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James Eichel and his wife welcomed their new son, Benjamin James, into the world on November 28, 2003. The family lives in Oakland, Calif., where James works as a sales manager at The Henry Wine Group. He would love to hear from UVM friends via email at james eichel@earthlink.net. Since 2001, David Allen has been living in Lausanne, Switzerland; he works at Nestle world headquarters in Vevey. He enjoys life in the Alps but misses friends and family in the U.S.
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Mark Madden recently moved to Portland, Maine, after having spent the last eight years in San Francisco as a financial advisor. He can be reached via email at mark.madden@ubs.com. Liza MacKinnon and Brian Knies ’97 plan to marry on July 10 on Block Island. They are hoping that many of their UVM friends will join them for the happy occasion. Liza sent news of some classmates: Rob Burger, H. Aaron Parekh, Alyson Becker ’92, and Liza founded a non-profit organization that awards scholarships to minority students at UVM in honor of Cesar Murillo, who died September 11, 2001, at the World Trade Center. They are happy to report that they are in the process of selecting a member of UVM’s class of 2008 to be the next recipient. Check the web at www.cesarfund.org for more information. They are also planning their third annual golf tournament. Steve Berkwitz wrote that he and his wife, Imali, welcomed their new daughter, Rashmi Ajani, into the world while he was teaching at a study abroad program in London during the spring of 2003. They now are back home in Springfield, Mo., where Steve teaches courses in world religions, Buddhism, and other topics at Southwest Missouri State University. Imali hopes to become certified to teach in elementary school.
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Chris Siliski recently returned from managing nationwide operations for a large non-profit organization to pursue a master’s degree in education from UVM. Countries he has worked in over the past ten years include Latvia, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, and, most recently, Afghanistan. His efforts involved managing civic participation and conflict reduction programs resulting in hundreds of mid-size infrastructure projects (clean water, rehabilitated schools, clinics, etc.), all desperately needed by refugee and other at-risk communities. Dug North wrote to share the news that he has opened an artist studio in Chelmsford, Mass., where he creates hand-cranked animated wood sculptures, sometimes called “contemporary automata.” His work can be seen at www.dugnorth.com. Since his photograph was in a recent Vemont Quarterly, Erik Hartog felt it appropriate to update the UVM community on his whereabouts. (He was pictured in the Fall Quarterly on page 47 reaching towards the phone.) Erik recently returned to New York City after having lived in The Netherlands for the past several years. His arrival coincided with the birth of his first child, Madeline Heller Hartog, who hopes to be a member of UVM’s class of 2025. Erik is a partner in a small derivatives trading firm operating in several public option exchanges. Timothy Ihlefeld of Fairfield, Conn., was appointed managing director for the New York branch offices of COMSYS. He has a ten-year background in technical sales and sales management.
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Neil Gerstein wrote, “Even though more than half of you don’t know me, I’d love to hear from the few that do.” He would especially like to hear from Schnippy, Marc Schwachter, Adam Schauer, and Russ Bartels. When Neil finishes his residency next March (“off cycle due to the long stretches of equally important rock climbing”), he hopes to go to New Zealand, then to Doctors Without Borders. His wife is in infectious diseases, and they hope to practice as much in the United States as out of it. He can be reached via email at ngerstein@salud.unm.edu. Derek Boonisar is director of secondary school placement and hockey coach at the Fenn School in Concord, Mass. He and his wife, Liz, recently purchased a home in Sudbury, Mass.
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Congratulations to Beth McDermott and Alex Wilcox, who both received UVM’s Outstanding Young Alumni Award this year at Reunion. This award was given to Beth and Alex in recognition of their dedicated personal service to the University of Vermont and the Alumni Association over the last ten years. Ken Bekampis and his wife, Lara, announced the arrival of their twin sons, Joseph and Jack, born December 4, 2003. Ken is a sales manager at IntelliReach Corporation, and he and his family live in Westwood, Mass. Nikki Gadbois Fulton and her husband, Harry, welcomed their third child, Joy Virginia, on December 23, 2003. Her family is stationed in Jacksonville, Fla., and Nikki’s husband, a Naval aviator, was deployed to the Middle East in June. Ricki Freidman Fowler of East Rockaway, N.Y., recently began a new job negotiating store leases as an assistant real estate counsel for Ann Taylor. On October 23 of last year, Zanne Gillert Cross and her husband, Brad, welcomed their first baby boy, Aden Rudy. In more baby news, Melissa Gregory Slayton and her husband, Derek, welcomed their first child, Ella Ruby, in March.
