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Name Title Program Location
Tessera StrandKinetic Assay Analysis of Single-Point Mutation of Histidine tRNA Synthetase Escherichia coli Enzyme Equivalent of Human HARS Mutation Found in Usher-like SyndromeBiochemistry1A
Michael KirkOpportunities and Obstacles in Accessing Local Markets for Small and Medium-Scale Livestock Producers in VermontCommunity Development and Applied Economics2A
Noelle SevoianHow farm to institution actors make sense of the supply chain they are a part of: Interviews of buyers, distributors, and farmers in VermontCommunity Development and Applied Economics3A
Ethan ThompsonConsumer Preferences and Market Potential for Artisan & Farmstead Cheese Community Development and Applied Economics4A
Sara ZieglerEfficacy and ecological impact of Neem Oil and Bacillus thuringiensis as control agents for the invasive earthworm Amynthas agrestis in Vermont hardwood forestsEcological Agriculture5A
Peter OswaldExploring Marketing Strategies and Their Effectiveness for Vermont Wine and Cheese FarmersEntrepreneur 6A
Page AtchesonCommunicating Climate ChangeEnvironmental Studies7A
Amy ClayHealthy Vending in State Government: Is It Making a Difference?Master of Science in Dietetics8A
Kelsey GeroIncorporating a Skills-Based Nutrition Curriculum in a High School Health ClassMaster of Science in Dietetics9A
Kathryn LawsonSustainable Food Systems: Using problem-based learning to educate tomorrow’s nutrition professionalsMaster of Science in Dietetics10A
Midori EckensteinBorrelidin 194 Effects on VHL Deficient Cancer CellsMicrobiology11A
Melissa WoolpertStaphylococcus aureus Transmission and Control in a Robotic Milking HerdMicrobiology12A
Alysha DesrosiersEvaluation of a noninvasive device to measure CO levelsMolecular Genetics13A
Paul ChambersCultivating Happy CampersAnthropology14A
Zachary HirschDid Borders Really Leave Church Street? The Politics of Discipline on Burlington, Vermont’s Church Street MarketplaceAnthropology15A
Loren Teetelli Chimú Domestic Architecture on Cerro Huancha, Sinsicap Valley, PeruAnthropology, Art History16A
Kanita ChaudhryQuantification of Protein Phosphorylation in Cardiac Troponin I and Myosin Binding Protein-CBiochemistry17A
Michael Shaw, Emily PattisonNasogastric Tube Insertion Using Midazolam in the Emergency Department (NIMED)Biological Science18A
G. Michael LaMuraglia IIOpsonin-independent phagocytosis of gram-positive bacteriaBiological Sciences19A
Pedro Alvarez-OrtizExpression and Function of Glutactin in Drosophila Larvae and AdultsBiology20A
Krist AploksThe Effects of the Xenobiotic Endocrine Disruptor Bisphenol A on the Thyroid Hormone ReceptorBiology21A
Stefan Boas, Ali SadeghiDTI as a diagnostic tool for mTBIBiology22A
Samya ChakravortyFunctional Requirement of the Flightin Amino Terminal Region for Flight and Courtship Song in Drosophila melanogasterBiology23A
Jordan HumbleDetermination of the role of retromer subunit VPS26C in arabidopsis root hair growthBiology24A
Max KravitzThe Effects of Nicotine on the Development of Retinal Ganglion Cells in the Chick RetinaBiology25A
Joseph LabrumPhylogeography of Colorado Potato Beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata): inferring the history of an agricultural pestBiology26A
Caleb LibermanThe Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury on Bladder FunctionBiology27A
Shreoshi Pal ChoudhuriReceptors and Signal Transduction Pathways for L-Amino AcidsBiology28A
Elizabeth YasewiczCREB in Pathogenesis of MesotheliomaBiology29A
Emily Aldrich, Catherine JenkinsA Comparative Investigation of Preparation Methods for Stable Carbon Isotope Analysis of Tree RingsChemistry30A
