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Class Notes 1990s

Class of '90
I spent most of September debating if I should submit our updates or leave the column blank as a written “moment of silence” for our friends and families whose lives were lost on September 11. I came to the conclusion that one way to honor those friends and famly members is to celebrate the lives we are still able to live. Karen Bubar Freeman married her husband, Terry, on August 12, 2000, in Princeton, Mass. UVMers in attendance were Pamela Hess, Jen and Tim Matthews, Sue and Michael Kirby, Guy Henry, Bill and Karen Bergmann Gooden, Peter and Kathy Killourie Hyatt, Dan (‘89) and Daren Reyes Canfield, Jay (‘89) and Rachel Murray Vanasse, Lauren and Bill Bright ‘91, and Chris and Christine Wilcox (‘89) Sibona. Karen and Terry in Black River, N.Y., are building a post-and-beam house. Terry is a high school guidance counselor, and Karen is a public relations specialist for the environmental division on the Fort Drum Army base. Jon Hill married Sue Coffee on May 26, 2001, in Fairfield, N.Y. Court Lewis was in the wedding party, and guests included Samantha Carleton, Trish Huie, Carol Kallman Kane, and Brian Kane ‘88. Jon is a management consultant in financial services at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, LLP, in New York. Last winter, Samantha, Trish, Court, Carol, and Brian had a fantastic week of skiing together in Park City. Court Lewis is managing director of his company, Cytosol Ophthalmics, located in Lenoir, N.C. His work takes him overseas to such places as Sydney, Australia, where he was able to have dinner with Ollie Elkarah. Trish Huie lives in Tampa, Fla., and she is an attorney with the law firm of Macfarlane Ferguson & McMullen, specializing in medical malpractice defense and commercial litigation. Samantha Carleton still lives in Boston, where she is client service relationship manager and a principal State Street Global Advisor. She recently became a chartered financial analyst. She can be reached at samantha lc01@yahoo.com. Chrissy Reith McGowan and husband Mark ‘91 are living happily in Virginia with their three children: Madeline, Christopher, and Gregory. Mark is director of business operations for AOL/Time Warner. Chrissy recently visited Samantha Carleton and Sharon Kass Higgins in the Boston area and reported that Sharon and her husband, Kevin, were married in June 2000. Chrissy can be reached at cemcgowan@yahoo.com. Carol Kallman Kane and husband Brian ‘88 bought a house in Chicago, where Carol works for the American Medical Association as a senior economist. Carol previously received her PhD in math from Boston College. Brian works at S&C, Inc., as a safety environmental engineer. In April 2001, Carol ran and completed her first Boston Marathon as husband Brian and Samantha Carleton cheered her on to the finish line. Lana Levine Joslin and husband Chris recently welcomed the birth of their first child, a son, Harris Gerald, on June 22, 2001. Lana practices law in New York, and she could not be happier with their new arrival. Missy Byrnes Szanto and husband Chris celebrated the arrival of their second son, Erik Daniel, on December 28, 2000. Erik joins his big brother, Kye Thomas, who was born June 12, 1999. Missy is a patent attorney with Baket Botts LLP in Houston, Tex., and can be reached at melissa.szanto@bakerbotts.com. Beth Byington bought her first home in Stratford, Conn. Jim Kobol has started long-distance running. In October 2000, he ran the Chicago Marathon and the Country Music Marathon in Nashville for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Elisa Rinning Reeves is a speech and language pathologist in the Sharon, Mass., public schools. She and her husband live in Sharon with their three children. Matthew was born on May 2, 1997, and his sister and brother, Ashley and Daniel, were born on March 10, 2000. Michael Schneider of KPMG’s Short Hills, N.J., office was admitted to partnership of the U.S. firm and he provides assurance services to clients in industrial markets in the Short Hills area.

Class of '91
A memorial fund has been set up to honor the memory of our classmate, Cesar Murillo, who died on September 11. Contributions may be sent to the Cesar August Murillo Memorial Fund, c/o Alyson Becker, 288 West Street, Apt. 7E, New York, NY 10013. Alex Perez wrote that he and his partner, Charlie, moved to Key West, Fla. where Alex is the senior honors English teacher and Student Council sponsor at Key West High School. Suzanne Wright of Orlando, Fla. completed a three-week contract as the teacher on the Lil’ BowWow Scream Tour, a national concert tour.

