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Name Title Program Location
Bridget VanzoAuditor Influence on IFRS Narrative Disclosures within the European UnionAccounting and Finance1A
Kathryn TurnbullMolecular Diversity of Methanogens in the Hindgut of Bactrian Camels (Bactrianus camelus) from Two ZoosAnimal Science2A
Wingyin LoDiagnostic implications of microRNA expression profile in thyroid cancerAnimal Science3A
Nikki KleitzelInstitutionalization: A look at Ceausescu's Legacy and Post-Socialist RomaniaAnthropology4A
Student Leadership, Elizabeth Appleby, Samantha Baigelman, Peter Bazinet, Erin Conway, Maya Curtis, Wyatt Fowler, Nicholas Gordon, Laura Kim, Felicia Mensah, Candace Morgan, Thanh Nguyen, Kathleen O'Brien, Hope Salvan, Col Tulien, Virginia Winans, Kelsey WooleyIndependent Study in Student Leadership Art Education 5A
Sean BullisAn Immunohistochemical Analysis of Threonyl-tRNA Synthetase Expression in Patients with High Grade Prostate CancerBiochemistry6A
Gregory SmithCharacterization of the Alanyl-tRNA Synthetase Fidelity Mechanism by Kinetic Analysis of Editing Domain MutantsBiochemistry7A
Veronica FoelberAn amino terminal deletion of Drosophila flightin affects flight and courtship behavior. Biochemistry8A
Evangelia ZgonisNIMED: Nasogastric Tube Insertion Using Midazolam in the Emergency DepartmentBiochemistry9A
Nicole MailleOptimizing Purification Techniques for PKG Expression in Mammalian CellsBiochemistry10A
Kathryn MorelliDoes Monoclonal Antibody 3F8, a Passive Immunotherapy for Neuroblastoma, Cause Severe Pain Upon Infusion Due To Activating Nociceptive Neurons?Biological Sciences 11A
Darlene PetersonL-serine and IMP Synergy in T1R3 Knock Out Mice: Does it Exist?Biology12A
Noah QuinlanRegulation of Reactive Astrocyte-Derived Neural Stem/Progenitor Cells by the Sox2 Transcription FactorBiology13A
Judith ContompasisComparative Analysis of Flightin Expression in Crustacea. Biology14A
Mathew WajdaAnalysis of courtship behavior in flight muscle mutants of Drosophila melanogasterBiology15A
Brooke SteevesCOMETBiology16A
Suraj CherianModulation of excitability and olfactory responses in mouse vomeronasal sensory neurons by estrogenBiology17A
John BlehWhy are Some Job Seekers attracted by Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)? Identifying the Signals that CSR Sends to Job Seekers Business Administration18A
Leah NovingerCharacterization of tumor associated antigens using a recombinant expression of a patient derived breast cancer cDNA library and autologous serumCell and Molecular Biology19A
Jenna ForanUsing Comic Strip Conversations to Address Obsessive-Compulsive Hand Washing in an Adolescent with Asperger SyndromeCommunication Sciences20A
Lauren VivianA Family-Centered Approach for Training Two Parents to use Comic Strip Conversations with their Child with AutismCommunication Sciences21A
Jacqueline LeBlancClassifying Food HubsCommunity Development and Applied Economics22A
Chelsea DavidoffCurrent State of the Dairy Farming Industry in VermontCommunity Development and Applied Economics23A
Ethan ThompsonAn Economic Analysis of Biogas Powered Electrical Generation on Vermont Dairy FarmsCommunity Development and Applied Economics24A
Gabrielle AndersonTau Regulation of Kinesin Motility During Axonal TransportDietetics25A
Breanna WhittakerCreating Healthier Food Retailers in Rural Vermont: Consumer Perspectives and Store CharacteristicsDietetics Program26A
Patrick DunseithImpact of Compost Materials on Microbial Community Function for the Management of Plant Pathogens and Weed SeedsEcological Agriculture27A
Lei ChenDistributed Consensus Building in Wireless Sensor NetworksElectrical Engineering 28A
Vandana SakamuriDesign of a 2.4 GHz Interrogator for a Rectenna-Based Sensor SystemElectrical Engineering29A
Francisco Garcia-CandelarioA Mechanical Simulator of Cascading Failure in the Power GridElectrical Engineering and Engineering Management30A
Hermaine JeanA Case for a Greater Awareness of Individualized Education: Consequences of Collective Learning in St.LuciaElementary Education31A
Theresa RuswickThe effect of invasive earthworms on historic vegetation plots on Camels Hump, VermontEnvironmental Science and Wildlife Biology32A
Evelyn BoardmanFactors Controlling Insect Assemblages in Headwater Streams along an Elevation GradientEnvironmental Sciences33A
