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Name Title Program Location
Wenbo WangImproving Functionality of Probiotic Goat’s Milk Yogurt Using Polymerized Whey Protein as a Co-thickening AgentAnimal, Nurtrition and Food Science1A
Johanna MayerhoferNovel phytase enzyme from an environmental Pseudomonas sp. strain.Biological Science2A
Heather LuttonInfluence of Sex Steroids on Uterine Artery Reactivity to Placental Growth Factor (PlGF)Biological Science (BS)3A
Jennifer ColbyEvaluating VT grass-based livestock farms and agricultural policy implicationsCDAE4A
Sarah WoodwardEnhancing economic development in the central business district of Barre City, Vermont through participatory researchCommunity and International Development5A
Faye ConteMulti-Farm Collaborations: A Case Study of the Intervale Center's Food HubCommunity Development and Applied Economics6A
Cassandra GekasFactors in the Mobility of Low-Income Mothers in Burlington, VermontCommunity Development and Applied Economics7A
Anurag ShuklaIdentification of Target Antigens on Breast Cancer Stem Cells Using Phage-Developed scFv Antibodies: A Proteomic ApproachMicrobiology and Molecular Genetics 8A
Julia HobsonqPCR Analysis of Chagas Disease VectorsMolecular Genetics9A
Vanessa OchoaCo-Expressing RCASBP (A) α7-nAChR and RCASBP (B) RIC-3 in embryonic chicken ciliary ganglia to test whether excess α7-nAChRs exacerbate cell death during development.Neuroscience Graduate Program10A
Katherine CoaleRaw Milk Sales and Consumption: An Analysis of Vermont vs. US regulations and Educational Information Regarding RiskNutrition and Food Science11A
Courtney DeHaanThe relationship of website utilization to weight loss success in an online behavioral obesity treatment programNutrition and Food Science12A
Margaret Dunn-CarverAn Evaluation of the Quantity and Quality of Physical Activity Behavior in Preschool ChildrenNutrition and Food Science13A
James AllenZooarchaeological Analysis of the Rendezvous Bay Site, Anguilla: Continued Investigation into Sustainability and Overexploitation of Marine FishesAnthropology14A
Hayley PerelmanfMRI to Investigate the Effect of Pleasant Chill-Inducing Music on Acute Pain in Healthy VolunteersBiobehavioral Psychology15A
Nicole MailleProtocol Development for Quantification of a Unique Form of the Required Coagulation Cofactor, Factor Va, on the Activated Platelet SurfaceBiochemistry16A
Caitlin RussellInvestigating the Binding of Vasodilator-Stimulated Phosphoprotein (VASP) family of proteins and Arg Non-Receptor Tyrosine Kinase in vitroBiochemistry and Studio Art Double Major17A
Michelle GorayebEvaluating the Relative Attractiveness of Native Flowering Plants to Arthropod Natural Enemies and Herbivores Biological Sciences 18A
Kelly CarstensA Brain fMRI Study of the Effects of Nicotine on Emotional MemoryBiology19A
Mujeeburahiman CheerathodiProteomic Identification of CrkL-SH3 Binding Proteins from Embryonic Murine Brain: Implications for Multiprotein Complexes in Reelin SignalingBiology20A
Katherine JeromeAge Estimation of Live Little Brown Bats and Big Brown Bats Using Telomere Measurement by Quantitative PCRBiology21A
Alison KrywanczykA Retrospective Review of Vermont Suicides by Firearm; 2003-2008Biology22A
Tyler LemayLimitations to the use of non-invasive pulse co-oximetry in the emergency departmentBiology 23A
Ian McDanielsEstrogen affects Signaling Activity and Responses in Mouse Vomeronasal Sensory NeuronsBiology24A
Nabanita MukherjeeCyclophosphamide-Effect on Taste Sensory SyatemBIOLOGY25A
Holly StradeckiObesity and muscle loss in TIMP-2 knockout mice: Understanding insulin in relation to sarcopenic obesityBiology26A
Mathew WajdaFunctional Role of Flight Muscle in Male Courtship Song of Drosophila melanogasterBiology27A
Atreyi GhatakA comparative behavioral study: Olfactory efficiency of PMCA 2 knock out mice with that of wild type miceBiology graduate28A
Daniel BercoviciNovel Synthetic Methods to Produce Nitrogen HeterocyclesChemistry29A
Naomi HertsbergDifferences of Pitch Rise in the Disfluencies of Preschool-Age Children Who Do and Do Not StutterCommunication Sciences30A
Kelly MacyExamining a Dynamic Assessment Procedure with English Language LearnersCommunication Sciences31A
Mollie PatrickEfficacy of an intensive outpatient buprenorphine detoxification treatment at reducing anxiety and depression in prescription opioid abusersExperimental Psychology32A
Katherine ChadurjianPrevalence and pattern of electrocardiogram changes in patients with mild to moderate head injuryGeneral Biology33A
Sabrina LopezChagas Disease: A Geographic and Genetic Examination in BoliviaGeography34A
Graham Hagen-PeterLarge-scale folding in the Tavan Har basement block, Southeastern Mongolia and its relevance to intracontinental deformationGeology35A
Songtao WoOrganic Thin Film Deposition by Hollow Pen Methodmaterials science36A
