Transcript: Catamount Pride: Frozen Four 2009

Hockey player Peter Lenes: You know you're a good team when you're playing when there are flip-flops and sandals around campus. So, you know, we're just happy right now. It's not that we're content with just being in the Frozen Four, but we're happy to be playing hockey right now.

Hockey player Dean Strong: Today is the last practice. It's not something you really think about. We're joking around with each other now, you know: "Do this practice for me." (laughs)

Dean Strong continues: I love "The Gut" and I'm going to miss "The Gut" in the future for sure, but now's not the time to be thinking about that.

Pep band chant: Go, Cats, Go!

UVM fan: No matter where you are, UVM fans are great fans, and we all support the whole thing.

Pep band chant: Go, Cats, Go!

Reporter: You're having a ball?

Joan Lenes, UVM fan: I'm having the time of my life. Go, Cats, Go!

Reporter: What is it you really love about UVM hockey?

Fan: You know, the program, the people involved. For instance, the captain of the team came out and skated with my son and his youth hockey association this past season. The way the coach just approaches the whole idea of what's behind Division I college sports. He understands how important they are to the community. The players understand what it means to give back to the community.

Reporter: Where did you come from for the game today?

Young fan: I came from...I don't really know.

Alumna Krissy Pisanelli: I came from my office on the other side of town. I've been in D.C. now for ten years this month. I grew up in Vermont, went to UVM, and moved to D.C. a few years after I graduated. So, it's been really fun to have so many Vermonters down here for the Frozen Four game, but also we have about 3,000 alums in the D.C. area.

UVM parent/fan: I'm really psyched that Vermont is here because both of my kids went to UVM and I've been up to Burlington more than a dozen times. I love the city. It's just great that Vermont's here.

Reporter: So, tell me, where did you come from for the game?

Fan: I came from Atlanta, Georgia.

Reporter: Was it ever in doubt or did you know you had to be here?

Fan: I knew all along I had to be here. I grew up playing against Pete Lenes. He played for CVU. I played for Essex. So, a little bit of a rivalry there, but good old Vermont boys.

Reporter: What do you like about UVM hockey?

Young fan: Um, I don't know...

Ian Boyce, hockey alumnus, UVM Board of Trustees chair: What I love about it is, you know, as Kevin says, it's all about the name on the front of the jersey. We may not have all the superstars in the world, although we have some very talented players. But more than anything we try to get them to play as a team and to do the best they can, and that's what has got them to this point and that epitomizes what we see a lot in Vermont. And that's what I think the Vermonters love about them.

Trio of fans: This is history. UVM. It's going to be great for our state. We've got a great state-

Do you mind if I eat?


Reporter: What's it like watching the game as a former player yourself? Is there a little extra tension there?

Chuck Ross, UVM hockey alumnus: Oh, yeah, there's extra juice. And not only did I play, I coached for a couple of years afterward. So, I look at the game from a coaching standpoint and try to figure out what they're doing, and I also look at it from being a player and remembering the kind of energy you have when you're out on the ice with a big crowd, and a big game.

Fans chant: UVM! UVM! UVM!

Post-game press conference, UVM Coach Kevin Sneddon: I couldn't be any more proud of our student-athletes and what they've accomplished this season. This certainly stings a little bit. But as I told them in the locker room, I think they'll be able to look back on this moment in time for the rest of their lives as a very positive experience and one that they know full well they left it all out there on the ice. As a coach, you know, good seasons don't always end in championships, but I've got a lot of champions in that locker room.

Series of fans cheer: Go, Cats, Go!

Reporter: You know how they say "Go, Cats, Go!" at UVM games?

Young fan: Yeah.

Reporter: Could you do a really loud "Go, Cats, Go!" yell.

Young fan: What do you mean?

Reporter: Like you're at the game, just say "Go, Cats, Go!" really loud—

More fans: Go, Cats, Go!

Two fans sing:
Let's fight for Vermont, let's fight for Vermont
for our alma mater dear
Let's fight for Vermont, let's fight for Vermont
Whose sons have ne'er no fear
We will tear up our mighty rivals
as we pile up score on score
We're gonna fight, fight, fight
For old Vermont,
Vermont forever more. Fight!
(cheers and applause)

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