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September 01, 2015

UVM campus looking west over Lake Champlain at sunset


Class of 2019 Most Academically Talented in UVM History

A record number of students applied to the University of Vermont this year, and this week, UVM welcomes its new class — the most academically talented in school history.

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kids consuming fewer fruits and vegetables despite USDA mandate


New Study: School Children Consuming Fewer Fruits and Vegetables Despite USDA Mandate

One of the first studies to measure food consumption in schools before and after the implementation of a controversial mandate by the U.S. Department of Agriculture confirms what school lunch officials initially feared and subsequently witnessed: students putting fruits and vegetables into the trash instead of their mouths.

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Alice Fothergill, Lori Peek


Sociology Professor's New Katrina Book Details Long-Term Impact on Children

The vulnerability of children was starkly apparent in Hurricane Katrina, the most disruptive and destructive disaster in modern U.S. history.

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