Rebecca Harvey, Shashank JainThe Formation and Aging of Organic Aerosols Under Atmospherically Relevant Conditions: An Evolving Complex Chemical PictureChemistry31A
Evan YandellExploring Methods for Evolving Modularity in Artificial Neural NetworksComputer Science32A
Abigail ZuckermanFood Justice in Vermont: Exploring Community Awareness of Bias-Free Policing Initiatives in Franklin and Addison County VermontEnvironmental Studies33A
Sandra CronauerPowder X-ray Diffraction Analysis of Greenland Ice Sheet SedimentsGeology34A
Samuel Hellman, Emily SiegelA Collaborative Approach to Differentiating in situ and Reworked Sediments from the Miocene Choptank Fm, Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, MDGeology 35A
Christine McNiffGeometric Variability and Spatial Extent of an Acadian Dome and Basin Fold Interference Pattern in NW VermontGeology36A
Elizabeth OlliverImpacts of large storms on Vermont Lakes: A case study from Lake Rescue, Ludlow, VTGeology37A
Abigail RuksznisIntegration of Structural Analysis, an EMI Survey, and Hydrogeology in the Plainfield Quadrangle, Central Vermont IIGeology38A
Abigail Wager, Leah CipriSystems Biology of Coagulation and Trauma-Induced CoagulopathyIntegrated Biological Sciences39A
Leslie TurnerThe State of Food Systems Planning and Implementation Network Governance in the United StatesMaster of Public Administration40A
Anna DrakeNovel protein-protein interactions induced by phosphorylated Protein Kinase A Catalytic Subunit αNeuroscience41A
Gain RobinsonThe Effect of Secretin on Extinction of Eyeblink ConditioningNeuroscience42A
Lauren StackhouseUsing fNIR to explore prefrontal cortical activation across different levels of discourse structureNeuroscience43A
Crystal LathamStudy of Modal Patterns and Dynamic Emission Characteristics in Pulsar B1822-09Physics44A
Leah Cipri, Abby WagerTobacco Cessation Intervention Among Emergency Department Patients Post Baccalaureate Premedical Program45A
Natalie Bishop Grassroots Neighborhood Leaders in Vermont: A Qualitative Analysis of the Rewards, Challenges, and Goals in Community Development Psychology46A
Chelsea EmondPsychological Control and Responses to Stress in Emerging AdulthoodPsychology47A
Brianna GoddardSubjective Well-Being Predictors in the College to Career TransitionPsychology48A
Kristen Hardgrove, Mary Yvette CollettThe effects of socioeconomic status on the use of aggression in malesPsychology49A
Peter HelmShared Subjective Experience as a Catalyst for Prosocial Harmony: Study on Quieting the EgoPsychology50A
Tabatha LeahyThe relationship between self-reported physical activity and academic success in undergraduate students.Psychology51A
Travis Mann-GowCT Exams for Traumatic Injuries Psychology52A
Elyse OgletreeThe Impact of Sibling Relationships on the Socialization of Relationally Aggressive Behaviors in Emerging AdultsPsychology53A
Katharine RifkenThe Effects of Exercise on a Set-Shift Task in Female Ovariectomized and non-Ovariectomized RatsPsychology54A
Justin HoekstraLarge Format Abstraction in ActionStudio Art55A
Jen GrauerEcological Niche Modeling of Pogonomyrmex Hybrid LineagesZoology, Environmental Science56A
Kathryn MillerMathematics Instruction Within an RTI FrameworkEarly Childhood Education57A
Catherine EvansThe Achilles Kids Virtual Marathon Program and its Impact on Students With DisabilitiesEarly Childhood Special Education58A
Talia GlesnerKids-A-Part: A Realistic Evaluation of a Program for Children of Incarcerated ParentsEducational Leadership and Policy Studies59A
Chelsea FifieldThe Professional Interface of Intimate Partner Violence and Restorative JusticeSocial Work60A
