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February 21, 2017

Akol Aguek


The Newest Americans: Akol Aguek

Akol Aguek ’05 G’11 was one of Sudan’s “Lost Boys,” a generation of young men displaced by brutality and civil war in their homeland. Profiled as a student in Vermont Quarterly in 2004, Aguek described the experience of being one of thousands fleeing across forest, desert, and river. Raising his voice and enunciating each syllable with care, he said: “You are running for your life!”

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Bee Decline Threatens U.S. Crop Production

The first study to map U.S. wild bees suggests they are disappearing in the country’s most important farmlands.

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Save the Bees? There’s an App for That

UVM mobile app will help farmers calculate the crop productivity and pollination benefits of supporting endangered bees.

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