Class of '92
With our 10th reunion coming up, I guess everyone wants to get in touch with each other, so the news is plentiful. See you all in June 2002! Emily Bernstein married Barry Baum on September 16, 2000. Both native New Yorkers, they currently live in Manhattan. Emily is a regional manager at Winstar Interactive media. Debbie Sabato ‘93 was a bridesmaid at their wedding. Wendy Lovell-Smith and her husband, Colin, are living in Minneapolis, Minn., with their children, Noah and Maya. Lara Hamann wrote that she and her husband, Mike, are living in Chicago and would love to hear from other UVMers. Tammy Chase Brown recently relocated to Westford, Vt., when her husband, Jonathon, left the Air Force. They had their fourth son in October 2000. Tammy is still active in nursing and would love to hear from other nursing school classmates. Jennifer Straszewski had a daughter, Anna Elizabeth, in June 2001, “a most amazing accomplishment.” Helvi Abatiell Furlan has been busy with her business, Creative Space. She lives in Mendon, Vt., with her husband, Mark, and their new son, Abraham John Furlan, UVM class of 2022. Jodi Wing Flanagan and her husband, Dan, moved with their son, Yale, to West Burke, Vt., last June. They spend their winters skiing and spring and summer mountain biking on the Kingdom trails. Lauren Weinberg recently eloped in the Florida Keys. She is a consultant in the village of Coconut Grove. Wendy Williamson Sullivan and husband Tim of Hopewell, N.J., have a new son, William Asher, born in July 2000. Lisa Winthrow Atkins has already started organizing mini-reunions. In July, Kathy Wheeler Barker and daughter Kelsey; Valerie Quan Wren and husband Dave; Niki Creighton Bradshaw, husband Chad, and daughters Lillian and Abigail; June Cho Hon, her children Annica and Trent, and husband Rich; Danielle Grant and son Trevor; and Susan Brady and Dan Van Der Vlite with daughter Kate and sister Sarah all got together to rekindle friendships and share memories. Lisa brought along her daughter, Allison. Esme Pederson Giebmanns and husband Thomas welcomed their second child, Ethan, in January 2001. They are job hunting in North Carolina for a move after Tom finishes his ob/gyn residency. Jennifer Mackey is a clinical instructor in the graduate program in communication sciences and disorders at the Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions. Kris Crosier got engaged to Andrew Palumbo in April 2001. They plan to marry in September 2002 with Sonya Whitesell and Mary Potter Armstrong as bridesmaids. Christopher Marshall Robbins was married in 1996, and he has two daughters. He works in Sherborn, Mass., while pursuing an MBA at Babson College and renovating an 1870s farmhouse. Jessica Koziol Roosevelt, husband Peter ‘93, and daughter Audrey have been living in Cambridge, N.Y., for the past two years. Heidi Hutchison married Andrew Williams ‘93 in June 2001 at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vt. Robin Wolk wrote that she just had a new son, Emmet. Shawn Anderson and his wife Sharon, have five-year-old twin sons. They live in the same neighborhood in Uxbridge, Mass., as Marc and Tara (‘91) Fransoza. Chad Ford married Melissa Stark in September 2000 in Vail, Colo. In attendance were Andy Stewart, Ken Sturm, Jeff Schlosser, Jeff Protera, Ken Kuzman, and Dave Clapp. Chad works for Eagle River Water in Vail. Mark Moore started an exciting new business as a product broker for Market America. Jody Rathbun was married in June 2001. She is active in the Georgia field hockey club and has been promoted at work to director of operations. Sandra Everard Goss recently welcomed her third child. She wrote that Erin joined her sister Alexandra and brother Ryan. Kelly Ryan was married in July 2000 and gave birth to a son, Austin, in May 2001. He has kept her very busy, but she will be returning to hygiene. Maureen Broderick Hebert recently gave birth to a son, Riley Logan. He keeps her very busy. Joy Tarbox wrote that Nicole Colaneri moved back East with her husband, Chris, last spring. Their second daughter, Eliza, arrived in June. Ellen Rapelje wrote that Tracy Rittenmeyer has taken some time off to travel around the world. Her itinerary included meeting up with Jen Ryan for the last few months of the trip. Toshia Stone married in June 1997, moved to Colorado in 1998, and graduated from Colorado State University with a master’s degree in social work in May 2000. David Michlovitz started working as an intelligence officer with the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) in November 2000. Stephanie Follick was married in November 2001; she works in New York City. She wrote that Laura Stern lives in Denver, Colo., and Jenny Draizin is married and has a son, Noah. Stephanie Frankiewicz Galica and husband Kevin are excited about their new home in Wayne, Pa. They look forward to seeing Henry Boucher and his wife. Markus Mettler wrote that it was great to see Kevin Schroeder and his wife, Nikki, last fall. He also reconnected with Anders Stot at the APTA convention in Anaheim. Sean Fahey hopes to see Matt and Debbie Sivret and Melissa Pitt soon. His daughter, Megan, is three, and all else is well. Jennifer Shakley finished her master of social work program at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, in 