2013 SRC Oral Presentations (Alphabetical)

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Please note that the following students are part of collaborations and are listed under the name of the student last name in quotes:

Name Title Advisor Time Room
Claudia Abbiati The Assessment and Development of an Instrument to Measure the Speech-Related Attitudes of Preschoolers Who Stutter Barry Guitar 1:30 Jost
Saurav Acharya Fast Causal Network Inference over Event Streams Byung Lee 10:00 Chittenden
Chloe Adams Structural analysis of the CspB protease required for spore germination of Clostridium spores Sylvie Doublie, Aimee Shen 3:30 Mildred Livak
Arielle Arsenault Behavioral responses of Laricobius nigrinus (Coleoptera: Derodontidae), Laricobius rubidus and Laricobius nigrinus x Laricobius rubidus hybrids to hemlock woolly adelgid (Adelges tsguae, Hemiptera:Adelgidae) and host tree odors in a 4-way olfactometer Kimberly Wallin 10:15 Williams
Kate Bailey Physiological and Subjective Responses to Social and Academic Stress Dianna Murray-Close 2:15 Jost
Autumn Barnett GMOs: Who cares? Glenn McRae 1:00 Frank Livak
Geoffrey Battista Estimating the Effect of Mobility and Food Choice on Obesity Jane Kolodinsky, Brian Lee, Rachel Johnson 10:30 Frank Livak
Natalie Battistone Firebrand; A Myth Retold Lynne Greeley 9:00 Jost
Alexandra Beattie An analysis of the effect of B-Hydroxy-B-Methylbutyrate on Drosophila melanogaster flight ability and lifespan Jim Vigoreaux, Bryan Ballif, Robert Tyzbir 2:15 Frank Livak
Marlenee Blas Reconceptualization of Chicana Feminist Consciousness in Higher Education Shametrice Davis 11:00 Mildred Livak
Evelyn Boardman Summer hydrologic influence on invertebrate assemblages in intermittent Alabama streams Alan McIntosh, Dr. John Feminella (Auburn University) 2:15 Chittenden
Jonathan Bond Investigating Vermonters’ Disaster Preparedness Practices: Findings from Combined Statewide Survey Daniel Baker 9:15 Frank Livak
Elizabeth Cantrell The Unconstitutionality of Different Standards of Death: Arbitrariness in States’ Capital Punishment Laws Lisa Holmes 9:30 Jost
Jennifer Carmin Voices of Columbus Deborah Ellis 1:30 Chittenden
Natalie Donnelly Food Access and Personal Eating Habits of Migrant Farm Workers in Vermont Teresa Mares, 1:00 Chittenden
Peter Doubleday A Large-Scale Phosphoproteomic Comparison of the Developing Mouse Brain Bryan Ballif 2:30 Frank Livak
Karla Erickson Dehydrocoupling of amine boranes via transition metal and main group metal catalysts Rory Waterman 1:00 Mildred Livak
Peter Euclide Respiration of Potentially Divergent Populations of Mysis diluviana in Lake Champlain Jason Stockwell 3:15 Chittenden
Marigo Farr Alternative Supply and Demand Graphs to Represent Global Food Production Within Ecological Economics Framework Joshua Farley 1:15 Williams
Tera Fazzino Comparison of Dimensional and Categorical Alcohol Dependence Diagnosis for Predicting Daily Alcohol Use in Heavy Drinkers Gail Rose, John Helzer 1:15 Jost
Spencer Fenn, Tianxin Miao Hyaluronan-Based Multi-Phasic Scaffolds for Osteochondral Tissue Regeneration Rachael Oldinski 3:00 Jost
Timothy Flanagan, John Lavoie, Jessica Donahue, Jessica Page Parent vs Child Perception of HRQOL in Healthy Weight and Overweight Children Connie Tompkins 3:15 Mildred Livak
Erin Flynn Bridging the Gap Between Social Research and Public Policy Glenn McRae 11:00 Frank Livak
Jonathan Godbout Rook Polynomials and Colored Permutations Gregory Warrington 10:15 Chittenden
Dylan Goldman The Role of Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress in Allergic Asthma Vikas Anathy 9:00 Mildred Livak
Jonathan Gonzalez Plant sex and size influence nutrient content and mycorrhizal colonization of the gynodioecious plant Polemonium foliosissimum Alison Brody 2:00 Frank Livak