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Hi everyone. The class of 1995 has been pretty quiet lately. Please email me your updates when you have a chance. Chris and Shannon Fitzgerald Nelson sent an email to tell us that they are living near Lausanne, Switzerland. They have two children, Connor Christopher, who is nearly three, and Haley Anne, born last January. They really enjoy living in Europe and traveling frequently. Connor has become a European zoo aficionado. Chris continues his work for Philip Morris as a lawyer in the regulatory affairs department. The family is hoping to make it back to the States for our 10th reunion. Tim Abrahamsen got engaged to Ania Rivas on a mountaintop in Apaneca, El Salvador, on New Year’s Eve. They plan to marry in July 2004. Tim recently moved to South Boston and would love to get in touch with fellow UVMers. William Wright started his own Internet-based equity research firm in New York City. In his spare time, he enjoys working on his folk-singing career. Congratulations to Jennifer Jacobs “JJ” and Jeff Stettner, who were married at the Randall Gallery in St. Louis, Mo., on October 25, 2003. Nel Ryan and Jen Hughes were in the wedding party, and other UVM alumni in attendance included Katie Robbins and Erica Bowman. Jeff and Jennifer live and work in Oakland, Calif., where Jeff is a legal advocate for Protection and Advocacy, Inc., and Jennifer works in the wine industry. Tim Diette wrote to share the news that he and his wife, Courtney, welcomed their first child, Caroline, on December 22, 2003, in Durham, N.C. I recently caught up with George Richardson ’96 on his way through Denver for work. He lives in D.C. and sent greetings to Matt Losse. Susannah Ural Bruce, Ph.D., a professor at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Tex., is publishing a book titled The Harp and the Eagle: Irish Volunteers in the Union Army, 1861-1865, forthcoming from New York University Press. Jon and Holly Blum Andrews announced the birth of their second child, Ryan Edward, born March 9, 2004. He joins his three-year-old sister, Emily, in the family’s Essex, Mass., home.
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After a long, cold winter (well, here in New England anyway), summer has finally arrived. We hope you all have something fun planned for these vacation-filled months. We heard from a few of you this spring. Remember to send us your latest news. Scott Bushweller, a physical therapy graduate, married Sarah Markey in Burlington, Vt., in 1997. They lived in Boston for one year after graduation, then moved to Long Island. They have a daughter, Kayleigh. Their invention, called Bookbrellas, is now selling around the world to people who love to read outdoors. (See “Ask an Alum” on page 57.) Scott and Jennifer Bulger Mitchell celebrated their second wedding anniversary in November 2003, and they welcomed their first baby, Peter James Mitchell, on January 4, 2004. They currently live in White Plains, N.Y. Jennifer teaches kindergarten in Armonk, N.Y., and Scott works for Sydney Frank Importing in New Rochelle. Kristin Nicolino is engaged to Brian Waterman, and they plan to marry in June 2005. She and Brian live in the Harvard Square area of Cambridge, Mass. Kristin is currently the program director for a non-profit organization that provides intensive intervention for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. She also ran the Burlington City Marathon in May 2004. Kristin sent along a few other updates: Liza Abbott married Burton McKenzie on September 2003, in Manchester, Vt. Other UVMers in attendance were Tamara Muse, Jessica Baird-Alphonse, and Angela Webster. Shauna Antoniuc gave birth to her first daughter, Jula Elizabeth Anderson, on December 29, 2003. Congratulations also to Fred ’92 and Sara Hammond Anderson of Colchester, Vt., on the birth of their first child, Kaitlin Anderson, on March 18, 2004. Derek and Fabienne Luzena (’92) Fredrickson recently moved to Stamford, Conn., from New York City. They can be reached at derek@ fredrickson.com and fabienne@ fredrickson.com. Jonathan and Cheryl Cote Alden welcomed their first children, yes, twins, on January 20, 2004. Cole Chad and Makenna Rose were both born happy and healthy, and they already have some UVM gear.
