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October 21, 2014

Stephen Cramer


Beastie Boys Meet W.B. Yeats

It’s all about sound, says Stephen Cramer, discussing what drives his own poetry and initially drew him to the art form. Age 12, home watching television in Westtown, N.Y., Cramer saw a show about the poet Stanley Kunitz which included a reading of his poem “The Round.” Decades later, the lecturer in UVM’s English ...

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Sanjay Sharma


New Book Provides Template for Building a Sustainable Business, World

As more and more Americans choose to buy products from socially responsible companies, not practicing corporate social responsibility has proven damaging to the bottom line. Some companies have made social responsibility part of their organizational DNA, others use it merely as a public relations strategy, while an increasing ...

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David Zweig


The Invisible Man

There’s a decent chance you’ve heard David Zweig on National Public Radio or read about his work in a newspaper across the past several months. His book exploring the mindset of professionals who find both personal fulfillment and great success through old-fashioned, humble, quiet dedication to their work has drawn wide ...

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