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December 21, 2014

Fleming class


Art, Anthro Team Up to Teach Students Museum Work Skills

On a Sunday in November, half a dozen students, guided by an expert in the field of costume installation, are at work in the basement of the Fleming Museum. Their task sounds simple: put clothes on a dress form, make a hat look as it would if someone were wearing it. But how do you accomplish this when the clothing size doesn’t ...

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Congressional Quagmire?

When the 114th United States Congress starts on Jan. 3 it will mark the first time since the Republican Revolution of 1994 that the Grand Old Party held majorities in both the House and Senate under a Democratic president. The recent takeover of the Senate by Republicans, who now hold a 54-46 advantage, made that possible, and ...

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Youth Climate Summit


Sen. Sanders, UVM Host First Youth Climate Summit

Sen. Bernie Sanders and the University of Vermont joined forces last week to host the first Vermont Youth Climate Summit. The summit, which sprawled over most of the fourth floor of the Davis Center, provided an opportunity for more than 150 Vermont high school students and dozens of teachers from 26 high schools around the state ...

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