Cultures of the World: 
Title Author Date Description  
A Russian Song Book R. Rubin and M. Stillman, ed. 1962 A collection of 44 popular/folk songs. Bilingual lyrics and sheet music.  
Ilustrated History of the USSR Konstantin Tarnovksy 1982 A good history, though it stops at 1981. Subtle Soviet biases pervade the text.  
Inside the USSR TIME Magazine Special Issue June 23, 1980 An insightful cross-section of Soviet culture, lifestyles, etc.  
Plunging Life Expectancy Puzzles Russia Michael Specter Aug. 1, 1994/5 An article examining the effects of a declining birth rate in Russia  
Russia to the Revolution Susan Finney and Patricia Kindle 1987 Russian history up to the Revolution for grades 4-8  
The Danger of Nuclear War: Soviet Physicians' Viewpoint Chasov, Yevgeni, Leonid Ilyin, and Angelina Guskova 1982 An examination of the catastrophic medical problems, both for victims and those attempting to treat them, of a nuclear war.  
The End of the Soviet Union Glen Blankenship et. al. 1992 A detailed look at the causes of and events leading to the breakup of the USSR. Handouts included.  
The Fate of Nuclear Weapons in the Former Soviet Union Carnegie Quarterly Winter/Spring 1992 This quarterly discusses the dangers of and possible solutions of nuclear proliferation in the former Soviet Republics  
US/USSR Relations     This folder contains many articles and Soviet primary sources about disarmament and US stereotypes.  
US/USSR Youth Exchanges     A folder with news articles on various exchange programs with the USSR  
US/USSR: Disarmament and Peace     A folder of articles, pamphlets, and other assorted materials arguing in favor of disarmament and describing the available options in post-Soviet Russia