2000. She was married last October, and several UVMers were in attendance at the wedding, including Eric Rath and his fiancé, Russell Parker, Joel Cassidy, Pete and Jessie Lehaman, and Holly Kirsner. Jennifer recently moved to Boston. Amy and Michael Voorhees welcomed their son, Connor James, in October 2000. Everyone is happy and healthy in their home. They have made several trips to Vermont with their future Catamount. Kate Grant wrote that Kate Gazzaniga and Vicki McFadden were both planning to marry last summer and that Andrea Hanover welcomed her second son. Leah Silberfarb Rose and her husband, Matt, moved to Worcester, Mass., last year. Leah worked as an English as a second language teacher at a local college, but she now stays home with her new son, Zachery. Marcelle Wieland wrote that she has a two-year-old son. She took a master gardener course, and she loves working in her flower and vegetable gardens. Brian Scheick called her to say that he is the State of Florida bear biologist. Lynn Bagalio recently married. Capt. Stephen Davis and his wife, Michele, moved to Fort Polk, La. In July, they celebrated the first birthday of their twins Madison and Andrew. Jane Baldwin Hamrell sent congratulations to Catherine Eckels (‘93) Lang on receiving her doctorate in physical therapy and on the birth of her daughter, Meredith. Brian and Kelly Tivnan are pleased to announce the birth of their first child, Brendan Francis, in June 2001. Tracy Epstein wrote that she and her husband have a new son, Jonah Oliver Pesikoff, born in April 2001. Ronald Greene and his wife are living in the Washington, D.C., area with their son, Reagan. Alisa Kasle was married in the summer of 2000 in Luckenwalde, Germany, which is where she and her husband, Christoph Henke, live. They would love to hear from other UVM grads, especially those in Europe. Ken Kuzman wrote that he had an amazing time at Chad Ford’s wedding and enjoyed the large celebration at Fiddlers for Phish. Kristi Allen Palmer wrote that she and Nicole Colanari Twomey, Joy Tarbox, Karen Ozarowski Culumovic, and Laura Guertin Impemba would be attending Laura Snell’s wedding over Labor Day weekend. She added that Laura, Karen, and Nicole all just recently had their second child. Anne Lamb and Courtlandt Pennell are living in Chester, Vt., with their daughters, Claire and Marie. Anne wrote that Becky Stockman and her husband, Jeff Kapisalis ‘91 are living in Shelburne, Vt., after several years in Colorado. Jenn Richards is a nurse living in Burlington. Kimberly Thomas and Brian Hoffman ‘94 were married in August 2001. After a honeymoon in Niagara Falls, Ontario, they now make their home in St. Albans, Vt. Dave O’Drowsky and his wife, Angela, are pleased to announce the arrival of their second child, Jonathon. Dave’s work continues to include teaching chainsaw safety, forest management planning, woodlot work, and landscape contracting. Randy and Melissa Schneider live in University Heights, Ohio, with their son, Joshua. Randy is vice president of institutional sales for an investment firm in Cleveland, and he recently met Mike Niman on his boat in Dewey Beach, Del. First Lt. Jennifer Mlocek just returned from a 19-week chemical captains career course at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. After moving around for several years, Matt Gowdy has landed as an attorney at Pillsbury Wintrop in San Francisco and would love to hear from UVM graduates in the Bay area. Deanna Van Winkle Locke wrote that she gave birth to a son, Ethan Daniel, in April 2001. Bronwyn Sessile Diperi is busy landscaping her desert oasis in Arizona and raising her son Aiden, born in April 2000. She wrote that she has many hobbies and challenges but that her professional life consists of spit-up yogurt on her new blouses and pediatric physical therapy. Brian Silver wrote that he recently attended the wedding of Joshua Orlinsky and his wife, Suzy, in New York City. Also in attendance were Jason Schmidt, David Clapp, Molly Melanson, and John Perry. Holly Hubbard Donovan moved to Portland, Maine, in December 2000. James Miller wrote that he spends his time traveling for work and being a counselor for a church youth group along with his wife, Donella. He also builds skateboard ramps for their church-sponsored skateboard park, where he spends time with his children, Alex and Delia. Geoff Shuppert is looking for University Players. He is currently in North Carolina, but will be moving to New York City and would love to be in touch with his UVM friends. Susannah Meyer Martz wrote that she and her husband, Brad, recently moved to Tampa, Fla., to pursue new careers. Susannah gave up her vice president job at Regency Homes to teach fifth grade to lower-income children. Jessica Jacob moved to Alaska, where she worked for the Alaska State Council on the Arts, the Anchorage Symphony, and the Alaska Theatre for Youth. In 2000, she went to Taiwan to perform in a stunt show, then returned to Alaska in 2001 to administer the State Art Council’s arts in schools program and teach kickboxing and stage combat at the University of Alaska, Anchorage. David Moore wrote excitedly of his marriage in October 2001. He spends most of his free time in great Austin, Tex. Kelli Lawrence wrote that