Ly NguyenAn Exploration of Risk and Protective Factors for Risky Behaviors among Asian American Adolescents and Young Adults Social Work 61A
Ana Camposeco JacobsRole of noise in gene expression in the multiple antibiotic resistance (mar) network of Escherichia coliBiomedical Engineering62A
Paul BeliveauInteractive Robot Simulation EnvironmentComputer Science63A
Yunfei ZhaoSpontaneous Evolution of Modularity in Robot Neural Networks for Object ManipulationComputer Science64A
Dan Hagan, Ryan CrockerConjugate heat transfer and wall reaction in computational fluid dynamicsMechanical Engineering65A
Sarah AbdallaIdentification of the Factor V Region Mediating its Endocytosis by Megakaryocytes to Form the Unique Platelet-Derived Cofactor Molecule Biochemistry66A
Francis AyombilPrethrombin-1, the gla-domainless prothrombin intermediate, is activated efficiently to thrombin by Prothrombinase assembled on the activated platelet surface. Biochemistry67A
Kheng NewickTargeting redox homeostasis in malignant mesotheliomaCell and Molecular Biology68A
Leah NovingerCharacterizing the Humoral Response to Breast Cancer in an Individual PatientCell and Molecular Biology69A
krithika RaoProtein Complexes as Novel Therapeutics for Myocardial Infarction.Cell and Molecular Biology70A
Sarah GillettAn Approach for Defining Cognitive Decline in Epidemiologic StudiesClinical and Translational Science71A
Carolyn Roman , KR Lezak, M Kocho-Schellenberg, and G Missig PACAP and PAC1 receptor signaling in chronic stress responses: Implications for anxiety-related disorders Neuroscience72A
Geoffrey SchaubhutRegulation of Impulsive Circuitry: Function of Emotional FacesNeuroscience73A
Sureewan BumrungthaiInvasive Cervical Carcinoma Genetic Heterogeneity: Biological and Clinical Significance Pathology74A
Benjamin ColemanSocial Validity of using Comic Strip Conversations and Social Stories to target core deficits in children with Autism Spectrum DisorderCommunication Sciences and Disorders76A
Katherine EkstromThe Effects of Text Genre on the Intensity and Localization of Cortical Activation in Normal Adult BrainsCommunication Sciences and Disorders77A
Chelsea McShaneDifferences in Mental State Talk Between Mothers and their Typical Developing Children vs. Mothers and their Children with Autism Spectrum DisorderCommunication Sciences and Disorders78A
Marley NordmeyerThe Expression of Mental State Terms: A Comparison of Children with ASD and Typically Developing Children Engaged in PlayCommunication Sciences and Disorders79A
Dylan BellavanceObese, Pre-pubertal Children Display Significant Health Risk Factors According to Adult Metabolic Disease Risk StandardsExercise and Movement Science 80A
Claire FresonImproving Exercise Adherence Through Online Journaling Following Physical Therapy Treatment for Chronic Low Back PainExercise and Movement Science81A
Christopher CardonaInvestigating Whether the Growth Factor Induced Phosphorylation of the Catalytic Subunit of PKA Occurs Before or After Activation of PKA Holoenzymes. Medical Laboratory Science 82A
Gussie BelisleEvaluation of the Number of Iterations Needed for Convergence with Astonish ReconstructionNuclear Medicine83A
Elise CorriveauFemale Adolescent Refugees: Views of HealthNursing84A
Julia Williams, Kristi Ditmarson, Julia Liebert, Kelly Schultz, Chelsea Purinton, Elyse Corriveau, Danielle Goldstein, Megan Corbett, Erika Sabattis & Molly WallnerThe comparison of urban versus rural education in BangladeshNursing85A
Tamar WalkerSelf Care, Family-Based Caregiving, and Community Care-Seeking Behavior Among Elderly Chinese in Canada Post Baccalaureate Premedical Program86A