Elizabeth Gribkoff A Farmer in Her Own Right: An Analysis of Women's Farming Networks in Chile and in Vermont Victor Mendez, Dr. Cherie Morse; Dr. Kit Anderson 3:30 Chittenden
Anthony Haigh Determination of Rock Units Present at El Kasr fold, Egypt. Charlotte Mehrtens 9:30 Williams
Scott Hamshaw Prediction of Suspended Sediment Concentration in Rivers Using Artificial Neural Networks Donna Rizzo 9:30 Frank Livak
Ariel Handy Predicting predisposition to risky dating behaviors in college women Alessandra Rellini 2:30 Jost
Houston Illo Colonial Music Concert D. Toner Jr. 3:00 Frank Livak
Rohan Jesudason An Analysis of PRC Claims towards Disputed Territories in the South China Sea Jing-hua Yin 2:00 Mildred Livak
Mitchell Jones Using Mercury to Model Bioenergetics in the Gulf of Maine Food Web Jason Stockwell, Ellen Marsden, Arne Bomblies, Graham Sherwood 10:30 Williams
Aaron Kane Transforming Tradition: Seasonal Associations in Anime and Japanese Pop Culture Kyle Ikeda 11:15 Jost
Megan Kelley The Movement Against Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining in Central Appalachia Ellen Andersen 11:00 Williams
Michael Kirk Exploring partnerships in Vermont’s livestock industry to address barriers of processing and marketing of meat products David Conner 11:15 Chittenden
Hannah Lachance Bacterial Diversity in the Rumen of Impala from Pongola South Africa Andre-Denis Wright 10:00 Mildred Livak
Melissa Lawler Integration and Differentiation in the High School English Classroom Holly Busier 11:15 Mildred Livak
Alex Levin On the Classification of Algebras John Voight 2:30 Mildred Livak
Chenin Limback Invertebrate biodiversity and distribution on the invasive plant garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata) and native plants in Vermont campgrounds Kimberly Wallin 10:00 Williams
Cheryl Lockhart Investigating the role of hydrogen bonding in heme degradation by the S. aureus enzyme IsdG Matthew Liptak 1:15 Mildred Livak
Brad Luck Vermont Republican Party Glenn McRae 11:15 Frank Livak
Michelle Marion Modern Dance as a Means to Communicate Climate Change: The Need for the Human Connection Amy Seidl, Richard Watts, Stephanie Kaza 3:30 Frank Livak
Rebecca McBride Molecular identification of the bacterial microbiome resident in the hindgut of the North American Beaver (Castor canadensis) Andre-Denis Wright 2:00 Williams
Tracey McCowen The Role of Corn Based Ethanol in the Global Food System Curtis Ventriss, Saleem Ali, Moustapha Diouf, Robert Parsons 2:00 Chittenden
Lynda Menard The structural and biomechanical properties of insect thick filaments expressing flightin and cardiac myosin binding protein-C Jim Vigoreaux 9:15 Chittenden
Jacob Menken Tourmalines From The Stewart Mine, Pala, San Diego County, California: Chemistry And Crystal Structure John Hughes 9:00 Williams
Jacqueline Metzger Puppetry of the Mind Dennis Mahoney 11:30 Jost
Tianxin Miao Spatial control of drug delivery in multilayered poly(vinyl alcohol) scaffold for tissue regeneration Rachael Oldinski 3:15 Jost
Jennifer Miller Agricultural Best Management Practices and Climate Change: Implementation and Financial Implications David Conner 11:00 Chittenden
Brandon Moblo Two-Hour Furloughs: The Overseas Motion Picture Service and Military Consumerism in World War II Steven Zdatny, Andy Buchanan 11:15 Williams
Sean O'Neill Examining the gut microbiota of the American black bear (Ursus americanus) Andre-Denis Wright 10:15 Mildred Livak
Elizabeth Olliver Impacts of Large Storms on Vermont Lakes: A case study from Lake Rescue, Ludlow, VT Andrea Lini 9:15 Williams
Cody Paiva The Role of Cellular FLIP in Innate Immune Response to Viral Infection Iwona Buskiewicz, Stephanie Phelps 9:15 Mildred Livak