she and her husband, Bill, now live in Brattleboro, Vt., and have a beautiful baby boy. Deonne and Andy Myrick ‘91, G’97, welcomed their daughter, Lillian, into the family in March 2001 to join sister Olivia. Andy teaches technology education at South Burlington High School, and Deonne is focusing on her polar fleece hat business, Deonne’s Designs. Biria and Elaina ‘93 St. John are the proud new parents of a son, William. Allison Kiehle recently married her husband, Craig, in Vermont. In attendance were Matt Wendelkin, Chris Nugent, and Shannon and Jeff Piper. Dennis Provencher is on leave from the University of LaCrosse, Wisc., where he teaches French and cultural studies. He is living in Milwaukee, and working as a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Center for 21st Century Studies. He is also working on a book-length project related to globalization, sexual citizenship, and French gay identity. Kaaren Sprague Meyer and husband John and their son, Jack, live in Morrisville, Vt. Marguerite Gifford Dimgba and her husband, Chidi, welcomed their new daughter, Kelechi, in February 2001. They also have a son, Osondi, and a daughter, Chima. Wendy Burt recently flew to New York City to appear on “Pure Oxygen” on Oprah’s television network to promote her new book, “Oh. Solo Mia! The Hip Chick’s Guide to Fun for One.” Laura Schmigel wrote that she is in her last year of graduate study at Regent University, pursuing an MA in practical theology. She spent the summer of 2000 in an internship with Reaching Our Communities, Inc., and last summer writing and doing children’s ministry in a church planting effort in the greater Philadelphia area. Gordon Spater and his wife, Brooke, were married in June 2001 in Newport, R.I. His brother, Kitter ‘95, was his best man, and Henry Boucher and Biria St. John served as groomsmen. Gordon and Brooke make their home in Boston. Karl and Anna Tanner have “two joyfully wild and crazy boys.” They live in Chester, Vt., “with a bunch of critters and gardens.” Dawn Rouse was the recipient of the 2000 Providian NH Award for Excellence in Service to Children and Families. Her daughter, Emily, is growing quickly. Dawn and Terrance visit Florida frequently and were able to attend the wedding of Linda Giambalvo Alexander two years ago. They also attended Christian Mock’s wedding last July, where they saw other UVMers. Susan Amidon is living in Williston, Vt., and she enjoys spending time with friends hiking, biking, and skiing. Marni McManus is living in Sydney, Australia, working in Citigroup’s project finance department. She recently had dinner with John “Wheezer” Maloney in Washington, D.C. John is a law associate specializing in international trade. Marni also wrote that Debbie and Matt Hayford bought a house in Summit, N.J., and recently welcomed their first son, Max. Kate Gazzaniga married Don Trethaway in June 2001 in Sacramento, Calif. Missy Stevens attended with her new baby. Missy is an ob/gyn nurse in Tahoe and still snowboards when she gets a chance. Vickie McFadden recently married in New Hampshire, and the wedding was attended by Andrea Butterfield Hanover and her husband, Jaime, and their two sons. Russ Perkins and Christy Carlson ‘91 have moved back to the New England area. They live in Windham, N.H., and Russ remains with Ernst & Young, while Christy has joined Keane Consulting Inc. Their son, Jack, born last July, loves their new house and being closer to his grandparents in Middlebury and Shelburne. Ruthanna Pettengill Demag wrote from Essex Junction, Vt., “Missy, Candace, Kristen, and Kristen, where are you?” Katherine Thomas Zilkha gave birth to her daughter, Ava Marianne, on May 14, 2001. They are all doing well.

Class of '93
Shannon Corbin is now an elementary school teacher in Lake Tahoe. She recently married Shane Garrity. Matthew Amidon is a Marine Corps Harrier pilot stationed in Yuma, Ariz., preparing for deployment to the Middle East and Australia. Ted Lillys wrote from Ashburn, Va., that his son, Peter, now has a new baby sister, Sarah Anne, born January 29, 2001, adopted from Korea. Eva Skinner moved back to Vermont from Nantucket. She works for Hickok and Boardman. Renelle L’Huillier graduated from Vermont Law School more than a year ago. She is married, living in Andover, Mass., and working for a firm in Manchester, N.H. Tim Lindenmeyr and his wife, Rebecca have a beautiful organic farm in Addison, Vt. Jonathan Tofel graduated with his MBA from the University of Colorado at Boulder, continued his adventure travels in Southeast Asia, and started a new job in brand management with Procter & Gamble. Jonathan and Yvonne Ng were married in a small ceremony in Boulder. They live in Cincinnati, Ohio. Andrew Cuniberti married Nicole Nestel ‘94 on Putney Mountain in Vermont last July. They live in Lanikai, Hawaii. Michael Borek and his wife, Sarah, announced the homecoming of their triplets, Maxwell Cole, Conor Shea, and Samuel Edward, who were born on February 22, 2001. They sent thanks to friends and family for their support, including Liz Atkinson (‘86) Murphy, Cami Miller (‘82) Beckman, Orland (‘93) and Jen Campbell, Brent Carpenter ‘91, Maureen Kinney (‘92) Carpenter, and Jim Sadler ‘00. Baby photos may be found at http:// photos.yahoo.com/borektriplets.

