Cultures of the United States: 
Native Americans
Title Author Date Description
Amazing Native American History Liz Sonneborn 1999 A basic guide to the cultures and histories of Native Americans in the US and Canada; answers to some introductory questions about them.
American Indian Habitats Nancy Simon 1978 Describes natural materials and construction methods used for the dwellings of eight Native American cultures and provides instructions for making replicas of them.
American Indians: Independent Learning Units Susan Finney and Patricia Kindle 1985 Food finding and geography used as a basis for classification of five major cultures. Can be used idependently or as small group activities.
Black Indians : A Hidden Heritage William Katz 1986 A history of the interaction between Native Americans and the African-Americans brought to this country as slaves. Focus is on Florida and Oklahoma.
Central Cree and Ojibway Crafts. Indian and Northern Affairs 1974 Nine book unit that includes ceremonial objects, ceremonial accessories, clothing, household accessories:food handling:tools and weapons, transportaiton, andrecreation.
Collision:A Simulation of the Conflicts Between Native Americans and the U.S. Government. Rick Reid 1977 A three-phase simulation dealing with American Indians and their relationship to the U.S. Government.
Dangerous Memories: Invasion and Resistance Since 1492 RennyGolden et al. 1991 A comprehensive resource documenting the often untold stories of African American and indigenous resistance of the last 500 years.Includes primary sources. Secondary. 272 pp.
Daybreak Star Preschool Activities Book Sharon Patacsil and Colleen Neal 1979 A set of games and cut-out puzzles for preschoolers to help teach a variety of Native American cultures.
Dinetah Robert Roessel, jr. 1983 The second volume in a history of the Navajo people. The name refers to a region in New Mexico and Colorado that is claimed by the Navajo.
Finding One's Way: A Teacher's Manual Franklin Northwest Supervisory Union 1993 This is a teacher's guide to teaching "Finding One's Way", a story of an Abenaki child which explores the language and culture of the Abenaki of VT.
Games of the North American Indians Stewart Culin 1975 A collection of games practiced by Native American tribes across the United States.
History of the Abenaki People Ken Pierce 1977 A chronological history of Vermont Indians.
Indian Chiefs Russell Freedman 1987 Biographies of six major Indian chiefs and including a chapter on the role and functions of a chief.
Indian Givers:How the Indians of the Americas Transformed the World Jack Weatherford 1988 Story of how the cultural, social, and political practices of the Indians have transformed the way life is lived throughout the world.
Indigenous Peoples' Rights Mary Schell-Whalen, coord. 1995 A binder which explores the culture of Native Americans and defines the rights that they are entitled to.
Inuit in the Contemporary World Unknown Unknown. Kit presents theramifications of Native/White interaction and the process of acculturation that the traditionalculture is experiencing today throughout the Arctic region.Includes color slides of the traditional Inuit culture
Keepers of the Animals:Native American Stories and Wildlife Activities for Children Micahel Caduto and Joseph Bruchac   Interweaves environmental lessons with the cultural heritage of American Indians.Promotes responsible stewardship toward all animals with activities centered around the stories. Emphasizes creative thinking and the synthesis of knowledge and experience. Beautiful illustrations.Hands-on activities involve students in creative arts, reading, writing, science, social studies, and mathematics.Grades K-8, 234 pp. book and 52 pp. teacher's guide.
Legal and Illegal:The Disposition [sic] of the Indians. Multimedia Productions 1980 Two filmstrips and cassettes examine the various justifications developed by settlers to remove the Indians from their lands.Includes teacher's manual with background information and discussion topics.High School.Adult.
Light of Dawn from the Land of Dawn Tsonakwa and Yolaikia 1994 Stories and pictures and descriptions of various artifacts of Wabanaki and Abenaki culture.
Maine Indians Alberta Francis Unknown. A history of Maine's various Indian cultures from 1785 to the 1970s, including the Penobscot and the Passamaquoddy.
Maine Indians:Brief Summary J. Nicholas and D. Francis Unknown. This book tells us some tales of Maine in the late 18th Century and the times of stuggle and growth in the lives of Penobscot and Passamaquoddy Indians.
Mamook Book Sharon Mathers, Linda Skinner, and Terry Tafoya 1979 A children's book with stories and activities to help children understand the heritage and culture of the Northwest American Indian tribes.
More than Moccasins Laurie Carlson 1994 This book contains many hands-on activities for children covering a wide variety of Indian cultures.
NA3: Alnobaodwa Jeanne Brink & Gordon Day 1990 An introductory teaching guide to the language of the Western Abenaki. Twenty lessons and cassette included. 2 copies.
