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September 30, 2014

Cooke and Crockenberg at Moran


Student Project to City Plan

Six months after they graduated from the University of Vermont, Tad Cooke and Erick Crockenberg are still working on a senior project. Think of it as an epic “incomplete,” an extracurricular undertaking that has segued directly into millions of dollars of advanced graduate studies.

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Grossman endowed chairs


Business School Hires Experts in Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Finance

With a generous donor gift in hand, Sanjay Sharma, dean of the School of Business Administration, assembled search committees to find candidates to fill three new endowed faculty positions. Once identified, it didn't take long for him and other members of the faculty to land a troika of experts in the areas considered most ...

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Return of the Town Forest

About four miles southeast from the city of Barre, Vt., on Millstone Hill, near the unincorporated settlement of Graniteville, 14 UVM students are studying a photograph taken in 1905. The grainy black-and-white image shows perhaps 200 stonecutters, posed in a quarry, some on ladders, some holding steel cables, dwarfed by sheer ...

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