Meghan ArpinoLead and Phthalates: Parental Awareness and Environmental Health ResourcesEnvironmental Science 87A
Taylor KravitsPhosphorus and E.Coli Removal from Wastewater Using Hybrid Steel Slag and Plant Charcoal FiltersEnvironmental Science88A
Alyssa IvesonLiterature Review of the Identification and Invasive Potential of Acer monoForestry89A
Aiko WeverkaExploring the relationship between remotely sensed metrics of forest canopy condition and radial tree growth on the ground.Forestry90A
Juan Alvez, Dairy management, ecosystem services and sustainable livelihoodsNatural Resources 91A
Kate FournierVermont Legislative Research ServiceNatural Resources92A
Alison NihartIdentifying a cohesive urban agriculture policy for Burlington, VTNatural Resources93A
Helena VladichHigh Resolution Remote Sensing Data and Participatory Spatial Analysis as a tool for Integrated Landscape - Based Stormwater Management (IMLaS): Turning Nuisance into an AssetNatural Resources94A
Catherine WebsterAssessing Road Drainage Contributions to Lake Champlain Water QualityNatural Resources95A
Katharine WhiteRemote sensing of Spring Phenology: Method development and temporal trends Natural Resources96A
Sara WilliamsFactors affecting coyote (Canis latrans) occupancy in the Champlain Valley, VermontWildlife Biology97A
Brittany SmithFactors That Influence Taxpayer Compliance When Reporting Gambling IncomeAccounting 98A
Kristin HellerTesting the Signals that Job Seekers Receive From a Recruiting Organization's Community Involvement and Pro-Environmental PracticesBusiness Administration99A

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Name Title Program Location
Eric Clark, Suma DesuProsocial Behavior on TwitterApplied Mathematics1B
Mital PandyaMolecular characterization of bovine major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class I & II genesAnimal Science2B
Simonne EisenhardtEffectiveness of an Online, Interactive Energy Balance Curriculum for Young AdultsAnimal, Nutrition and Food Science3B
Matt CarraleroCharacterizing the Potential Angiogenic Effects of Threonyl-tRNA SynthetaseBiochemistry4B
Brittany Carroll, Nabanita MukherjeeAmifostine Alleviates Cyclophosphamide Induced Taste DeficitsBiochemistry5B
Kyriel PineaultCell Surface Events Modulating factor V Endocytosis by Megakaryocytes: A Possible Role for Receptor Phosphorylation and the Ganglioside GM3 in Acquisition of the Critical Platelet-Derived Cofactor PoolBiological Sciences6B
Emily LarsonOn the Move: Characterizing Trafficking Genes Whose Expression is Altered in the Cell Wall Mutant atprp3-1Cell and Molecular Biology 7B
Kelly DolanCommunity Gardens in the Burlington Area: Emphasizing inclusion and collaborationCommunity Development and Applied Economics8B
Matthew PescatoreMultifunctional Agriculture in the Northeast: Motivations and Impacts of Diversified Farm Activities Community Development and Applied Economics9B
Olivia SaucierA social history of organic dairy production in the United StatesCommunity Development and Applied Economics10B
Patrick ScheldGiving a Voice to those often Unheard: An Impact Assessment of International Service-Learning on St. Lucian CommunitiesCommunity Development and Applied Economics11B
Phoebe SpencerBicycle Commuting in Vermont: Environmental, Social, and Physical Challenges in a Northern ClimateCommunity Development and Applied Economics12B
Meagan DiVitoEvaluating the Physical Activity Levels of Head Start Children Using the CATCH CurriculumDietetics, Nutrition and Food Sciences13B
Tiyasha De PintoIntegrating Sustainability with Transport Asset Management Processes: Governance of Intergovernmental Decision Making on Prioritizing Transport ProjectsMaster of Public Administration14B