Brad Patnaude Reintegration of our Service Members at the University of Vermont Glenn McRae 11:30 Frank Livak
Matthew Pescatore Multifunctional Agriculture in The Northeast: A Spatial Analysis Chyi-Lyi Liang 10:00 Frank Livak
Veronica Peters Perceived Stress, Emotion Regulation, and Relationship Satisfaction Alessandra Rellini 1:00 Jost
Sarah Kate Peterson Identifying Elements to Promote Self-efficacy and Retention in a Group Fitness Class Connie Tompkins, Sarah Abrams, PhD, Jeremy Sibold, Ed. D, ATC 1:00 Williams
Meagan Pharis Evaluating Nutrition Intervention Programs: Lessons from a Cross Country Survey Jane Kolodinsky 10:15 Frank Livak
Emily Reynolds Occupy: Social Media and Dual Power Thomas Streeter 3:00 Williams
Jessica Ricketson Boundary Objects, Brokers and Conversation Starters: The Role of Tactical Management Tools for Non-Point Phosphorus Mitigation in the Lake Champlain Basin Christopher Koliba, Asim Zia, Steve Scheinert 1:30 Frank Livak
Matthew Rosenthal Flight and Mating Behavior of a Dual Heterozygote Drosophila expressing Flightin NH2- Terminal and COOH-Terminal Truncated Proteins Jim Vigoreaux, Samya Chakravorty 9:30 Chittenden
Lucia Rubin-Cadrain How Does Harry Potter Move in Spanish?: A Corpus Analysis of Manner of Motion Verbs in Translation and its Implications for Second Language Learning Guillermo Rodriguez 3:15 Frank Livak
Robert Rudy Suppression Of Voltage-Gated Potassium Channels In Brain Parenchymal Arterioles Following Subarachnoid Hemorrhage-Induced Protein Kinase C Activation George Wellman 3:00 Chittenden
Harry Sandler Ground Penetrating Radar and the Juneau Icefield Research Program Beverley Wemple 2:15 Mildred Livak
Eli Sepkowitz Cerebellar Contributions to Impulsivity Phenotypes Alexandra Potter 3:00 Mildred Livak
Alison Sever Killer Languages: Issues in Endangered Language Advocacy and Ethical Linguistic Empowerment Emily Manetta 10:00 Jost
Dan Sithole The Effects Of The Carl D. Perkins Act Policies On Gender Equity In Vermont High School Career Technical Education: A Hierarchical Linear Model Glenn McRae, Judith Aiken 10:15 Jost
Taylor Slone Farm Profile Influencing Decision Of Multifunctional Operations Chyi-Lyi Liang 1:15 Chittenden
Jennifer Swain A Case for Family Business: The Western Wear Industry Rocki-Lee DeWitt 9:00 Frank Livak
Lily Teitelbaum Democratic Consolidation in Africa: A Comparative Perspective on Ghana and Malawi Peter VonDoepp 9:15 Jost
Harrison Tobi Interstitial capabilities and suction feeding behavior of slimy sculpin (Cottus cognatus) J. Marsden 10:30 Mildred Livak
Tram Tran Increased endothelial calcium signals in cerebral vessels following traumatic brain injury Kalev Freeman 3:15 Williams
Leslie Turner Making Space for Collaboration and Change in Vermont's Food System: Social Network Analysis of the Farm to Plate Network, 2011-2012. Christopher Koliba 1:15 Frank Livak
Malcolm Valaitis Encountering Buddhism: A Translation of Zoujin Fojiao Jing-hua Yin 11:00 Jost
Marion Weir Retinal Expression of key players in the growth cone collapse pathway Bryan Ballif, Alicia Ebert 9:00 Chittenden
Ken Wesley Video graphic study on Brown Kiwi (Apteryx mantelli) juvenile behavior in captivity Jana Kraft 2:15 Williams
Drusila White Pleasant events as a mechanism and moderator of outcomes in cognitive-behavioral therapy vs. light therapy for seasonal depression Kelly Rohan 2:00 Jost
Chloe Wieland Innovative Entrepreneurship Education: A Case Study Of The Growing Vermont Store David Conner 11:30 Chittenden
Zhe Zhang, Geoffrey M. Giampa A ring fragmentation 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition approach to demissidine Matthias Brewer 1:30 Mildred Livak