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Hi everyone. My husband, Alec, and I welcomed a baby girl on February 18, 2004. Elizabeth Starr Genung, “Lucy,” is healthy, and all of us are doing well. Jeffrey Perras married Amy Wetherbee on August 1, 2003, in Hingham, Mass. The roaring reception and party was held at the Scituate Country Club in Massachusetts. In attendance were Jamie Jankowski ’00 and David and Sara Williams McLaughlin. Dave was one of five groomsmen to honor the groom in the wedding party. After the reception, Jeff and Amy were off to sunny Aruba for their honeymoon. In addition to his UVM degree, Jeff has a master’s degree in literacy and reading from Columbia University. He is currently an educator in Belmont, Mass. His wife, Amy, is an IT project manager for Iron Mountain in Boston. The newlyweds live happily in Brookline, Mass. Beverly Linzer Jenkins and her husband, Jim, welcomed their first child, Daniel Douglas, on April 20, 2003. They live in New Hampshire. On June 21, 2003, David Edson was married in Hartland, Vt. His wife is a Dartmouth grad, and they have had a few feuds about that, especially over hockey. Other than that they get along great. UVMers in attendance at their wedding included Dan Irish ’96 and Bill Hopper ’96. David and his wife bought a home in West Lebanon, N.H. He is a physical therapist at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, and his wife does web-based marketing and design for the Baker’s Catalogue, an affiliate of King Arthur Flour Co. His old roommate from Marsh 3, Bill Hopper ’96 was also recently married in Lancaster, Mass. Kim Barker Ries and her husband, Jake, were married on October 4, 2003. The wedding was beautiful and everyone had a total blast. Two UVMers were bridesmaids. Abby Corwen was maid of honor, and Marianne Quaratiello was a bridesmaid. Other UVMers in attendance were Allison Mirsky Becker, Holly McCoy, Gretchen Van Eyck, and Kelly Clifford Watrous. Jake is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin Madison and is a financial advisor in Crystal Lake, Ill., while Kim is a manager at Gordy’s Boat House Restaurant in Fontana. They live in Walworth, Wisc., in a house they bought last February. Their recent addition is a yellow Lab “Scooby.” Debbie Walker Boylan and her husband, Pete, live in Dallas. Debbie is a physical therapist assistant in a rehab facility for people with traumatic brain injuries. Capt. Christian Guzzano and Janet Jobe Guzzano moved to northern Japan. Christian is chief of international operations law at Misawa Air Base. He noted that everyone there gripes about the winter and the snow, and, although the skiing is great, the winters are easy compared to a good Burlington winter. Vermont is always in their hearts. Kelly Clifford Watrous and husband Chris have moved back to Boston from San Francisco, where they have been living for nearly three years. Kelly married Chris, a Bucknell University grad, on May 31, 2003, in Salem, Mass. UVM alumni in attendance included Melissa Caron, Marianne Quaratiello, Allison Mirsky Becker, Holly McCoy, Gretchen Van Eyck, Kim Barker Ries, Brendan Burke, Josh Thermansen, and Bob Bohlin. Kelly and her husband are now pursuing new career opportunities, both in insurance now that they are back living in Charlestown. They look forward to catching up with other UVM alums in Boston. James and Heather Isham Baden welcomed a healthy baby girl, Keira Sage, into the family on December 27, 2003. Both parents hope Keira will follow in their footsteps and attend UVM, but, hopefully, do a little more studying and a little less partying. Greg Sturcke reported that, after running the 2003 Boston Marathon and completing his MBA at Babson College, he has relocated to Denver. Greg can be reached via email at gsturke@hotmail.com. Jennifer “Marty” Martin married Neil Talancy in June 2003. Present at the wedding were Julie Kmetzo, Heather Bullett, John Buonincontro, and Colin Copeland. Jen and Neil went to Iceland on their honeymoon, and they now live in Jamestown, R.I. Neil is pursuing a master’s degree in natural resources at URI, and Jen works in environmental education and is starting a small organic farm. They would love to hear from their old UVM buddies.
