2011 Student Projects Related to International Issues

Total Number of Projects: 33

Advisor Project Title Student Name
Andre-Denis WrightDifferences in the rumen methanogen population exist between Jerseys and HolsteinsErin King
Andre-Denis WrightMolecular Diversity of Methanogens in the Hindgut of Bactrian Camels (Bactrianus camelus) from Two ZoosKathryn Turnbull
Alison Brody The role of mycorrhizal fungi in increasing grass tolerance to drought under different nutrient regimes and the effect of commercial mycorrhizae on enhancing drought tolerance Angela Dunkling
Alison BrodyGrazing history impacts mycorrhizal communities and plant tolerance to simulated herbivore damageJonathan Gonzalez
Amy TrubekLinking Environmental and Sensory Characteristics of a Vermont Artisanal CheeseAbigail Greenbaum
Britt HolmenEvaluating Real World Driving Behavior: The Characterization of Eco-Driving Strategies and Their Role in Reducing Tailpipe Emissions and Fuel ConsumptionMatt Conger
Brian LeeHow does land use influence cyclist route choice? A geospatial analysis of commuter routes and cycling facilities.Lance Jennings
Herman MeyersResearch Proposal: Energizing National Security: The US Military Agenda for Energy Policy and National SecurityRebecca Pincus
Daniel BakerInvestigating Vermonters’ Disaster Preparedness Perceptions and PracticesJonathan Bond
Daniel BakerTechnical Investigation of the Slow Sand Filter in Jaitique, HondurasJessica Buckley
Edwin BovillCell Adhesion Molecule 1 (CADM1), a Novel Venous Thrombosis Risk Factor, Is Ubiquitously Present in Vascular Endothelium and Smooth Muscle CellsKanayo Tatsumi
Hendrika MaltbyUsing Photovoice to Explore Maternal Perceptions of Child Health Issues in BangladeshChristine Burke
Hendrika MaltbyA Comparison of Physical Environment and Health Status in Urban and Rural BangladeshMeghan Madden
Hendrika MaltbyExploring Herbal Remedies in BangladeshCynthia McCormack
Jane HillThe Stress Response of Microbes to Altered Gravity Conditions: the case of Pseudomonas aeruginosaKristi Herzer
Jane HillImpact of swimming speed on bacterial adhesionJiarui Zhang
Jeanne SheaInstitutionalization: A look at Ceausescu's Legacy and Post-Socialist RomaniaNikki Kleitzel
Joanna RankinCharacterizing the radio frequency timing stability of fast and millisecond pulsarsIsabel Kloumann
Katrinell DavisA Case for a Greater Awareness of Individualized Education: Consequences of Collective Learning in St.LuciaHermaine Jean
Kristen DeStigterImaging the World: Image Quality Evaluation StudyKelly Cunningham
Lori StevensGeneration of Epidemiological Genetic Clusters of the Chagas Disease Vector, Triatoma infestans, in BoliviaAshley Jones
Peter CallasA Statistical Registry of Patients with Type-2 Diabetes in Mexico's Yucatan PeninsulaZuzana Zvarova
Rory WatermanExploring novel reactivities of a tripodal triamidoamine-supported zirconium catalyst Karla Erickson
Sarah AbramsAn ethnographic study: Health concerns and innovative solutions of Ugandan womenKathryn Mitchell
Sara CahanIdentifying the source of a globally introduced fire ant, Solenopsis geminata (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) using microsatellites and mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase 1Heather Axen
Scott CostaBioremediation Potential of the White Rot Fungus, Phanerochaete chrysosporium, on Solid Wood Chips Augmented with Sweet WheyChris Page
Saleem AliClean Production In Artisanal And Small-Scale Mining: A Study Of Stakeholder Perceptions On The Challenges To Mercury-Free Techniques In Gold MiningHajra Atiq
Sharon HenryGreater lateral displacement of the transversus abdominis muscle and greater pre-treatment lumbar multifidus muscle thickening in people with low back pain associates with greater functional improvementKristen Zielinski
Susan HughesAuditor Influence on IFRS Narrative Disclosures within the European UnionBridget Vanzo
Susan HughesTracking Convergence: The Impact of Public Lobbying on Business Combination Financial Reporting StandardsGlenn Xiques
Steven ZdatnyThe Saber in Europe: A Weapon's Social History, 1850-1900Keegan Harris
Yves DubiefA Continuum Model to describe the Elastic Behavior of Multilamellar Lipid Bilayer Membrane using Molecular Dynamic SimulationLeonie Cowley
Yves DubiefDirect Numerical Simulation of low-temperature ablation by turbulent flowsRyan Crocker

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