Brother to Brother

(Top Cats rehearsing the song "Brother to Brother")

In the words of one of their trademark songs, the UVM Top Cats are talking about soul to soul, brother to brother, and they've been at it for three decades. On Saturday, Feb. 26, the male a cappella group will celebrate their 30th anniversary with a special concert at Ira Allen Chapel. As alumni make plans to dust off their own harmonies for the show, we checked in with today's Top Cats for a look -- and a listen.

Leo Evancie, junior: It doesn't really feel like a club I'm going to a meeting of. These guys quickly become your best friends; I consider them these guys the closest friends I've had since coming to college.

Colby Morgan, sophomore: It's nice having such a cohesive sound. That's what everyone says in the group. We love not having instruments because all of us individually are making the sounds ourselves, and it's like a band.

(Top Cats begin rehearsing the song "Dynamite")

Phil Stetson, senior: With the different vowels that you use in the different songs, it changes the whole quality of the song, which I think is kind of cool. Instead of saying, "zoh," or something, you can say, "zah," and it totally changes how the song sounds.

Devon Barley, sophomore: I'm a pre-med major, so I have a lot of other work. But it's nice to take my mind off of all the science part of my life, which is a very large part -- and just do something that I love.

(Barley rehearses "I'm in Love with a Girl")

Luke Neil, junior: And there's actually going to be some competitiveness, I'm sure, at the concert, because there's going to be a lot of people who want to say, "Our group from this 10-year span when we were at school is the best."

Guy Page, an original Top Cat: I don't think there was the sense back then of, "We're going to start a long tradition." It may be that some of the guys thought of that, but mostly it was, "We did this where we came from. We'd like to keep doing it. We'd like to keep singing, and this is a vehicle for us to sing."

(Top Cats rehearse "Sister Golden Hair")