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Susan McWeeney Newsham married her husband, Bill, on August 23, 2003, in Lexington, Mass. UVMers in the wedding included Carrie Giroux, maid of honor, Alison Brown LaTerza, Noa Lai, and Hillory Mason Durgin. Other UVMers in attendance included Charity Clark ’97 and Stephanie DiSantis (’96) Long. Susan and Bill make their home in Lexington, Mass. She also let us know that Hillory Mason and Matt Durgin were married in York, Maine, on May 31, 2003. Noa Lai and Anna-Joy Webber were bridesmaids. UVMers in attendance included Susan McWeeney, Carrie Giroux, and Blithe Chapman. Matt and Hillory live in Watertown, Mass. Nate Fenton married Rebecca Riordan on June 1, 2002. UVMers in the wedding party included Eric Fenton ’01, Matt Traiman, Rick Couture, Joe Balan, and John Taylor ’99. Nate left New York City after five years, and he is now working for Fenton, Inc., in Newton, Mass. Sung Lee wrote from Brookline, Mass., that she has gone into real estate. She met Greg Czrnecki in Paris, and they traveled together through France, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, and finally to Warsaw, Poland, where Greg has taught English for the past two years. Sung continued on to Berlin, Munich, Prague, Budapest, and Venice. She wrote, “I sometimes wonder if it was good that I traveled abroad junior year, as I am now addicted to it.” She also wrote that April and James Agbail and their two children are doing well in Brockton, Mass.; Kathy Wu is in New York City following her dreams of being a designer; Kim Knowlton is back in school after an exciting trip to Montana; Adam Young is pursuing his master’s degree in Hawaii. Sung also keeps in touch with Phuong Lam, and she reconnected with Chang Hwan Han, who recently was married in Korea. She would love to hear from UVM friends via email at sungyuncastles@ yahoo.com. Peter Bergendahl represented Vermont in ID magazine’s feature on snowboard designers from each state. He works for Burton Snowboards.
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Hello classmates! I hope this update finds all of you doing well. Thanks to all who submitted your updates to me. Please keep them coming. Your UVM buddies want to hear all about you. Here’s my update: Oliver Fritsch and I got married on New Year’s Eve in Ira Allen Chapel. Issa Sawabini ’99, Rebecca Morocco ’99, Jodi Fuggasser ’99, and Kate Kelly were all members of the wedding party. Many of our other UVM friends, teammates, and profs were also there to help make our celebration so special. Thank you all! Following the wedding, we took an amazing three-month honeymoon in Lake Tahoe and Hawaii. We returned to Boston (and to work) in April. While in Tahoe, we ran into many UVMers. JC Nichols ’99 and Morgan Nichols ’04 came out to visit their sister, Danielle Nichols ’99, who is coaching the ski team at Sugar Bowl. All of us went to the NCAA Ski Championships to cheer on UVM’s team and to support UVM coach Erica MacConnell ’01. Brandon Dyksterhouse was at the NCAAs as a coach as well. He led his University of New Mexico team to an NCAA championship, and he did a great job. We also ran into Kyleigh Spitz ’02, Chris Mercier ’02, Will Lash, and Dave Westall on the slopes at Squaw Valley this winter. I have received word about lots of upcoming UVM weddings. Kate Kelly, Becky Morocco ’99, Sarah Laidlaw ’01 and Martin Wilde ’01, Kate Goodchild ’01 and Dennis Moser ’01, Megan Maddes ’99, JC Nichols ’99 and Margaux Mercier ’99, Christa Goodman ’01, as well as Leigh Ault. Congratulations to all! Also congratulations to Shannon Cross and Shaun Howe, who got engaged in Burlington last October. They have been living in Boston since graduation. There will be several UVMers in their wedding party, including Christopher Nelson, Joseph Beauparlant, Kate Anderson, Emily Kaplan, and Adrienne Wilson. They are planning a September 2004 wedding. After living for the past two years in Rome, writing and taking photographs for a small English-language newspaper, Gibbs Rehlen is heading to Miami for training and then on to a Peace Corps post in Costa Rica. Life is good for Joan Cross in Boston. For the past two years, she has been doing her graduate work at night while teaching preschool at Harvard. She will graduate in May with a master’s in education from Lesley University. Her best friend and boyfriend, Andrew Parrella, put his degree in English to work as her chief editor when she wrote her thesis last fall. In their spare time, they have been enjoying Boston’s theater scene. It’s great to read about so many UVM alums here in Boston. Among them are Joan’s sister, Cate Cross (’97) Karlhuber and Matt Sgro ’99, both of whom Joan sees regularly. She also keeps in touch with Hattie Arsenault, although she resides outside of Massachusetts. Joan was glad to read that Rob Pontbriand ’99 is “keeping things real” for the mayor of Fitchburg, Mass. Next stop, Washington, D.C.? Kate Keegan wrote from Vero Beach, Fla., where she has been for the past two years. Kate is golfing almost daily, training for some tournaments, and hoping to try for the tour in the next few years. She told me that Mila Simik is now living in Vail, Colo., where she is an interior decorator. Mila has a new puppy named Lucas. Athena Moutsioulis wrote to tell us that last August Carter Bevan ’01 and she traveled to Chicago for the wedding of Cora Maddox ’01 and C.W. Malinak. There was a surprise bridal shower for Cora and lots of activities throughout the weekend. Other UVMers in attendance were Barbie Verret Zunder ’02, who recently got married herself, Austin Maddox ’03, and Maura Neff ’06. Cora, Barbie, and Athena were in Pi Phi together at UVM and had a great time catching up and enjoying the sites of Chicago. Carter and Athena also met up with Dave Rous ’98. Carter and Dave were in FIJI together at UVM.