NA3: American Indian Civil Rights Handbook Arthur Flemming et. al. 1980 This practical guide explains in clear and simple language what rights Native Americans are guaranteed under United States law. 2 copies.
NA3: Dreams of Looking Up Cindy Goff 1999 A comic book about one family struggling to defend their culture from the encroachments of time and the modern world.
NA3: Indian and the Fur Trade NNASI / DIA Unknown. An examination of the effects of the fur trade on the disintegration of various Native American cultures.
NA3: Inuit Legends Lizzie Airo et. al. Unknown. A collection of stories and legends of the Inuit people with accompanying workbook.
NA3: Micmac Flashcards Unknown Unknown. Flashcards for teaching basic Micmac vocabulary.
NA3: Native Ways Unknown 1979 A children's guide to and synopsis of various Native American cultures in Canada.
NA3: Songs and Stories of the Netsilik Eskimos Edward Field 1968 A collection of songs and anecdotal stories explaining various mysteries of the universe.
NA3: Treaty with the Chippewa - 1854 Unknown Unknown. A curriculum guide to teaching about Ojibwe / Chippewa culture.
NA3: Unlearning Indian Stereotypes Assorted 1977 Articles by various authors on how to correct the stereotypes and preconceptions that children learn about Native Americans.
Native American Arts and Cultures Ellen Kronowitz and Barbara Wally 2002 Information about 7 major North American Indian cultures - the Iroquois, Cheyenne, Hopi, Zuni, Navajo, Chumash, and Maya.
Native American Crafts Workshop Bonnie Berstein and Leigh Blair 1982 This was designed for elementary through middle school levels and contains 35 projects which include functional, decorative, and festive crafts that adhere as closely as possible to the spirit of the native American hand crafting. Resource information included.
Native American Cultures Rebecca Stark 1992 This information based, independent learning unit is designed for group or individual study.It is a comprehensive study unit on Native Americans.The focus of this study unit is on the cultural aspects of Native Peoples before the invasions of the Europeans.The principal objective of the unit is to install in youngsters an appreciation for the richness and diversity of the Native American heritage.Another important objective of this study unit is the development of crucial and creative thinking skills.Recommended for grades 4-6.
Native American Cultures Unknown 1992 Traces traditions, legends, and histories of some Native North American tribes before the arrival of the Europeans. Activities designed to develop critical/creative thinking and research skills.Activities include completing a story entitled "Not Theirs to Sell," designing a personal totem pole, inventing a mythic explanation of the origin of the string game, and creating a syllogism about Native Americans.Full-color 20" x 24" poster also included. Grades 4 - 9. Illustrated 81/2" x 11".88 pp.
Native American Games and Stories James and Joseph Bruchac 2000 A collection of Native American games, divided into four categories : ball games and team sports, games of skill, awareness games, and games of chance.
Native American Testimony:A Chronicle of Indian-White Relations from Prophecy to the Present, 1492-1992 Peter Nabokov, ed. 1992 A history of Native American and White relations as seen through Indian eyes and told through Indian voices:five hundred years of interchange between the two peoples.
Native Americans Jan Maher and Doug Selwyn 1991 A 16-lesson unit for teachers which covers the history and culture of Native Americans. It also covers the interactions between Native Americans and the United States.
Native Americans: Projects, Games, and Activities Barbara Adams 1994 A handbook for teachers of grades 4-6, this book uses stories and activities to teach the culture of Native Americans, divided into sections according to regions.
Native Americans: The People and the Land Dana Walker 1993 This book takes a critical historical look at indigenous North American world views and customs, focusing on three Native American groups which have demonstrated successful natural resource management in the present day.Materials explore the relationship between Native Americans and the environment through cultural geography, ecology, literature, art, music, and the history of struggles to preserve the land.Reproducible student handouts.Grades 6-12.
Native Education Directory NEI 1993 A guide to various programs and government services which serve to assist in the education of Native Americans.
Navajo Arts and Crafts Robert Roessel, jr. 1983 This book describes various Navajo arts and crafts and includes brief bibliographical sketches of other books dealing with this subject.
Navajo History Ethelou Yazzie, ed. 1971 The history of the Navajo Indians, from their point of view and including their creation mythology.
New Dawn: The Western Abenaki Linda Pearo et. al. 1996 + A comprehensive resource for teachers seeking to educate middle-school age children about the Western Abenaki.
New Look at the American West Gloria Eastman & Barbara Miller, ed. 1996 A lesson plan divided into five parts that challenges dominantly held stereotypes about the development of the West and its impact on history.