Ted CrookGroundwater investigation in Craftsbury, VT, using integrated geophysical technologies Geology34A
Lauren BlackingtonAn Evaluation of the Effectiveness of an All-Girls and an All-Boys Residential Summer Camp in Fostering Positive Attitudes Toward Women Human Development & Family Studies35A
Kyriel PineaultChanges in LRP-1 Phosphorylation Mediated by Factor V Binding to its Specific Receptor on MegakaryocytesIntegrated Biological Sciences36A
Kelly SwindlehurstSurvey of Response to Instruction Implementation in Vermont Middle and High SchoolsJeffords - Education Leadership and Policy Studies37A
Talia GlesnerEarly Intervention Treatment Court Pilot Program: t A Case StudyJeffords - Educational Policy and Leadership Studies38A
Courtney GilesUtilization of Organic Acid-Producing Pseudomonads to Improve Plant Access to Mineral-Bound Phytate in SoilsJeffords - Environmental Engineering39A
Daniel KentThe Democratic Anchorage of a Complex Adaptive Governance NetworkJeffords - Public Administration40A
Trevor AvantAtomistic Simulation Study of Indentation of Nickel NanowiresMechanical Engineering41A
Samantha CaseEffects of small molecules on Candida albicans biofilm formationMicrobiology42A
Alyson LindquistSexual Dimorphism of Kisspeptin Expression in the Embryonic Avian HypothalamusNeuroscience43A
Justin Van BackerTaste induction in miceNeuroscience44A
Sarah ClarkC-fos as a marker for neuronal activity in the cortex of nicotine injected miceNeuroscience45A
Christine BurkeUsing Photovoice to Explore Maternal Perceptions of Child Health Issues in BangladeshNursing46A
Meghan MaddenA Comparison of Physical Environment and Health Status in Urban and Rural BangladeshNursing47A
Cynthia McCormackExploring Herbal Remedies in BangladeshNursing48A
Kristen ZielinskiGreater lateral displacement of the transversus abdominis muscle and greater pre-treatment lumbar multifidus muscle thickening in people with low back pain associates with greater functional improvementPhysical Therapy49A
Parminder PadgettExamination of the BESTest: reliability and clinical insightsPhysical Therapy50A
Stephanie YoungSearching for Core Emission in Classical Conal Double PulsarsPhysics51A
Cody LamarcheOptical Microscopy of Discotic Organic Semiconductor Crystalline FilmsPhysics52A
Isabel KloumannCharacterizing the radio frequency timing stability of fast and millisecond pulsarsPhysics and Mathematics53A
Kathryn AutenSystems Biology of Coagulation and Trauma-Induced CoagulopathyPremedical Program54A
Jennifer ZanglRejection Sensitivity as Mediator Between Stigma and Romantic Relationship SatisfactionPsychology55A
Adam Rhodes-RoganDIfferences in Intentions to Quit or Reduce in Medical and Non-Medical users of MarijuanaPsychology56A
Meagan QuinlanProbing the structural determinants of the cyclic nucleotide binding sites of cGMP-dependent protein kinase IαPsychology57A
Brittany RaymondExercise is Anxiogenic Before It Is AnxiolyticPsychology (Bio-behavioral)58A
Joanna CowenTreating Patients and Their Stories: An Investigation of Family and Strengths-Based PediatricsSocial Work59A
Mark SuozzoCorrelating Laboratory Behavior of Porous Concrete to Field BehaviorTRC - Civil/Environmental Engineering60A
Faye ConteQuality of Life and Food Deserts in Northern Rural ClimatesTRC - Community Development & Applied Economics61A
Tiyasha De PintoChittenden County Metropolitan Planning Organization's (CCMPO) Transportation Improvement Project's (TIP) Prioritization ProcessTRC - MPA62A
Elysia NelsonExploring the Connections between Social Capital, Trust, and Environmental AttitudesTRC - MPA63A
Jonathan MaddisonWicked problems in the media: A content analysis of news discourse on tailpipe emissionsTRC - Public Administration64A
Lance JenningsHow does land use influence cyclist route choice? A geospatial analysis of commuter routes and cycling facilities.TRC - Public Administration65A
Aaron WithamVermont’s Social Network of Organizations Promoting Sustainable Transportation Policy: A Case Study Comparison with Maine and New HampshireTRC - Transportation Research Center66A

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Name Title Program Location
Glenn XiquesTracking Convergence: The Impact of Public Lobbying on Business Combination Financial Reporting StandardsAccounting1B
