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October 30, 2014

harvester ants mating


A Battle for Ant Sperm

And you thought the sexual battles between people could get weird and fierce? Try ants. In a new study, biologists at the University of Vermont have discovered some queen ants that make sexual bondage into a life and death fight.

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health care in Uganda


Microphilanthropy Initiative Changes Perspectives, Lives of Students

Not a day goes by that Lauren Dobay ’13 doesn’t think about the people she provided care for in Uganda as a senior nursing student in the rural town of Kamuli. Forever etched in her mind are images of hallways lined with critically ill patients at the acute inpatient hospital unit where she worked -- a facility that had almost ...

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commemorative chair


UVM's First African American Graduate Receives Long Overdue Recognition

Andrew Harris’ life may have lasted only three years after becoming the first African American to graduate from the University of Vermont, but what it lacked in longevity was exceeded by Harris’ impact on the African American community and its struggle for freedom.

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