Class of '94
Matthew Wilk married Heather Rowe on May 19, 2001, in Washington Depot, Conn. In attendance were: Marc Miller ‘93, Eric Pasternack ‘93, Jennifer Smith ‘93, Kristin Lombardo (‘93) Milka, Victoria Thatcher ‘93, Christopher Rose ‘92, Carey Smith (’93) Rose, Brooks More ‘95, Abigail Brothers More, Helen Harris McDevitt, Narric Rome, Mark Abrams, Jeffrey McNulty, Tyler Buck, Andy O’Connell, Dave Donohue, Matt Fogt, Erin Gurry, and Mark Abramowitz. Go to the UVM website and check out pictures from the wedding. Matt earned his law degree from Temple University in 2000, passing both the Pennsylvania and New Jersey Bar exams last summer. He is working at Deloitte & Touche as a tax consultant and is continuing his studies by completing his LLM requirements in tax. Matt and Heather currently live in Philadelphia. Last summer, Beth Zimmerman-Voellm and husband Tony ‘93 celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary by white water rafting class-five rapids in Pennsylvania. Beth retired from teaching a year ago. She is now an instructional designer at a company called K12 which provides a complete curriculum delivered over the Internet for home-schooling families. Last spring, Beth presented at several home-school conferences around the country. Tony, who works for Silicon Graphics doing high performance computing and networking, is looking forward to his hard-earned sabbatical this fall. Last fall, Tony was invited to present at conferences at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, and in the U.K. Alexandra Orloff lives in New York City and is working towards her master’s degree in occupational therapy at New York University. John Robinson lives in Downingtown, Pa., and is a research scientist in the bone metabolism division of the Women’s Health Institute with Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, focusing on developing a drug to treat osteoporosis. He and his wife, Nicole, have three children, Jenna, Ben, and Kaitlin. Over Labor Day weekend, Melissa Gregory married Derek Slayton in a beautiful outdoor ceremony at the Basin Harbor Club in Vergennes, Vt. I attended the wedding with fellow UVM graduates, Beth McDermott, Erin Gurry, Maura Mahoney, Amy Glynn, Holly Mason Macy, Sean Macy, Tracy Thomas, Susan Dodge Casper, Jon Krause, Brooks Holmes ‘95, and Nicole Rioux Hynes, MD ‘01. Melissa and Derek live in Boston. In September, Jon Davidson moved from Denver to Chicago to start a new job. “I would love to have some alumni join me for a Newcastle,” wrote Jon. Also in September, Stephanie Taub married Jonathan Fox of Marblehead, Mass. The ceremony took place in Columbus, Ohio, and Katie Arnold was one of Steph’s bridesmaids. Jon’s brother Michael Fox and sister-in-law Diane Rini Fox are also UVM graduates from the class of ‘88. Although unable to make it to Ohio for the wedding, Heather Starr (‘93) Martone, also a bridesmaid, Rich Martone ‘93, Rob Cronin, Chris Carpenter, and I were all there in spirit. Stephanie and Jon live in Boston. Keri Goldberg let us know that she recently married Ben Leonard in Bristol, Vt., on September 8, 2001. UVMers in attendance at the wedding included Cory Johnson Goldberg ‘98, Tad Goldberg ‘00, and Sarah Corby ‘99. Both Keri and Ben work for Prentice Hall Publishing, where Keri is a publisher’s representative for the college division. They live in South Burlington, Vt.

Class of '95
John Russell of Kent, Conn., is still teaching, but he gave up his afternoon jog to become a volunteer firefighter/EMT, “a good workout.”

