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September 18, 2014


UVM Nurse Practitioner Clinic Represents New Model of Care

Carol Warren, of Winooski, had been going to Appletree Bay Medical Center for almost a decade when she heard it was changing from a traditional doctor-run facility to one fully staffed by nurse practitioners. It’s a significant change for the Burlington practice’s 3,000 patients -- and, as the only nurse practitioner-run ...

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Catamount farm workers


New Farmers, New Futures

Rachel Hong, 43, was a lawyer in a “small litigation boutique,” she says, in Seattle. In November of 2013, she quit her well-paying job, sold her house, bought an Airstream camper, packed up her two dogs — and drove to Vermont. Now, on a hot July afternoon, she wipes a piece of duct tape over the leaves of a squash plant in ...

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Justin Guilbert and Brian Beckage


Mind the Climate Gap

Here’s your northern Vermont forecast for the rest of this century: annual precipitation will increase by between a third and half an inch per decade, while average temperatures will rise some five degrees Fahrenheit by midcentury. By late in the century, average temperatures will have spiked more than eight degrees. In July, by ...

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