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September 02, 2014



A Vaccine for Ebola?

In the past year, the largest and deadliest outbreak of the Ebola virus has spread through West Africa -- now with confirmed cases in five countries -- and more than half of those who have contracted the virus have perished from it. These frightening statistics have put the development of a vaccine on a fast track, and the ...

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Ceara Ledwith


Midsummer, Theatre Students Join Shakespeare Company

Mercurial skies teased picnicking theater fans, sitting in an arc around the edge of Shelburne Museum’s circus lawn, an intimate, enchanting setting for the fairy-filled forest of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. But not until the moment UVM junior Ceara Ledwith, in a lead role as Hermia, uttered the line “Belike ...

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Rashad Shabazz


Race Geographies Expert on Ferguson

As the hashtag #Ferguson trends on Twitter more than a week following Michael Brown’s deadly shooting by a police officer in this suburb of St. Louis, Mo., UVM Today noted @RashadShabazz deeply engaged in the conversation. It’s a topic that Shabazz, UVM assistant professor of geography and protégé of renowned activist Angela ...

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