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August 02, 2015



Buzz the Alarm: Climate Change Puts Squeeze on Bumblebees

Global warming is putting the squeeze on bumblebees. In the most comprehensive study ever conducted of the impacts of climate change on critical pollinators, scientists have discovered that global warming is rapidly shrinking the area where these bees are found in both North America and Europe.

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Bias awareness is an important indicator for people's willingness to change their subtly prejudiced behaviors


Color Blind? Bias-Aware Whites Better for Modern Race Challenges, Says New Study

Some white Americans like to pat themselves on the back for being racially color blind. But a new study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology finds that whites aware of their biases are better equipped to address contemporary racial challenges, where prejudice is often expressed in subtle, unintentional and ...

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Peyton Leveillee


Summer Internships: The New Bottom Line

One of Sanjay Sharma’s primary goals when he was hired as dean of the School of Business Administration in 2011 was to increase the number of students completing summer internships. With only 30 percent doing so at the time, he set an ambitious goal of more than doubling that number. 

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