Class of '96
We hope everyone is having a pleasant winter wherever this issue of VQ finds you. If you would like to include information about your whereabouts and what you’re up to in a future issue, please contact Michelle or Jill at the above addresses. We look forward to hearing from you. Ed Burturla was married on August 11, 2001. He and his new wife just moved into a new house in Beaverton, Oreg. Ed works at Nike.com as a project manager and will obtain his MBA from Portland State University in spring 2002. Peter Parasiliti is living in Los Angeles, where he is a social worker for troubled youth during the day and a musician touring the local circuit with his new rock band by night. Dave Prescott is a firefighter in Miami, Fla. Anna Norgren made the U.S. team that competed in the 8th IAAF World Track and Field Championships last August. Anna, who still holds the UVM school record in the hammer throw, finished second in the event in the U.S. Track and Field Championships. Anna has been one of the top women’s hammer throwers in the nation for the past three years. Kirsten Robertson Granberry and her husband, Stan, moved to Texas in December 1998 after their wedding and began raising funds for their church work with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. They moved to Paris in September 2000. Kirsten and Stan welcomed their first child, Hannah Marie, on March 16, 2001. Ellery Klein just returned from a year of pursuing her master’s degree in traditional Irish music performance in Limerick, Ireland. She is about to release her first solo fiddle CD, and she went on tour in October. See where she’s going and contact her at www.elleryklein.com. Derek Frederickson, was one of the lucky ones on September 11. He escaped from his office on the 38th floor of one of the World Trade Center towers. Write to Derek and Fabienne at derek@derekandfabienne.com. Jessye Smith is working in research and development for a biotech company in Boston.

Class of '97
Our reunion is coming up next spring. We are making “memory boards” for many of the events, so, if you have pictures you would like included, please send them to me at the above address, and I promise to return them. Hope to see you at Reunion! On to the news: I got married to Alex Genung ‘95 on September 8, 2001, in Stowe, Vt. The wedding party included Ashley Kidder Campbell, Shannon Burke, Jenny Roberts, Kim Sturz ‘96, Hillary Harrison, Mike Dunne ‘95, and Martin Griswold ‘95. Also in attendance were Debbie Rosenblum ‘98, Matt Tanis, Kelly Desmond, Posie Haeger ‘98, Vandy Champion ‘98, Wendy Trainer, Caitlin McArdle, Adam Devine, Greg Sturcke, Brian Knies, Lucy Wright (‘95) Dunne, R.J. Gutroff ‘95, Sam Zarou ‘95, Todd Ellsworth ‘95, Greg Gaynor ‘96, Judson Niver (‘88) O’Hair, Rebecca Longimire (‘89) Lively, Jeff Lively ‘89, Joanna Teplick (‘98) Graves, Richard Marron ‘88, and Spencer Tuttle ‘02. Nancy Surdek married Dave Westbrook ‘96 on September 15th. The wedding party included Sarah Bosley, Heather Blake, Sara Vartanian, Phil Eboli ‘96, Gino Riffle ‘96, and Brian Terraciano ‘96. Also attending were Melissa Caron, Sara O’Brian, Eric LaVoi ‘96, Mark Colagiovanni ‘96, and Matt Johnson ‘96. They will make their home in New York City. Sarah Bosley married William Slimbaugh III on September 28th. Attendants included Nancy Surdek, Sara Vartanian, Heather Blake, and Melissa Caron. Sarah and William just bought a house in Duxbury, Mass., and Sarah is a surgical nurse. Heather Blake is getting married to Robert Cullen on December 15th in New York. Brendan Burke is working for Parson Group, a finance/accounting consulting company. Brendan lives in Boston with Josh Thurmanson, and he is the lead singer for an ‘80’s cover band. Tim Walsh lives in New York City around the corner from Peter Rand and Rob Slocum. Rob works at Madison Square Garden, and Peter works at the Blackstone Group. They have started a newsletter about the WWF. John Hallisey and Steve Losordo share an apartment in Boston. John works for Xerox. Chris McGuirk lives in Portsmouth, N.H., and runs his own store called Portsmouth Provisions, a general store and sandwich shop. Steve Losordo said, “I’ve eaten a lot of meatball subs, but McGuirk’s are the best.” Elena Weiss married William McCartee on April 7, 2001, in Washington, D.C. She is currently teaching Spanish to middle schoolers and getting her master’s in education. Christine Markow is in the second year of her PhD program in clinical health psychology at MCP Hahnemann University in Philadelphia. Claire Walker reported that, after leaving her job as executive director of student administrative services and assistant chief-of-staff at the Cleveland Public Schools, she is moving to Washington, D.C. Alicia Williams and Joanna Cossman are living in San Francisco. Kate Baran, Rachel Lupert, Caroline Walsh, and Megan Auburn are living in Tahoe City, Calif. Lisa Coven is living in Burlington, Vt. Jessica Rasmussen volunteered for seven months in Cambodia, setting up a children’s hospital, teaching medical personnel, and assisting in establishing and initiating committees in policy and procedure