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August 23, 2016


New Faculty Get to Know Vermont

Fourteen new UVM faculty members bumped along northwestern Vermont’s back roads in a CATS shuttle bus on Tuesday, getting to know their new home state, various ways it connects with their new university, and finding common scholarly ground and sparking friendships with fellow faculty across disciplines.

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Class of 2020 Brings Record SAT Scores, Top Vermont Students to UVM

For the second year in a row, the University of Vermont welcomes an incoming class with record-breaking academic credentials. Topping the Class of 2019's high scores, the incoming Class of 2020 earned an average 3.64 GPA and SAT scores in critical reading and mathematics of 1206. Additionally, a record 39 Vermont students who ...

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volunteers with kids in a lab.


How Corporate Volunteering Programs Produce Work-Related Skills

Corporate volunteering programs are widely credited by business leaders and volunteers for giving participants valuable work-related skills that improve their job performance. A new study suggests there is truth to these claims, but that the extent to which each skill is developed is linked to the personal characteristics of the ...

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