSwarm Intelligence - Adaptive Multi-Agent RoboticsElectrical Engineering21C
John BoucherPaired Planting of Sunflower and Indian Mustard for Improved Lead PhytoextractionEnvironmental Science22C
Jillian TanychPerception and attitudes towards physical activity in healthy weight and obese adolescentsExercise & Movement Science23C
Jennifer ChenetteMovement System Impairment of Subjects with Low Back Pain Exercise and Movement Science24C
Teague HenkleWounding of B. papyrifera following tapping for syrup productionForestry25C
Lindsay JordanStream Channel Migration of the Mad River Between 1999 and 2011Geography26C
Sarah GallaleeAccess to Treatment for Prescription Opiate Abuse: A Geographic Analysis of VermontGeography 27C
Douglas MacLeodThe Structural Geology of the Worcester Mountains: a Transect Across Hunger MountainGeology28C
Clare MartinLeptin Receptor Expression on NeutrophilsIntegrated Biological Sciences29C
Aviva GottesmanThe Impacts and Radiating Impacts of Community Gardens in Burlington, VTIntegrated Natural Resources30C
Jocelyn LubniewskiConsumer Acceptance of Healthier Concessions at Vermont State ParksMaster of Science in Dietetics 31C
Jamie SheahanFrialator Annihilator Master of Science in Dietetics32C
Kristina SweetPictures, Recipes, and Meals: An Exploration of Food Media on PinterestMaster of Science in Food Systems33C
Robert SealSelf Healing SystemsMechanical Engineering34C
Timothy TomkoBioprospecting for genes that confer biofuel tolerance using a genomic library approachMechanical Engineering35C
Meredith KochThe Effects of Mechanotransduction on MSC DifferentiationMechanical Engineering36C
Anurag ShuklaImmunoglobulin Variable Region Gene Cloning and Sequencing of Tumor-infiltrating Plasma Cells: Evidence of Germ Cell Expansion in Invasive Ductal Breast CarcinomaMedical School37C
Raj ThakrarTreatment of Recurrent Corneal ErosionsMedicine38C
Nicholas FieldCharacterizing the Spatial Distribution of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis in VermontMedicine39C
Laura KeirThe Northern Pass Transmission Line: A Case Study in Environmental Conflict Resolution and Public Participation Natural Resources40C
Carolyn HerkenhamA Quality Control Assessment of ISCO Portable Samplers within the Winooski WatershedNatural Resources41C
Juliann SargisCholinergic blockade increased functional connectivity in Occipital and Insular cortices in healthy postmenopausal womenNeuroscience42C
Piper HaskellMonitoring hemodynamic response in the prefrontal cortex during naturalistic language processingNeuroscience43C
Lauren StackhouseUsing fNIR to explore prefrontal cortical activation across different levels of discourse structureNeuroscience 44C
Emily EckCan Meditation Modulate the Experience of Pain? A Neuroimaging StudyNeuroscience45C
Erin RoelkeIntra-BNST Pituitary Adenylyl Cyclase Activating Polypeptide Increases Plasma CorticosteroneNeuroscience46C
Liana MerrillRole of vanilloid transient receptor potential cation channel (TRPV) 4 in bladder dysfunction in response to repeated variate stress (RVS) in male ratsNeuroscience Graduate Program47C
Julia PetrasA Pilot Exploration of Life With Leprosy in Bangladesh Nursing 48C
Maara Singh, Bridget Hilton, Catherine Akin, Kimberly Loeffel, Kristina Wilson, Leah Houde, Megan Laframboise, Michaela Cook, Morgan Nealy, Sean FrickeThe Effect of Health Care Accessibility on Communities in BangladeshNursing49C
Maria CarabelloStarting with a Clean Plate: Re-envisioning the Dietary Guidelines through an Ethnographic Review of Domestic Cooking PracticesNutrition and Food Sciences50C
Beck PowersInvestigation of the photomorphogenic and nodulation phenotypes of the Medicago truncatula heme oxygenase mutantPlant Biology51C
Michael Gibson , Ann NguyenThe Vermont Legislative Research Service (VLRS) of the James M. Jeffords CenterPolitical Science 52C
Sasha Finnell, Michelle RosieHostile Attribution Bias as a moderator of Relational Victimization and AggressionPsychology53C
Catherine BekelAn Investigation of Gender Differences Related to Education and Employment in a Representative Adolescent SamplePsychology54C
Lindsay GabelMetacognitive Ability as Predictor of Academic PerformancePsychology55C
Caroline SheaStigma as a Barrier to Help Seeking Among College Students Psychology 56C
Allison TompkinsA Synoptic, Meteorological, and Geospatial Analysis of Tropical Storm Irene's Precipitation in VermontRussian & Political Science 57C
Brian VedderThe Journey of Education: Deriving Relevant, Practical Classroom Tactics and Theories from the Bottom of the World Secondary Education - English58C
Maura SattiExploring the Role of Social Workers in the Lives of Families who have a Child with a Developmental DisabilitySocial Work59C
Suzanne BallChanges in Opossum Shrimp (Mysis diluviana) Population Demographics in Lake Champlain between 1975 and 2012Wildlife and Fisheries Biology60C
Jen GrauerDietary Niche of Carnivores in VermontZoology, Environmental Science61C

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