that are necessary in health care. Gregory Schmidt is living in Boston, working in television production, and playing rugby for the Boston Irish Wolfhounds with Mike Mazza and Simon Jacobson ‘98. Ericka McKinney is living on the beach in Edgewater, Fla. She is looking forward to a business trip to Bali in the winter. James Baden graduated with honors from Quinnipiac College School of Law in May 2000. He passed his New York and Connecticut Bar exams. James married Heather Isham on August 18, 2001. Tiffany Fuse has begun pursuing a doctoral degree in clinical psychology at SUNY Albany. Nathan Brubaker has completed a solo hike of Vermont’s Long Trail and is now off to travel, hike, and explore America’s West. Eileen Barrett has been working in Washington, D.C., as a kidney transplant nurse and will soon join a travel nursing company so that she can try nursing in different parts of the country. Stefanie Buttles married Scott Ploof ‘96 in August 2000. Holly McCoy has been taking time to travel the West Coast. She has been snowboarding throughout the Rocky Mountains and participating in road races. Christine Callahan married Eric Blonda on August 11, 2001. Scott Cadieux has been working in financial planning and management as well as playing hockey in a local men’s league. Ilka Pritchard recently received a bachelor’s degree in German; she is living in Burlington. Through work, she is able to travel extensively throughout the U.S. and Europe. She got engaged last summer and is planning a summer 2002 wedding. Jill Wagner is working and coaching at Ethel Walker School. She has done lots of traveling, including to Australia and Peru. She recently got engaged to Dave Desmarais from Worcester, Mass. Margaret MacDougall recently attended Colette Storck Griffin’s wedding. Other UVMers in attendance included Emily Warren and Paige Anderson ‘96. Amy Buzzell moved back to Burlington to help start a pediatric rehab team for UNA of Chittenden and Grand Isle Counties and to do a fellowship at UVM through the Vermont I-LIHP program. She is engaged to marry Dr. Eric Mullen in September 2002. Lisette Deida received her master’s in public administration from UVM. She now works with the Upward Bound Program at UVM, helping at-risk students who are college-bound. When she married Herman Moore ‘98 in August 2001, UVMers in attendance included Brian Lee, Samantha Grout, Twila Hathaway ‘96, and Ruby Clark. Robin Gerber is teaching in New Haven, Conn., public schools and attending graduate school for bi-lingual education and TESOL. She lives in New Haven with the love of her life, Rick Williams, and travels often. Robin looks forward to weekend get togethers with Burke Rathbun, Brett Kelly, and Kristen Schlosser. John Fahrbach received his M.D. degree from Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, N.Y. He received the Neurosurgery Award for the class of 2001, and he recently began a residency in neurosurgery at the University of Buffalo. John Emery, Jesse Kendall, and Chad Waleik have been living together in Golden, Colo. Chad is a structural engineer for a precast concrete manufacturer. John has been working as a structural engineer for Behrent Engineering Co. Elise Texiera and Evan Steiner were married on Cape Cod on June 9, 2001. The wedding party included Michele Doncon, Christine Callahan, and Aaron Bergdahl. Many UVM grads were in attendance. Elise and Evan spent two weeks in Portugal following the wedding. Elise is a dietitian at Children’s Hospital in Boston, and Eric is developing national marketing programs as the director of marketing at Student Advantage in Boston. Jennifer Martin wrote that Neil Talancy is studying mid-size carnivores on Cape Cod and is planning on pursuing an MS degree in wildlife biology. Julie Konetzo is attending graduate school in computer science at MSU in Bozeman, Mont. She has been working as a cartographer for the NRCS. Heather Bullett was married in June. She works for the County Soil and Water Conservation District in central Virginia. John Byonincontro is attending school in Bozeman, Mont. Kelly Fox recently got engaged to John Stremmel. They moved back to Syracuse from Boston and bought a sailboat. Erica Albin recently became Deputy State’s Attorney for Bennington County, Vt. She has been the state’s only DUI forfeiture attorney, the first person to hold this post. Erica’s husband, also a UVM grad, has his own decorative and faux finish business, working with decorators in the Manchester, Vt., area. Andrea Palisano married her high school sweetheart, Adam Vernastro, on October 7, 2000. The wedding party included Amy Heron Ziegler and Erin Whitcomb. Other UVM grads in attendance were Meredith Ray Stevenson, Jessica Merrill, and Kirsten Michels. She graduated in May 2001 from D’Youville College with a master’s degree, and she is now a family nurse practitioner. Andrea and Adam live in Clarence Center, N.Y., and she works in the emergency department at Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital. Troy and Sarah Bisbee Wunderle, of Cambridgeport, Vt., welcomed their new daughter, Mae, on Christmas Day 2001. Sarah left