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When the deadline came for submission of class columns for the summer issue, I wondered what I could write about since I had not received news from classmates and I had no news of myself or my family. Suddenly, in my mailbox, I received an unexpected note sent by Phil Gould, which read as follows: “Every year on my birthday, I stay up until midnight to be sure I will make it. At midnight, my daughter, Cheryl, and her husband come up to my apartment with a glass of wine for me. We then drink a toast, this time to my 94th year. I feel delighted.” Last year Phil wrote to me of this custom but confessed that the couple arrived well before midnight, and they both fell asleep. He had to awaken them so they could make the toast. Thank you, Phil. Your note brought a smile to my face, and I'm sure your news will do the same to our classmates and all who read it. Maybe other classmates will write of some event or story to share with classmates for the next issue. I'll look forward to hearing from you.
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Ellinor Bean Hauke

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Ray Collins

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John Williams

The downside of being a class secretary is the duty to mention the bad news as well as the good. Sadly, I report the death of Lillian Batavia Gladstone of North Palm Beach, Fla., on March 27, 2005. Lillian and her husband, Jack, were my close neighbors in Burlington for many years. If you have any news, please send it along. Rest assured it will be of interest to classmates. Hope you are having a good summer.
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Gilbert Rist

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O. Elaine Griffith Nawrath

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Mary Shakespeare Minckler

Dr. Lloyd Davies enjoys “taking life easy” in Portland, Maine. He recently visited the UVM campus, which he thinks is crowded with buildings and construction. Alice Heath Celia let me know that she made plans to come from Florida to our 65th reunion. She expressed concern that so many of our classmates are no longer living. Dr. Robert Johnstone, who lives in Cincinnati, enthusiastically follows UVM basketball. He is extremely proud of his alma mater. Robert keeps in touch with several classmates and hoped to see everyone at our reunion. Although Gertrude Burbank Folsom of Waitsfield, Vt., was unable to join us in June, she sent best wishes for our 65th. Seth Keller also is not able to attend our reunion. He owns and operates Keller Haus, a gift shop at Weirs Beach, Lake Winnipesaukee, N.H., which specializes in souvenirs of Germany, where he has traveled many times, as well as homemade candy. We also missed Jean Brehmer Swain at our reunion. Jean enjoys her four daughters, four grandchildren, and three great-grandsons and sends best wishes to everyone. Lucien Paquette was looking forward to participating in our reunion. He had a busy winter skiing and communicating with his 12 children, eight of whom graduated from UVM. Their varied careers, include ski patrol, teaching, operating a supermarket, retail management at Stowe Mountain Resort, building contractor, and real estate. Lucien keeps in touch with his 34 grandchildren, two of whom are currently enrolled at UVM. In Lucien's own family of seven, four are UVM graduates. Three of our classmates have died since December: Dr. Richard Atkins of Chatham, Mass., Deacy Leonard of Shoreham, Vt., and Margaret Doe Sisco of Roanoke, Va. I am also very sorry to report the death of Frederic Eaton, husband of our class president Florence “Flossie” Wade Eaton. As of January 2, 2005, the market value of the 1940 Scholarship Fund was $222,741. During the 2004-2005 academic year, $14,500 was given to seven students.
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Mary Nelson Tanner


The day after UVM's remarkable basketball heroes defeated the Syracuse team, Dick Healy called to report that he was the oldest UVM grad to be cheering from a seat high up in the packed Worcester gym. He was going to tell his 17 grandchildren what a great win it was for the team and Tom Brennan, UVM's beloved retiring coach. Earlier this year, Dick sent his picture taken before the Westborough High School homecoming football game when he was honored for serving 40 years as head of the stake support crew for the football teams. During that period, two Healy sons played on the team. Dick is looking forward to attending our 65th reunion. All of Jack Bloom's classmates are proud that his longtime efforts on behalf of the Class of 1941 Marsh Lecture Fund resulted in the partial sponsoring of the 2005 lecture given by Bishop Desmond Tutu at UVM on March 29. The prestigious winner of the 1984 Nobel Peace Prize spoke about “Race Relations and World Peace.” Liz Gurney Lauritzen wrote that she is proud of her six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Frank Livak reported that Mildred, his wife of 39 years, died last year. Frank lives in Fort Mill, S.C., near his son, Mark, who is a pastor at the Sharon Baptist Church in Charlotte. During his summer visit to Rutland, Vt., Frank and his widowed sister, Anna Livak ('37) Glagola enjoyed a luncheon with Ruth Henry '90 and Becky Perry ('77) Arnold from the UVM Development Office. Francis Nye wrote that his beloved wife, Maureen, passed away in January 2005. All of our classmates send condolences to Francis. Our class president, Carole Stetson Spaulding, reported that she and her daughters recently enjoyed another Caribbean cruise, and Rae Sheehan Cummings moved to South Burlington, Vt. Finally, I enjoyed a visit to Washington with my daughter, Elizabeth Kenney ('77) Needleman, and her family last November. We visited the World War II Memorial as well as the Museum of the American Indian and the Museum of American History.
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Maywood Metcalf Kenney