Guorong WangDevelop Whey Protein-based Safe Liquid Paper GlueAnimal, Nutrition and Food Sciences2B
Bethany YonSchool children’s consumption of lower-calorie flavored milk; a plate waste studyAnimal, Nutrition and Food Sciences3B
Ali SadeghiECG patterns and cognitive outcomes following mild traumatic brain injuryAnthropology4B
Samantha BaigelmanArt Education for Juvenile Rehabilitation Center ResidentsArt Education5B
Douglas FoxOptimizing the cellular uptake of porous silicon dioxide microspheresBiochemistry6B
Julia Secker-WalkerInvestigating the Interaction and Co-localization of VASP and Abl in Mammalian CellsBiochemistry7B
Kyle ConcannonStrategies to Integrate Population Health and Health Policy into Medical Education: Relationships Between Public Health Knowledge and Attitudes in Medical Students.Biological Science8B
G. Michael LaMuraglia IIGeneration of functional lung epithelial cells from embryonic stem cells: a possible therapeutic approach for cystic fibrosisBiological Sciences9B
Corrie WilcoxHybridization and Food Effects in Pogonomyrmex Harvester AntsBiological Sciences10B
Bior BiorDisabled-1 Functions as a Dynamic Switch Regulating Reelin Receptor Endocytic MachineryBiology11B
Hannah ReithingerBioenergetics and the Effects of Daily Fluctuating Temperature on the Growth of Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)Biology12B
Stanislaw KrzyzanowskiInduction of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell (VSMC) Gene Expression by Angiotensin II and Platelet Derived Growth Factor (PDGF) via cAMP Response Element Binding Protein (CREB)Biology13B
Jonathan VickATP Excites Mouse Vomeronasal Sensory NeuronsBiology14B
Michael HerrmannSexual conflict in hybrid harvester ant reproductivesBiology15B
Max KravitzAdipocyte Cell Size and Insulin Resistance in Human ObesityBiology16B
Charles HackettModulating neural stem cell Fas expression in EAEBiology17B
Brendon MillerNanoporous Particles as Encapsulation and Delivery Devices for Enzymatic DecontaminantsChemistry18B
Alden Clemments, Alden Clemments, Alexandra DuncanDevelopment of Particle-Based Imaging and MRI Contrast AgentsChemistry19B
Kristi HerzerThe Stress Response of Microbes to Altered Gravity Conditions: the case of Pseudomonas aeruginosaCivil and Environmental Engineering20B
Eileen CrehanThe eyes have it: How we know when others are looking at usClinical Psychology21B
Nicole TuckerThe effects of right-hemisphere language dominance on disfluencies and rate of speechCommunication Sciences22B
Danielle GenoKnowledge, Attitudes, Training, and Practice Patterns Involving Theory of Mind: A Survey of School-Based Speech Language Pathologists Providing Services to Children with Autism Spectrum DisorderCommunication Sciences and Disorders (CSD)23B
Florence BecotEconomical impact of food safety certification on diversified farmers in VermontCommunity Development and Applied Economics24B
Richard NamThe effects of transportation system limitations for low-income households in Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire.Community Development and Applied Economics25B
Jennifer ColbyAssessing VT Grass-Based Livestock Farms and Agricultural Policy ImplicationsCommunity Development and Applied Economics26B
Joshua AuerbachEvolving Robot Morphologies and Controllers with CPPNsComputer Science27B
Dylan CongerUsing a Predictive Computational Model to Improve the Results of Cooperative WorkComputer Science28B
Katherine GalloDecreasing Ferromagnetic Interference on the Position and Orientation of a Sensor in a DC Electromagnetic TrackerElectrical Engineering29B
Joshua BouffardMicrocontroller Based Unmanned Aerial VehicleElectrical Engineering30B
Tamara StoneAnalyzing the Effect of Humidity on Measuring the Size Distribution of Ultrafine ParticlesEnvironmental Engineering31B
Chris PageBioremediation Potential of the White Rot Fungus, Phanerochaete chrysosporium, on Solid Wood Chips Augmented with Sweet WheyEnvironmental Science32B
Rachel GregoryInvestigation into effect of climate variables on δ¹³C in tree chronologies from VermontEnvironmentel Geoscience33B
Vincenzo PirainoRoles for PACAP and the PAC1 receptor in anxiety-like behavior in female ratsExperimental Psychology, Biobehavioral Neuroscience34B
Elias BaldwinPhotographs of Vergennes, VermontHistory35B