Pedro Alvarez-OrtizFlightin and cardiac Myosin Binding Protein C: functional convergence of two distinct myosin rod binding proteinsPh.D program in Biology37A
Zoe ChapmanPredictors of Mental Health Outcomes in a Sample of Churchgoing CatholicsPsychology38A
Myani GilbertEmotion regulation, childhood maltreatment, and motivation for sexual behaviorPsychology39A
Erin ShoulbergThe Contextual Nature of Perceived Popularity Goals: Associations with Math Engagement and Achievement during the Transition to AdolescencePsychology40A
Gena ZollmanDaily Stess and Sexual Arousal in Survivors of Childhood Sexual AbusePsychology41A
Elizabeth McCallionThe Effects of a Group Mindfulness Intervention in Reducing Experiential AvoidancePsychology & Religion 42A
Daniel DiFrancoA Collaboration of TEK and Scientific Research in Mali, West AfricaCDAE43A
Meagan RoyEffective Practices for Teaching Learners with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Validation of a Program Assessment ToolEducational Leadership & Policy Studies44A
Briana MartinRefugee Resettlement: Evaluating strengths and weaknesses in policySocial Work45A
Hua ChenInvestigation of contaminant transport in tidally-influenced porous media: experiment n and modelingCEE46A
Nathan BelzData Collection for the Characterization of Older Driver BehaviorCivil Engineering 47A
Jeffrey SprengerEvolution of Spiking Neural Networks for Oscillation and Interval TimingComputer Science48A
Simone WillettProgram Specialization for Wireless Sensor NetworksComputer Science49A
Lei ChenAn implementation of Decentralized Consensus Building in Sensor NetworksElectrical Engineering50A
Amanda JamesOptimizing Load Control within a MicrogridElectrical Engineering51A
Josh TylerTracking Phosphorous Forms Using Enzymatic HydrolysisEnvironmental Engineering52A
Greggory CarpenterDeveloping A Symbiotic Sensing Relationship Between Wireless Sensor Networks and Micro-Aerial VehiclesMaster of Science in Electrical Engineering53A
Michal UrsinyEffect of Ni2+ on Urinary Bladder Smooth Muscle and Urodynamics in Healthy and Obstructed Female RatsMechanical Engineering54A
John SoltysComparison of the King LT and Combi-Tube in pre-hospital emergency airway treatmentBiochemistry55A
Kathryn DiPalmaLeptin’s effect on Neutrophil Recruitment in the Pulmonary Response to Lipopolysaccharide-Induced InjuryMedicine56A
Tamar WrightA Needs Assessment for the Role of a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in JamaicaPsychiatric/Mental Health57A
Jiaxin YuInvestigating the Spatial Distribution of the Stream Sediment Dwelling WormENSC58A
Michael RubinCritical Drivers of a Firms Decision to Voluntarily Report its Environmental DataBusiness Administration, Management and the Environment59A

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Name Title Program Location
Danielle FontaineProtein Synthesis and Gene Expression in Loaded Intervertebral DiscAnimal Science1B
Lizzy PopeThe impact of high-calorie-expenditure exercise on quality of life and exercise enjoyment in high-risk older adultsAnimal, Nutrition, and Food Sciences2B
Jacqueline LeBlancMeasures of Economic and Community Impact in Central Vermont through LACECDAE3B
Jacob EvansSame Great Taste: How Advertising Influences the Food Choices Made By ConsumersCommunity Development and Applied Economics4B
Lihua ZhouDevelopment of Safe Paper Glue Sticks Using Whey Protein as a Major IngredientFood Science5B
Yacouba Mulu LubulaThe Role(s) of EhSec22 and the Endoplasmic Reticulum in Entamoeba histolytica PhagocytosisMolecular Genetics 6B
Alec StranahanTranslational Regulation of Drosophila NotchMolecular Genetics7B
Ryan MelnichukThe effect of anecic and epi/endogeic earthworms (Lumbricus terrestris and Amynthas agrestis) on soil biogeochemistry and nematodesSoil Science8B
Advanced Digital Art ClassConverging Paths: Town and GownArt9B
Samuel Paskin-FlerlageCharacterization of the spatial expression of flightin among arthropods: an evolutionary investigation of the specialization of a flight muscle proteinBiology10B
Ali BayirMacrocyles through fragmentation of fused bicyclic ring systemsChemistry11B
Spencer ScholzAssembly of small molecule PAC1 receptor antagonists as a potential anxiolyticChemistry12B
Carolyn DundonMore than Sexual Function: Predictors of Sexual Satisfaction in a Sample of Women age 40-70.Clinical Psychology13B
Maggie MacDonaldResponse to Intervention: The Use of a Low-Tech Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) Device for Language Development in a Child with a Traumatic Brain Injury Communication Sciences14B
Chelsea McShaneMental State Talk Between Mothers and Their Typical Developing Children or Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Communication Sciences15B
Caitlin CampbellThe Odd Couple: Indigenous Group and International NGO Cooperation Creates A Two-Pronged Approach to Halt Development of the Narmada RiverEnvironmental Science16B