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Thank you to everyone who sent me news for this issue. It’s a great way to learn about all the adventures our classmates are having. Erin Wilson is currently living in Boston and attending Boston University for her MBA. She sent her congratulations to Jaret Schuler and Sarah Brennon on their engagement. Erin also wrote that Abby Shaw is still living in Boston and working at Putnam. Abby has been intricately involved in the “Seeing is Believing Ball,” which took place in April to benefit the Foundation Fighting Blindness. Kathy Varpahovsky wrote that she is currently working at MRO Software as a QA engineer and living in Norwood, Mass., with a friend from high school. She is also the co-founder of the Boston young professionals group that will kick off its launch party this summer. You can visit the website at www.boston youngpro.com. Kathy included some updates on other UVM alumni: Sean Coffey ’00 lives in Brighton with Joe Vincent ’99. Meredith Christensen ’00 lives in Central Square and works at a property management firm in Back Bay. Melissa Gurney, Lauren Seltzer, and Katie Lowre all live in San Francisco in the Mission area and love it out there. Ben Etherington and Hallie Loizeaux are both in Boulder, Colo., working towards master’s degrees. Ben is pursuing an MBA, and Hallie, a master’s in social work. Mika Hass is living on the beach in Charleston, S.C. Tiffany Howe lives in Newburyport, Mass., and works as an editor of sports books for a firm in Portsmouth, N.H. Stephanie Malone (now Teeter; she was married in August 2002) wrote that Ani Ajemian, Erin Kaechele, and she all live in the North End of Boston, and they get together almost daily. They are planning a big UVM girls’ reunion on the East Coast this summer with Katie Lowre; Lisa Stoddard, who lives in Boston; Colleen Guertin, who lives in Portland, Oreg.; Erin Euertin, who lives in Jackson Hole, Wyo.; Kelly O’Donnell, who lives in Stowe, Vt.; Filiz Soyak, who lives in Charlotte, N.C., and Tokyo; Wendy Lyons, who lives in New York City; Mara McManus, who lives in Steamboat, Colo.; and Jessica Halford, who lives in Boston. Have a great reunion! Rachel Allon is currently chasing the snow in Mammoth, Calif. She plans to be there until mid-May, then move on to Mount Hood in Oregon for summertime snow and skating. After that, her plan is to head back to New Zealand, where she spent September and October for the last few years. Rachel also sent a quick update on some friends: Sarah Duffany is still in Park City, where she has a “cool” dog named Porter and a serious boyfriend; Sloan Berrent is “living in Cali and shmoozing with celebs.” Matt Freihofer opened his own business in Albany, N.Y. Melissa Wieland is living in Chicago. Mark Hegarty and Mark Megary are still living in Portland, Oreg., working for the super cool skate company, Savier. Amanda Starbuck was in Ethiopia recently working on a project for a foundation called Engage Now. She also continues to be successful in her riding career. For the second year in a row, she has earned both the title of National Champion at the national horse show and national champion for the year in her division, amateur owner hunter. Unfortunately, her horse was injured, so she has been showing less. Amanda Briggs has been working in finance at General Electric since graduation, and she has been part of the GE corporate audit staff for about a year. She is currently living in Budapest, Hungary, and will be headed to Stamford, Conn., in the spring. Katie Breer was working at GE as well, but has recently moved into public accounting. She is currently working in the internal audit services group at KPMG in Boston. Preston Junger is part of a summer co-ed kickball league in New York with Jill Hearty and Jen Dwyer. He sees Adam Wolk ’02 often. Adam is currently trying to decide which law school to attend in the fall. In March, Preston ran into Brian Fickers, who is living in South Burlington, Vt., and working for a pharmaceutical company. Recently, Preston also heard from Kevin Mitchell ’00 and Owen Perkins ’00, both of whom are living in the San Francisco area. Preston sent best wishes to Jason ’99 and Megan Murphy Pidgeon, and he wrote that Kathy Elias is finishing up her master’s program at UNC Chapel Hill. Andrea Koonin is still living in Maryland and making good use of her English degree, working in DC for a financial firm. Chris Morris and David Simpson live together in Somerville, Mass. Both work at Harvard. Jen Dwyer is finishing up her master’s program at Harvard, and she will be working as an environmental scientist at the EPA in New York. Becca Cohlan and Maggie Sposato are working together once again at Mediavest in New York.