Nitawi Skicinuwatu: I Know how to Speak Indian J. Nicholas and D. Francis Unknown. This book one Passamaquoddy/Maliseet language book is a perfect resource for teachers whowould like to integrate some Indian culture into their lessons.This lesson book will teach students and teachers some of the language of the Passamaquoddy/Maliseet Indians.
O Wakaga Linda Brewer 1981 A children's book about the Lakota Sioux with examples of language, interactive activities, and a few recipes.
Of Mother Earth and Father Sky Fred Bia &T.L. McCarty 1983 A photographic essay of modern Navajo accompanied by an essay on their history.
Passamaquoddy Tribe 1999 Calendar Unknown 1999 A 1999 calendar valuable primarily for the cross-section of Passamaquoddy society that the pictures accompanying each month provide.
Passamaquoddy/Maliseet: Reference Book J. Nicholas, D. Francis, and A. Nicholas 1988 This book is an excellent resource for anyone who is interested in learning some of the Passamaquoddy language.Great resource for teachers.
Portfolio of Outstanding Contemporary American Indians Unknown 1974 Full-sheet pictures and short accompanying biographies of important Native Americans in 1974.
Portraits of Native American Indians Mary Ann Mateo 1992 An inviting introduction to Native American artists, authors, and leaders of the 19th and 20th centuries. Students meet Red Cloud and others in a format that combines brief biographies of notable personalities with correlatedreproducible activities to reinforce reading, writing, and problem-solving skills.Grades 4 - 7.8 1/2" x 11".92 pp.
Rebuilding the Lakota Nation Through Education   1996? This small booklet describes the activities of the Oglala Lakota College and its mission to reverse the staggering poverty on the Pine Ridge reservation.
Rethinking Columbus Bill Bigelow, ed. 1991 This magazine tells the other side of Columbus' discovery of America and the brutal treatment of Native Americans which followed. 6 copies.
Return of the Sun: Native American Tales from the Northeast Woodlands Joseph Bruchac Unknown  
Rough Rock Demonstration School Robert Roessel, jr. 1977 A book describing various facets of the "Rough Rock Education School" and its ongoing efforts to bring higher education to the Navajo.
Scholastic Encyclopedia of the North American Indian James Ciment 1996 An encyclopedia which contains entries on more than 120 tribes from A-Z
Tawow: Cultural Indian Magazine Mary Jamieson, ed. 1974 A literary magazine with poems and stories about various aspects of Native American culture. 2 copies.
Teaching about the Native Americans Karen Harvey, Lisa Harjo, and Jane Jackson 1997 In 15 detailed lesson plans on historical awarness of cultural values.
Thanksgiving: A Native Perspective Oyate Unknown. This compilation dispells the myth of the first Thanksgiving, as well as going into various celebrations of thanksgiving in various Native American cultures.
The Columbus Quincentennial: A Sourcebook Unknown 1992 Information about Columbus and his voyage, impacts on Europe and the world, slavery, and many other areas of American history. A large portion of this book covers Native Americans, particularly Indians in Washington State.
Through Indian Eyes:The Native American Experience in Books for Children. Beverly Slapin and Doris Seale, ed. 1992 Articles, stories, poetry, and in-depth reviews of books about Native Americans.312 pp.
Through Navajo Eyes Sol Worth & John Adair 1972 This book documents the effort on the part of the authors to teach a group of Navajo how to make movies and use cameras in order to determine the anthropological effects.
Trickster Tales From Around the World: An Interdisciplinary Guide for Teachers. Barbara Schutz-Gruber and Barbara Buckley 1991 Teachers and students can join the exploits of tricksters such as Coyote, Maui, Jack, and Tortoise with this new teacher's guide and audio cassette.Explore the trickster in four different cultures--NativeAmericans in the Southwest, Europeans, Zambians in Africa, and Pacific Islanders-- in this multicultural, interdisciplinary storytelling resource.One complete unit is provided for each culture. Grades K-8, 109 pp. teacher's guide, 8-minute audio cassette.
Wabanaki Words and Songs Unknown 1989 A tape and a record of songs and stories from Wabanaki history to accompany "Wabanakis of Maine and the Maritimes".
Wabanakis of Maine and the Maritimes Assorted 1989 A lesson plan for grades 4-8 to teach about various Wabanaki tribes in the Maine area.
Wind Eagle and other Abenaki Stories Joseph Bruchac 1985 A collection of stories about Gluskabi, the first man.
Women in Navajo Society Ruth Roessel 1981 This book discusses the role of women in Navajo cultural life, Navajo marriage customs, and the author's personal experiences on a Navajo reservation.