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Class Notes 1920s 1930s 1940s

Class of '29
Life has changed dramatically because of the dastardly acts of September 11. We mourn the irreparable loss to grieving families in every part of the country and the world. As war develops, it will be the sixth in my, and probably your, lifetime, starting with WWI when I can remember knitting helmets and scarves for our doughboys. I am writing this as we approach the holiday season, when memories and loss become more poignant. To all afflicted families, we offer comfort, peace, and hope. The unconquerable spirit of America will survive. To all my classmates, may the coming year bring you health, courage, and love.

Class of '33
Col. Roy Brooks wrote from Newfane, Vt., “My main activities seem to be seeing doctors and going to paratrooper reunions. I am looking forward to my 70th reunion in 2003.”

Class of '34
It’s time to write our class column again, but not much news has come in. Chet Eaton has been living at the Meadows Retirement Residence in Rutland, Vt. Thanks for getting in touch, Chet. I received news of the death of our classmate, Mary Horak Burns. Mary lived in Vallejo, Calif., but she and I have remained in touch over the years. Like classmate Kay Durrick Lull and me, she was a member of the gang who spent our freshman year in Robinson Hall, which then was a women’s dorm. Mary was a KA sorority sister of mine. She will be missed.

Class of '36
Special thanks to Ruth Barron and Elizabeth Downer who edited our 65th reunion memory book. In the absence of news from classmates for this issue, I thought I’d pass along some facts about the 82 classmates who sent information for our memory book: 10 live in Vermont, three each in Massachusetts and New York, two in Florida and Connecticut, and one in Colorado, New Hampshire, Texas, Ohio, Maryland, California, South Carolina, and Virginia. Sadly, 166 of our classmates are deceased. UVM records indicate that 294 of us started at UVM in the fall of 1932, and there are 102 still active. Our class was and still is a great class.

Class of '37
Our class will be celebrating our 65th reunion in 2002. The time has passed all too quickly, but Kay Babbitt and I are co-chairs for our class reunion, and Marguerite “Beanie” Fiske is serving on the committee. The following classmates are already planning to attend: Phelps Pond from Texas, Frank Courtney from Massachusetts, and Marguerite Bean Fiske from Florida. Of course, Kay Babbitt and I are also planning to be there. Hope to see all of you there. John Browe, M.D., was a surgeon in the battle of Bataan. Lois Hammond retired from the Medical College of Pennsylvania in 1986 as an emeritus professor of pediatrics. She is living in a retirement community in Gwynedd, Pa. Jean Fuller Hallgarth wrote that at 86 she has stopped driving. Last summer, she was on a trail on Mount Hood and she went up a rather steep trail in the Columbia River Gorge. She noted, “I don’t charge up the trails as I used to, but I get there.”

Class of '38
Cuyler VanDyck moved into a condominium in Washington, Ill. His association with Caterpillar, Inc., which took him all over the world, extended over 42 years. Cuy has one son, a doctor, the other, a writer and commentator for Fox Sports, and his daughter teaches high school English. He also has seven grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. Last summer, Phyllis Craig Graves traveled with a daughter to visit another daughter and her family in Kansas. Your secretary, who is big on connections, had a satisfying summer with three outstanding family events: a family reunion, a high school graduation party for an honor-student granddaughter, which involved three generations of family and friends; and the outdoor wedding of my oldest granddaughter. Your secretary promises to do her bit about “keeping in touch” with the help of all of you.

Class of '39
Arthur Silvester is now serving his second year as chair of the Connecticut River Flood Control Commission. He also serves Vershire, Vt., as a member of the selectboard.

