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January 20, 2018

Aaron Rice


Going Big in the Backcountry

Over the past several years, young alumni Aaron Rice ’12 and Tyler Wilkinson-Ray ’12 have taken to the mountains out west on audacious quests. For Rice, that meant attempting to ski 2.5 million vertical feet under his own power in one year, largely in Utah’s Wasatch Range. For Wilkinson-Ray, it meant a move from Vermont to ...

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Gund Catalyst Award Winners

The Gund Institute announced nearly $250,000 in Catalyst Award seed grants and event support today.

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Casey Brinkman


Searching the Stars for Extraterrestrial Life

It’s been a tough winter for aliens. Earlier this month, astronomers showed that the flickering of the so-called Tabby’s Star—some 1280 light-years away in the constellation Cygnus—was not, in fact, caused by a huge sphere built around it by extraterrestrial beings. The more-likely culprit: dust.

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