Collamer “Bud” Abbott wrote from White River Junction, Vt., that he “turned out to be a photographer without knowing it.” He is now affiliated with Northlight Digital in White River, a photo imaging and printing center. They were interested in “his extensive historical collection of photographs,” mainly in the Upper Valley and Brattleboro from the 1950s. Bud has a permanent collection in the Quechee and Wilder Libraries. Other showings were “Paris, France, and Countryside, 1952” and at Daniel Webster College in Nashua, N.H. Soon the Abbott Photo Gallery will be on the web at www.northlight digital.com.
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Gwen Marshia Brown

Not much news this time. You 1943ers better communicate and let us know of your “doings.” Are we not all thrilled with the contribution that the family of “our own” Dudley Davis made to UVM? We are very proud that he was our classmate and friend. In March, my granddaughter, Allie Dorion, was the Vermont state champion in the Elks Hoop Shoot Contest in the 12-14 age group. Unfortunately, she did not prevail in the New England Tournament, but it was a wonderful experience for her and for us. While there, I met several UVMers whose children were also competing: Anne Ricci ('81) Byron and son Evan, Susan Yates ('87) Dunham and son David as well as Cindy ('84) and Rick ('90) Yates, David's aunt and uncle. To make it more of a coincidence, we discovered that Anne, Cindy, and Susan were Tri-Delts as was I. We had a great UVM/Tri-Delt reunion. Finally, Bob Bickford represented UVM at the inauguration of North Carolina State University's new president on April 20. Hope to hear from more of you for the next issue.
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June Hoffman Dorion

Rudy Kempter and his wife, Sandra, of Vista, Calif., tried to climb the Great Wall of China last winter. Rudy found that as he coped with 30 degree temperatures and 25 mile per hour winds he could do it. They took a cruise on the Panama Canal over the Christmas and New Year's holidays to thaw out.
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Alison Carr Wood

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Kay Hennessey

Hard to believe we are heading for our 60th reunion, June 1-4, 2006. Put it on your calendar now. Mary Boardman and I attended the Founder's Day luncheon in Sarasota. She and husband Walt will be back in their home in Greensboro, Vt., for the summer. I also met with Nancy McNamara Harris and husband Cliff for a little opera. I have been enjoying Elderhostel at Sarasota Opera for the past few years. Virginia Benedict Peltier has moved to McAuley Square, a senior housing complex in Burlington, Vt. Anyone else downsizing with a move or have a great Elderhostel to recommend?
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Harriet Bristol Saville

Peter Mallet wrote a nice note from his home, Bug Hollow Aviary in Georgia, Vt., where he has lived for 56 years. He wrote a book about one of Georgia's notable men, Silas Smith. The book, recently completed and now available, is called Smith's Green Mountain Renovator and the St. Albans Remedy Company. Peter was motivated to write so that our class would have some news to report.
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Louise Jordan Harper

Pat Jones Loll has moved, and she now lives in Glenbrooke, in Palm Bay, Fla. She would like to hear from her college buddies. Gladys Coates Nicolson has moved from Bennington, Vt., to Defton Park, N.Y. Contact me if you would like their addresses. Hope to hear from more classmates for the next issue.
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Theresa Guzowski Johnson

Walter Collins wrote that, after eight years in New Mexico, he and his wife, JoAnn, returned to Florida. They live in Brooksville and were lucky to survive the hurricane. Since hitting “the 70 mark,” Walter and Joanne have traveled in their small RV for the past 12 years, visiting all the states including Alaska as well as Canada. Their particular favorites were touring the Rockies as well as many parks and landmarks along the way. I continue to travel, last year in Russia, this year in Turkey and Greece. I also play golf and bridge. I continue to keep my hand in my tax business with my sons Gerry '75 and Don '76. I attended my high school reunion last year with my high school friend, Al Callahan, who lives in West Hartford, Conn.
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Pat Brush Hunt