Erin Flynn, Benjamin CarlsonMedia Discourse Analysis of Sugar Sweetened Beverage TaxesMaster of Public Administration15B
Austin BrooksDeterminants of Gestational Weight Gain and Internet Usage Among Vermont WIC ParticipantsMaster of Science in Dietetics16B
Lindsay LawesEvaluating the Impact of a Living with Diabetes Self-Management ClassMaster of Science in Dietetics17B
Morgan RiversExamination of racial and regional differences in total energy intake and percent fat following a behavioral weight control programMaster of Science in Dietetics18B
Samantha OgilvieAnalysis of in vitro mRNA processing provides insight into the integration of mRNA splicing and poly(A) site cleavageMicrobiology and Molecular Genetics19B
Kelsey PrestonIs FoxM1 the Therapeutic Target of Thiostrepton in Malignant Mesothelioma?Microbiology and Molecular Genetics20B
Dylan WhiteThe effects of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa quorum-sensing molecule 3-oxo-C12-homoserine lactone on clinical Candida albicans biofilm developmentMicrobiology and Molecular Genetics21B
Emily BatesThe Influence of the Human Gut Microbiome on Crohn's DiseaseMolecular Genetics22B
Kira BensonDose dependent effects of mitochondrial targeted nitroxides on malignant mesothelioma cells.Molecular Genetics23B
Cameron SternImproving Hemerocallis (Daylily) breeding techniques using Diploid and Tetraploid ConversionsMolecular Genetics24B
Jonathan GonzalezThe influence of ungulate grazing history and soil biota on plant tolerance to simulated herbivoryPlant Biology25B
Stacy JorgensenInsights into the relationships of three Costa Rican allotetraploids in the fern genus Polystichum (Dryopteridaceae)Plant Biology26B
Michele LangoneMultifunctional gardens to bring beauty and sustainability to UVM's campusSustainable Landscape Horticulture27B
Anna HiltonCuban Revolutionary HealthcareAnthropology28B
Alexander TempleHypoxia Effects on MKP-1 ProductionBiochemistry29B
Samantha WestbrookExamining the effects of limiting web size on mass accumulation in Nephila clavipes. Biological Science 30B
Ben AlbertsonThe Effect of Exercise Intensity On the Durability of Exercise-Induced Changes in MoodBiological Sciences31B
Lucas BernackiAn Investigation of the Testudine Mitochondrial Control RegionBiology32B
Peter DoubledayComparative Phosphoproteomic Analysis of Neonatal and Adult Murine BrainBiology33B
Yainna Hernáiz-HernándezDetermining abundance and diversity of fungi in the Harvester Ants (Genus: Pogonomyrmex)Biology34B
Michael HerrmannQueens in Control: Males do not show adaptive mating behavior in hybridizing harvester antsBiology35B
Genesis Tejada“Biodiversity and Infectious Disease Risk: Genetic Variability of Myxobolus cerebralis”Biology36B
Marion WeirIdentification and Characterization of a Novel, Isoform-Specific Phosphorylation Site of Collapsin Response Mediator Protein 1Biology37B
Meghan WingetThe Use of Comic Strip Conversations to Remediate Behavior Regulation Difficulties in a Child with Autism Communication Sciences and Disorders38B
Alison KellyBurlington City Arts at its 30th Anniversary: Understanding and Celebrating their Story and Community ImpactEnglish & Political Science39B
Dylan HarryAn investigation of Northeastern forest health over the past 26 yearsEnvironmental Science40B
Catherine Jenkins, Emily AldrichAn investigation into the effect of climate on the δ13C ratios in an Eastern Hemlock (Tsuga canadensis) tree-ring chronology from VermontEnvironmental Science41B
Chan StevensResistance Modeling in Bolivian Triatomine Bugs: An Evaluation of MethodsEnvironmental Science42B