Class of '40
There are several great-grandparents among us. Heath Riggs enjoyed visiting a great-grandson, and a newly-arrived great-granddaughter in Providence, R.I. Jean Butler Pye reports nine great-grandchildren. Can anyone top that? Another busy great-grandmother is Lois Murray Lantman with six great-grandchildren. She is actively involved with church and community. Lois spends two winter months in Florida. I enjoyed a telephone visit with another Garden State alum, Bob Smith. He is a year-round resident of New Jersey, but he enjoys brief visits to Florida and to Vermont, where he keeps in touch with family and friends. Charlotte Wiseman Wise recalled the “fun-filled years at UVM.” Her granddaughter attends the University of Indiana, and she has a high school-age grandson. Betty Taylor Smith and her husband of 57 years take pride in their two grandsons, one at Tufts Medical and the other working at Morgan Stanley. Their parents both attended UVM. Betty has happy memories of travels, and she enjoys volunteer activities and working in their large flower garden. They escape northern winters for one month in St. Simons Island, Ga. An email from Jim Roberts reported a family of many UVM graduates. With the arrival of a second great-grandchild, they have prospects for more. Jim and Dorothy ‘42 live in Naples, Fla., and spend the summer in North Carolina. Jim recently enjoyed a telephone conversation with Louis Zambon, who has retired to Ohio. Many thanks for sending news.

Class of '41
Since our 60th reunion little news has come from our classmates, but Angeline Ducas wrote that she keeps very busy in garden activities and projects. This summer, she joined a garden tour in a visit to the fabulous gardens of the Pfister Estate in Waterbury. Shirley Gray Stevenson reported that she and her husband, Nick, enjoyed a Black Sea cruise. Their son, Matthew, who makes his home in Geneva, Switzerland, is the author of a book published last September, entitled Letters of Travel: Essays on Travel, History, Politics and Family Life Abroad. A highpoint of your secretary’s life happened recently when I was joined in Andover for a brief reunion with three UVM friends: Mary Arms (‘40) Williamson, Catherine “Kitty” Clark (‘40) Madden, and Ferne Bristol (‘39) Williams. We all agreed that the essential key in our lives is keeping active. Francis Nye wrote, “What a great 60th reunion.” He introduced himself to a stranger at the Alumni Association meeting, and it turned out to be Ray Collins ‘35, MD ‘38, whom he’d never met. To make our class news column interesting, send news of what you have been doing so we can report what is happening in the lives of the Class of ‘41.

Class of '42
We received a few updates this quarter. Robert Carlson let us know that Bernice’s health is improving, and they plan to be on campus for our 60th. Harvey Hubbard wrote that his entire family gathered in Newport News, Va., to celebrate his 80th birthday. Ed Keenan added that he volunteers for several organizations besides walking for health. Your class secretary also celebrated her 80th birthday with an open house for family and friends, including six classmates from UVM. Alice Reichman Chapman wrote, “The brain seems to be working fairly well, but a hefty case of osteo-arthritis limits much physical activity.” Merton Pike retired from all voluntary responsibilities he has been involved in over the years. Dorothy McCormick Roberts wrote happily that she and her husband, Jim, are awaiting the birth of their second great-grandchild. Again this year, some of our classmates were fortunate to be able to get together for a lunch in Burlington, including Barbara Brewster Howard, Bill Bister, Ruth Orr Burgess, Larry Burgess, Joyce Kenyon Livak, Barbara Gallagher Kennedy, Hilda Paquette Thayer, Hester Rice Rice, Janet Rust Wood, Avis Kenyon (‘45) Smith, and your class secretary.

Class of '43
Margaret Charles Lang wrote from Port Charles, Fla. She reported that, although retired from her career as coordinator of pre-K school psychology since 1994, she has been doing private practice and some volunteer work in her field. She has also been on the board of directors of the Charlotte Community Mental Health Services. After the death of her husband, the board decided to name a foundation after him. Margaret has just returned from three weeks in France, and this fall, she has planned a trip to Russia with her daughter. Harry Twitchell stopped by once again on his annual trek through Vermont. He is looking hale and hearty. He had visited Frank Swift and Chris Estey on route to Fair Haven. Harry told us about an unusual trip he had taken recently with his family. He chartered a sailboat and toured the Greek Islands.

