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September 25, 2017

Sacred objects from Spirited Things exhibition


'Spirited' Opening at Fleming

With an array of objects that are provocative, eclectic, beautiful, and, at their essence, sacred, the “Spirited Things” exhibition opening at the Fleming Museum this week is the product of years of work and collaborative vision among Marsh-Professor-at-Large J. Lorand Matory, Fleming staff, and students in religion professor ...

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A Piece of My Heart cast


A Bond Built on Stage

For the past 23 years, Jeff Modereger has told first-year students a poignant story about one of his first plays at UVM as a new theater professor. Illustrative of the healing power of good theater, the story has stayed with many students long after graduation.

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Sam Donnelly


Building Inclusion

From the moment he entered the gym for a Special Olympics unified basketball team practice as a Burlington High School junior, Sam Donnelly ’20 felt it. “It was like a switch flipped,” he says, immediately drawn in by a warm welcome and seamless spirit of equality and inclusion. So began a lasting relationship.

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