physical therapy to pursue a degree in nursing. She currently works at Eden Park in Brattleboro, Vt. Troy is still “clowning around” for a living as part of Vermont’s own Circus Smirkus. Jody Starr wrote that John Gambale plays on the Japanese professional golf tour and has won two events this year; Greg Gammons ‘96 taught 3rd grade in Stratton, Vt., and will teach high school physical education in Chatham, Mass., this year. Jody lives in St. Croix. In February 2001, Sara Whitcomb Provost, Jennifer O’Brien, Heather McCarthy, Melissa Dzercheski ‘98, and Kimberly Kerrissey ‘98 met for fun in the sun in Key West, Fla. Molly Haislmaier recently switched jobs to work for the Missoula Independent as an advertising account executive. In her first month, she won a sales contest and was able to attend the annual convention of the Alternative News Weekly. Kristen Nestor is a labor and delivery nurse at Mass General Hospital. She gets together with Staci Glick ‘98, Melissa Mattuchu ‘98, Tammy Turner ‘99, Kristin Briggs ‘97, Kristen Schoen ‘99, Shayna Goldfarb ‘96, Scott Nestor ‘95, Daren Berinen ‘95, Rob and Bridget Dangel ‘95, Mindy Vinelli ‘98, and Sara Toney ‘99. Kristen sent special greetings to her School of Nursing classmate Lesley Toner. Cassandra Gibson married U.S. Coast Guard Lt. JG David Sherry on May 26, 2001. There were many UVMers in attendance, including Jody Citrano ‘96, Krista Vanentino ‘96, Christie Caxey ‘96, Cheryl Rainville ‘96, Patti Mahan (‘99) Welsh, Theodore Welsh ‘99, Maureen Barry, Erin Nye Gilmore, John Rudick ‘96, Mark Isselhardt ‘99, Gary Miller ‘02, Robin Lamphere ‘02, Laurie Prosser (‘96) Seichter, Erika Zuelkhe ‘96, Colleen Crook ‘98, and Angela Maglaris Moulton. Ashley Morgan married U.S. Navy Lt. Jason Sherman on April 7, 2001. She is a second grade teacher in Jacksonville, Fla., while her husband flies helicopters. Ashley wrote that her sister, Lindsay ‘99, has plans to marry U.S. Navy Lieut. Eric Bower. Lindsay works for the Mali Via Washington Kids Foundations as a program director; her husband is also a helicopter pilot. Lisa Sholley traveled to Tanzania and Zanzibar last march to explore the area and climb Mount Kilimanjaro. She continues to live in Jackson Hole, Wyo. Aaron LaPrade wrote from Tampa, Fla., that Brett Blanchard ‘99 is his secretary. Alison Wendel let us know that Debbie Walker completed a two-year degree at the University of Cincinnati, and she is now a licensed physical therapy assistant. Debbie moved to San Francisco near Allie and Britta Macomber. Allie teaches elementary school, and Britta is trying her hand in business after three years of teaching. Nathan Bahrenburg teaches fourth grade at an International School in Kuala Lumpur. He travels during holidays and plays on the school’s Ultimate Frisbee team. Last year, he traveled to Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand, Bali, and Nepal. Nate’s brother, Dan, a UVM student, met him in Malaysia, and they traveled in Vietnam for several weeks. Patrick Hamel has been working in the outpatient physical therapy clinic in Rome, N.Y., and he recently became certified in the McKenzie method for diagnosing and treating back and neck pain.

Class of '98
Lauren Kaplan is living in Boston and working towards her master’s degree in social work at Boston University. Samantha Decker married Nigel Friend ‘97 on August 26, 2000. They now have a son, Isiah, and Samantha is a stay-at-home mom. Nigel is an account executive for Cormier Equipment in Berlin, N.H. Eleanor Wirts received her master’s in education from UVM in 2000, and she is now teaching biology and bioethics at Vermont Academy, where she is also a house parent and an advisor. Eleanor has Siberian huskies, and she enjoys dog sledding. Lauren Berkman is living in Phoenix, Ariz., where she is an event coordinator, planning leisure activities as incentives for employees of businesses in the area. Danielle Hathaway Peters moved to the Boston area, where she works as a civil engineer. She wrote, “While I miss Burlington, I am having a blast living and working in Boston.” Lauren Bator and Nathan Viets were married in Chicago on August 4, 2001, with lots of UVMers in attendance.

Class of '99
We mourn the loss of our classmates Paul Cascio, Martin Niederer, and Brandon Buchanan on September 11. A scholarship has been set up at UVM to honor the memory of Brandon Buchanan. Classmates who would like to contribute may send a donation to the Brandon J. Buchanan Memorial School of Business Administration Scholarship Fund, UVM Development and Alumni Relations, attention: Dean Snider, Grasse Mount, 411 Main Street, Burlington, VT 05401. Sara Ferraro ‘00 wrote to let me know that she and Brian Hobbs ‘99 recently got engaged. They plan to marry in August 2002. Brian and Sara live near Boston with their two dogs. Baloo and Tucker. Chad Argotsinger completed his second year as a residence hall director at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisc. Chad also let us know that Chris Gathman graduated from Florida State University with a master’s degree.

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