Gordon Clark: Identifying the Magnitude and Spatial Extent of Water Drainage Impairments in the Winooski River WatershedEnvironmental Studies43B
Kathleen HartinEyo matamanai alakuwa: the social implications of conservation-induced displacement for the Maasai residents of Engare Sero, northern TanzaniaEnvironmental Studies44B
Kathryn DalyThe potential for developing a 500 year tree-ring time series for Moosehead Lake, Maine using dendrochronological techniquesGeography and Environmental Studies45B
James ChristensonExamination of Metamorphic Assemblages in the Tavan Har Basement Block, MongoliaGeology46B
Cynthia HarrisA Night to Remember: Gender and Sexuality at the High School PromHistory47B
Daniel JenkinsCommon Respiratory Illnesses of MEDLIFE patients in Lima, PeruHistory48B
Sarah ClarkThe interaction of prototoxins with nicotinic acetylcholine receptorsNeuroscience49B
Benjamin MoodyThe Effects of MeHg on the Developing Drosophila Nervous SystemNeuroscience50B
Evan BorderQuantum Monte Carlo Measurements of the Superfluid Density of Helium-4Physics51B
Emily Smith Dynamic Analysis of Radio Pulsar B1237+25’s Emission and Polarization Modes Physics52B
Jacob Wahlen-StrothmanMagneto-optical spectroscopic studies of solid and solution-phase tetra-phenyl porphyrinPhysics and Mathematics 53B
Kelsey CookAn Inquiry into the Boundaries Between Species and their Hybrids: The Case of Polypodium x incognitumPlant Biology54B
Miranda RedmondIdentification and Characterization of a Novel Cooperative Activity between the Proto-oncogenic SFKs and Crk/CrkL Signaling Protein Families.Political Science55B
Kiara IrickThe relative contribution of Peer Versus Parent Attachment in Emerging AdulthoodPsychology56B
Chelsea Krisanda, Justin Parent, Annie WrightParent Depressive Symptoms in Combination With Secondary Family Stress Variables: Effects on Child Disruptive BehaviorsPsychology 57B
Nicole LafkoProactive and Reaction Functions of Relational Aggression Relating to Internalizing Symptoms: Peer Mechanisms of InfluencePsychology 58B
Anna Wright, Justin Parent, Chelsea KrisandaEffects of Gender Differences on Parental Tolerance of Child Disruptive BehaviorsPsychology59B
Cherie LumExploring Chinese American Identity in a Predominately White University: A Qualitative ApproachSociology60B
Amanda NorthropUse of lithium heteropolytungstate heavy liquid in condont microfossil recovery for biostratigraphy from the Middlebury Formation (Middle Ordovician) of west central Vermont.Zoology61B
Erin DonovanUse of the Response to Instruction Framework for MathematicsEducational Leadership and Policy Studies62B
Ellen MontgomeryThe Experiences of Immigrant and Refugee Students in a Visual Arts Classroom in an Urban Middle School in Vermont: Matters of the Heart and MindEducational Leadership and Policy Studies63B
Katherine LeugersIncorporation of a Skills-Based PA Curriculum in a High School Health ClassInterdisciplinary 64B
Rachel SchneiderPositive Youth Development in Vermont's YouthSocial Work65B
Kristi Herzer, Jaime Jiménez-DiazThe Stress and Antibiotic Response of Clinical Isolate Pseudomonas aeruginosa PA 14 to Altered Gravity ConditionsCEE66B
Tyler FeralioDevelopment of an Exhaust Dilution System for Real-World Particle Number Emissions Quantification between Petroleum-based Diesel and Biodiesel FuelsCivil and Environmental Engineering67B
Kirk JonesCorrelating Geomorphic and Habitat Assessments with Water Quality Parameters in Vermont StreamsCivil and Environmental Engineering68B
Geoffrey MayVibration Monitoring and Load Characteristics Evaluation of I-89 Bridge 58NCivil and Environmental Engineering69B