Gregory ParrishThe Uses and Limitations of Ground Penetrating Radar in Understanding Quaternary Till Structures in Northern VermontGeology17B
Madeline ShellgrenThe Language Ideology of Vermont High School StudentsLinguistics/Spanish (Double)18B
Patrick LongRegulation of Aminoacylase Expression in NeuroblastomaNeuroscience19B
William DeWittImaging protein statistical substate occupancy in a spectrum-function phase spacePhysics20B
Cynthia ConquestEffects of Exercise on Hippocampus-Dependent Learning and Hippocampal Activity in RatsPsychology21B
Aubrey EdsonChildhood Maltreatment and Parenting Style: Implications for Anxiety SensitivityPsychology22B
Amanda KutzAge Differences in Memory for Emotional Information: The Effect of Encoding Instructions and Emotional ValencePsychology23B
Alexa LopezIndividual differences in Iowa Gambling Task: possible role of early punishment intensityPsychology24B
Brittany RaymondSet-shifting in a Rat Model of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)Psychology25B
Travis ToddRenewal of responding following extinction of an instrumental responsePsychology26B
Brittney YeglaEffects of Exercise on Working Memory in a Rat Model of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)Psychology27B
Jillian DiamondGrowing up with a Sibling with Special Needs: Reflections of Young Adults on the Diagnosis of Their SiblingHuman Development & Family Studies28B
Jem HughesTruancy Secondary English Education 29B
Naomi PollicaSystems Modeling of Chagas Disease in Guatemala Using STELLAB.S. Applied Mathematics30B
Mohammed Al-KatebTemporal Continuous Query Processing over Data StreamsComputer Science31B
Lingbo YuProbabilistic Principal Component Analysis using Expectation Maximization (PPCA-EM) for Analyzing 3D Volumes with Missing DataComputer Science32B
Walten OwensDevelopment of a 30Kw inductively-coupled plasma torch for high temperature aerospace material testing at UVM.Grad33B
Evan MalinaDetermination of Mechanical Properties by Indentation in Nanoscale Metallic Wires using Atomic Force MicroscopyMechanical Engineering34B
Dongmin QianOptimization and control of electric curtains for efficient dust mitigationMechanical Engineering35B
Scott QuinnDesigning a Prosthetic Leg for Playing SoccerMechanical Engineering36B
Chelsea StevensonVarying the duration of aerosol delivery: a means to probe the kinetics of methacholine transport to the airway smooth muscleMechanical Engineering37B
Sarah GreenbergProviding Communication Gateways for In-Situ Environmental Monitoring with Wireless Sensor NetworksMS in computer science38B
Amy RumoraStructural and functional characterization of the core single-stranded DNA-binding domain of purine-rich element binding protein B (Purβ)Biochemistry39B
Joseph KlausHantavirus and Arenavirus Host-Pathogen InteractionsCell and Molecular Biology40B
Phan ThaiDifferences in TCR Intensity Signal Between αβ and γδ T Cells Manifests as Differences in Caspase Activity and Cell SurvivalCell and Molecular Biology41B
Christopher FrenchAutophagic cell death in the myocardium of mice subjected to ischemia followed by reperfusion CMB42B
Michael MacciniAre Mandates the Answer? Improving Palliative Care and Pain Management in VermontMedicine43B
Abbey WeithN-Terminal Fragments of Cardiac Myosin Binding Protein-C Inhibit Actomyosin Motility by Tethering ActinMolecular Physiology and Biophysics44B
Jill HoffmanIncreased myenteric neuronal activity contributes to dysmotility in the inflamed guinea pig distal colon.Neuroscience45B
Gregory EngelTranscriptional regulation of Enhancer of Split (E(spl)) targets by various mercury species.Neuroscience Graduate Program46B
Cindy FonsecaHistochemical and Stereological Characterization of Vascular Remodeling with AgePathology47B
Ashley GagneSweet Whey as a Nutrient Source for Phanerochaete chrysosporium in Bioremediation Medical Laboratory Science: Public Health Chemistry48B
Katie Stuart-ShorThe Implications of the Electronic Medical Record on Nurse Bedside Shift Hand-offNursing49B
Lila FullerEmergency contraception: High school nurses and health educators' perceptions of adolescent knowledge and access of ECProfessional Nursing50B
Benjamin WareChest Pain Continuous Quality Improvement (CPCQI)PBPM51B
Maya ThomasRiparian soil phosphorus and stream channel migration at Allen Brook in Chittenden County, VTEnvironmental Science52B
Sarah GruverDesign and Thermal Analysis of a Passive Solar, Earth-Bermed Greenhouse for the George D. Aiken Forestry Sciences Laboratory Environmental Studies53B
Michael OlsonRemote Sensing of Forest Health Trends in the Northeastern United StatesNatural Resources54B
Joshua CarreraTreatment of Exotic Plants on the Rocky Mountain FrontWildlife Biology55B
Molly KaplanConspecific Attraction as a Management Tool in Upland SandpipersWildlife Biology56B

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