Class of '44
“Dateline UVM” is a news summary for UVM alumni, parents, volunteers, and friends. We can read this update by going to this Web site: http://alumni.uvm.edu/signup. Get it. It will make you proud. Monroe and Lee Allen left for points south on October 1. They are in Burlington during the summer to be with their two sons and their families and their daughter, who lives in the Boston area. Monroe still plays golf and tennis; the only thing he’s terminated is boating, except for a recent cruise to historic points in Mexico. We send our sympathy to the family of Jane McAuliffe, who passed away in June at the home of her daughter, who accompanied Jane to a ‘44 reunion a few years ago. Nancy Fawcett Pearl and her husband, Houghton, entertained their children from the far west last summer. Nancy and Houghton, who live in Burlington, Vt., enjoyed the visit. Julia Fletcher Averett Peet of New Jersey traveled in Europe last summer with ten members of her family, retracing the World War II Army route of her husband, Capt. Elliott Averett. The group traveled with a guide, who was with them from London to Munich. Julia said, “It was a pilgrimage.” Please write or call with news of you and yours.

Class of '46
Hilary Shelvin Caplan wrote about her son Richard’s marriage in Rome last June. He recently received his PhD from the University of London, and he has been an Oxford fellow for the past three years. Hilary continues to teach dance, and she recently performed several tap numbers in a dance recital. Husband Leonard is a substitute math teacher, and daughter Wendy, a social worker and flamenco dancer, is in the process of adopting a Russian child. A recent Burlington High School reunion brought several members of our class together: Betsy and Herb Durfee, Betty Johnson Bahrenburg, Peggy Miller Logan, Edith Colegrove Noyes, Virginia Benedict Pelltier, Betty Clark Vialle, Larry Zaetz, and your class secretary. We received news from Wilson Daily. He has not been back since 1946. Come back, Wilson. Hope to hear from more classmates soon.

Class of '47
Plans for our 55th Reunion next spring have already begun under the leadership of our class president Dorothy Fraser Carpenter. It’s time for all of us to start making plans to come back to UVM for our reunion. Clare Bundy Abbott wrote that she is enjoying retirement with her husband of 53 years. They live in Bethel, Vt. and have two daughters and four grandchildren. From Richmond, Va., Gertrude Cheney Fisher wrote to tell us that she does creative writing and she also plays chimes and sings in the choir for chapel services. Cecile Fraser let us know that her husband, Paul, had a stroke. We all send Paul our best wishes for steady improvement. Neil Isbrandtsen Rising wrote that she has four children, three of whom are UVM grads, and eight grandchildren, two of whom are married. One is a UVM grad, and two entered UVM this fall. Can anyone beat that record? Harold Zauder, M.D., is now a degree candidate in the American Indian studies program at Arizona State University. It is great to have so much news. Keep it coming.

Class of '48
My husband, Norm, gave me a specialty car license plate, UVM 1948, six years ago. In that length of time, only one person has asked for an explanation of the license plate. You now know just how far New Mexico is from civilization. Classmates, please write. Jane Robins King spends summers in her log cabin in northern New York and winters in Boca Raton, Fla. Her life work was teaching in elementary schools in New York, New Jersey, and Florida. Volunteering in church, reading, quilting, and traveling fill her retirement days. David Harlow worked for the State of Vermont Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. Retired now, he hunts, fishes, and makes maple syrup for his five children and 15 grandchildren. His travels have encompassed Europe and, more sensationally, all 50 states. Audrey Jo Farnsworth Horsefield works in the real estate appraisal field in Lake Park, Fla. She visits her daughter and three granddaughters in Alabama frequently. After her retirement from teaching English and the death of her husband, Julia Hurley Goelz moved to Portland, Oreg., to live near one of her four sons and a few of her nine grandchildren. Her retirement years gave her time to travel to China, England, Europe, and Russia as well as time to play bridge, sing, and volunteer in the library. Albert Lowenfels works in cancer research and epidemiology at New York Medical College, after completing 30 years as a surgeon. In moments of free time, he enjoys gardening, walking, and swimming. Fred Webster, since retiring from UVM’s department of agriculture and economics, has belonged to AARP, been a Williston town officer, been active in church acivities, and has managed a 200-acre forest. Married 58 years, he has six children and 18 grandchildren. Hurrah to you, Fred! John Reagan spends his retirement woodworking, doing genealogical research, and golfing. He has traveled throughout Canada and the United States. John has three children and 13 grandchildren.

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