Joshua AuerbachOn the Relationship Between Environmental and Morphological Complexity in Evolved RobotsComputer Science70B
Sam BrownAttribute Prediction from Messages by Analysis of Nonverbal CharacteristicsComputer Science71B
David BuckinghamEvolving Adaptive Sampling AlgorithmsComputer Science72B
Shane CelisMeasuring Transferability in Simulated RoboticsComputer Science73B
Ilknur IckeActive Learning Based fMRI Study DesignComputer Science75B
Christopher TardieDetermining Water Content in Snow-packs through Gamma Radiation Measurements Electrical Engineering76B
John KasumbaChemical characterization of primary and secondary biodiesel exhaust particulate matterEnvironmental Engineering77B
Nick CheneyAutomating Lifetime Body Change in Simulated Robots Mathematics78B
Morgan FrankMovement and Happiness in the TwittersphereMathematics79B
Jonathan GodboutMaximal Crossing Numbers for Graphs Embedded on the CircleMathematics80B
Michael KlugFactor XI ActivationMathematics81B
Paul LessardTopological Model for Cultural Variation in Economic BehaviourMathematics82B
David BernsteinDecision Support Tool for Mechanical Ventilation Based on Fuzzy LogicMechanical Engineering83B
Walten OwensPTDL, Diagnostic Capabilities and InstrumentationMechanical Engineering84B
Amy RumoraPhysical and functional characterization of distinct single-stranded DNA-binding subdomains in purine-rich element binding protein B (Purβ)Biochemistry85B
Joshua PothenAn Agent-Based Model Of Allergic Airway InflammationBioengineering86B
Iwan NyotowidjojoTachycardia-induced Incomplete Relaxation And Left Ventricular Volume Loss In Concentric HypertrophyMedicine87B
Pamela LescaultGenome-wide patient-specific expression profiles captured from disseminated neuroblastoma cells in bone marrowMicrobiology and Molecular Genetics88B
Payal Desai, Hannah WilderChild vs Parent Perception of HRQOL in Healthy Weight and Obese ChildrenExercise and Movement Science89B
Hannah Wilder, Payal Desai, Dylan BellavanceObese 3rd-5th graders Report Significantly Lower Levels of Physical Activity Compared to Their Healthy Weight PeersExercise and Movement Science90B
Bridget SarpongIntermittent Preventive Treatment for Controlling Malaria in Infants and Children in Ghana Medical Laboratory Science91B
Elysia NelsonA Social Capital Basis for Environmental Concern: Evidence from Northern New EnglandMPA92B
Alexandra ArntsenInternal Ice layer Mapping and Geophysical Analysis of Jakobshavn Glacier, GreenlandEnvironmental Science93B
Monica BeersEffect of Compost Treatments on Generalist Predator Abundance in AgroecosystemsEnvironmental Science94B
Evelyn BoardmanEvaluating the Hilsenhoff Biotic Index as a Biological Monitoring Indicator in Stream EcosystemsEnvironmental Science95B
Nicholas DoveThe influence of different forest management treatments on fungal diversityEnvironmental Science96B
Genna Waldvogel, Malcolm Herstand and Elissa Schuett Riparian plant senescence and the effects on stream nutrients and benthic biology in Alaskan Arctic streamsEnvironmental Science97B
Kelly HalloranEstimation of population size and density of Thornicroft’s giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis thornicrofti) using photographic data.Environmental Science and Wildlife and Fisheries Biology 98B
Samuel GortonEcological Design and Evaluation for Integrated Food-Energy SystemsNatural Resources99B
Peter PettengillTraveler Perspectives of Greenway Quality in Northern New EnglandNatural Resources100B
Emily Russell-RoyRehabilitation forestry and carbon market access on overharvested, former industrial northern hardwood-conifer forestsNatural Resources / Forestry101B

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