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October 10, 2015

Al Gore at UVM


Al Gore to UVM: I’m Optimistic About Stopping Climate Change

Usually, climate change activists use melting ice as a sign of approaching trouble. Not Al Gore.

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Steve Jobs movie poster image


What's Our Obsession with Steve Jobs All About?

The new movie about Steve Jobs is expected to draw huge crowds eager to see yet another romanticized story about a well known business celebrity. Thomas Streeter, professor of sociology at the University of Vermont, explores why in his new paper, “Steve Jobs, Romantic Individualism, and the Desire for Good Capitalism” in the ...

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Beating the Research Funding Odds: New Grant Manager Can Help

It’s no secret, least of all to faculty at a research-intensive institution like UVM, that federal funding of university-sponsored research is down. Since the stimulus-fueled high of 2009, federal research dollars have eroded steadily while grant applications have increased, leading to an environment unprecedented in its ...

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