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Greetings, class of 2003! I hope you all are enjoying your first year out of school, and you are getting your fill of sunshine and warm weather. First, congratulations to Marie Guarino! She is engaged to marry Ryan McGrath, and they are planning an August wedding in Burlington. Best of luck to you both! Matthew Salhuana is working for AirChef in New York, and he enjoys seeing all of his high school friends. He gets up to Burlington whenever he has the chance. Heather Fifield is living and working in Boston as a marketing manager. Her job has taken her all over the country: Maine; Washington, D.C.; and Chicago. Her roommate, Emily St. Germain, is pursuing her master’s degree in public health at Boston University, and she plans to move to New Hampshire this summer. Billy Keighley moved to Cape Cod after graduation to look for a job and to be closer to friends. Jenny Agnew is still working at Hebron Academy in Maine. She just finished hockey season with the girls’ team there and is getting ready for lacrosse season. Tiffany Hayes continues to work as a nanny while taking classes to become a personal trainer. She is also taking French classes to prepare her for her move to Montreal this summer. Korinne Moore is still working for a division of the American Cancer Society and considering a move to Boston sometime this summer. Cara Linehan is counting down her days left in the states. She moves to Ireland in July. Dan Fredman is still living in Burlington and working for admissions. Liz Moran is currently working at a loyalty solutions management company, called Circles, and will be moving in with Julie Borden and Kim Henderson in Charlestown, Mass., in September. Julie just got a new job at Altana, a pharmaceuticals company, and she is very excited about it. Kim teaches seventh grade reading, and Alexa Swainson works for IBM. They would love to get together with other UVMers in Boston. James Berry wrote that he was a field organizer in Iowa during Governor Howard Dean’s presidential campaign. He wrote, “I love my job, because we are in the process of changing America!” On a similar note, Nina Hawkinson accepted a terrific job offer that she just could not pass up. She lives in New York City, works four blocks from her apartment, and lives two blocks away from Times Square. She wrote, “People are friendly, and everyone looks out for each other. It has a small-town atmosphere in the world’s biggest town. I miss Burlington, but I couldn’t beat the experience and excitement living anywhere else.” Katherine Meyer is finishing her year-long master’s program in psychology at Boston University, looking to go on to her Ph.D. next year. Jill Senyi is moving from Burlington back to Toronto. Shortly after, she plans to head to Miami and eventually end up in California. Jeremy Matloff is continuing his medical education at Tufts Medical School. He’s living in Cambridge, Mass. Claire Houston lives in Massachusetts and was recently accepted into the Rhode Island School of Design to study landscape architecture. She is extremely excited to be starting this fall, and she plans to move to Providence this summer. Claire, Emily Garvan, John Longo, and I are getting ready to attend our fifth high school reunion this spring at Taft School in Watertown, Conn. I have moved to Greenwich, Conn., to be closer to work, and I love living so close to the city. Please write or email me with your updates. Can’t wait to hear from all of you! Cheers!
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