Jennifer RousseauFaculty Research at The University of Vermont: Activities, Approaches & Off‐Campus InvolvementJeffords - Educational Leadership36B
Susan OnderwyzerIncarcerated Womens' Initiative DETER Program EvaluationJeffords - Educational Leadership and Policy Studies37B
Kate FournierThe Vermont Legislative Research ServiceJeffords - Environment, Society, and Public Affairs38B
Rebecca PincusResearch Proposal: Energizing National Security: The US Military Agenda for Energy Policy and National SecurityJeffords - Natural Resources39B
Christina MooreProtective Role of Teacher Preference for At Risk ChildrenJeffords - Psychology40B
Ashley McKhannForecasting Chaos in a Toy ClimateMathematics41B
Nicholas AllgaierLearning from the Past: Empirical Correction of Models of Natural Chaotic PhenomenaMathematics, Applied42B
Jiarui ZhangImpact of swimming speed on bacterial adhesionMechanical Engineering43B
Tenzin LhakhangInteractome of radiation-induced microRNA predicted target genesMedical Laboratory Science44B
Kanayo TatsumiCell Adhesion Molecule 1 (CADM1), a Novel Venous Thrombosis Risk Factor, Is Ubiquitously Present in Vascular Endothelium and Smooth Muscle CellsMedicine45B
Jessica CassavaughGlycogen Synthase Kinase 3β (GSK3β) Targets Hypoxia Inducible Factor-1 (HIF-1a) for Proteasomal Degradation During HypoxiaMedicine/Pharmacology46B
Samuel Gorton, Samuel Gorton, Jason McCune-SandersDesign and analysis of biothermal energy generation from forest and agriculture feedstocksNatural Resources47B
Katharine WhiteQuantifying field and satellite observed forest vegetation phenology of Vermont in response to decadal climate changeNatural Resources48B
Michelle McNamaraK252a disrupts DRG axon growth in E5 chick embryoNeuroscience49B
Nathan JebbettDifferential Effects of Methylmercury and Mercury Chloride on Cytokine-Evoked Stat3 Phosphorylation and Reactive Oxygen Species FormationNeuroscience50B
Brian RomanerAcoustic Analysis as a Potential Biomarker of PTSDNeuroscience51B
Greg LiebermanThe Effects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on White Matter in the Human Brain as Measured by Diffusion Tensor Magnetic Resonance ImagingNeuroscience52B
Margaret Dunn-CarverIncreasing Physical Activity of Preschool StudentsNutrition and Food Science53B
Mackenzie WalkerImaging The World Nutrition and Food Science 54B
Ian GoyetteBreaking Quantum Mirrors with Thermal FluctuationsPhysics55B
Jon ZirkleImpacts of clover underseeding on Fusarium head blight, deoxynivalenol concentrations, crude protein, and grain yield on organic spring wheat in VermontPlant and Soil Science56B
Jonathan GonzalezGrazing history impacts mycorrhizal communities and plant tolerance to simulated herbivore damagePlant Biology57B
Charlie BeaupiedScreening for Novel Growth Factor Induced cyclic-AMP dependent Proetin Kinase A InteractionsPremedical Program58B
Shirley FrimpongAnalyzing interleukin 21 (IL-21) in CD4 T cell lymphocyte in Rheumatoid Arthritis patients Professional Nursing59B
Laura HermannThe Lived Experience of Siblings of Duchenne Muscular DystrophyProfessional Nursing60B
Anne BradyGender Differences in the Association between Child Narcissism and Forms and Functions of Aggressive BehaviorPsychology61B
Erika WeiszThe Influence of Perceived Popularity on the Emergence of Anxious/Depressed Symptoms in Relationally Aggressive Girls Psychology62B
Robert Brenna IIII-Sharing and Face-to-Face Encounters with Objectively Dissimilar OthersPsychology63B
Meghan EddyThe effects of voluntary exercise on discrimination and set-shifting in male Wistar rats. Psychology64B
Jason FuchsVoltage-gated potassium channels in the cerebellum and eyeblink conditioningPsychology65B
Stephanie McDonoughEffects of a Weight/Health Management Course on Undergraduates' Self Esteem Psychology 66B
Chelsea Krisanda, Justin Parent, Chelsea Krisanda, Fiona Mills, Anna WrightPredictors of the Outcome of a Parenting Group Curriculum: A Pilot Study Psychology67B
Amanda DeSennaStories from the North Country: Women of Color with HIV/AIDs Living in Rural New EnglandPsychology68B
Kathryn MitchellAn ethnographic study: Health concerns and innovative solutions of Ugandan womenPublic Health69B
Devan ForbesCompulsory Sterilization of Native Americans and the Racist Motivations Within the Eugenics MovementSociology70B

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