Cultures of the United States: Latin American
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT LATINO HISTORY. By Himilce Novas.  What are the halls of Montezuma? Why should we remember the Alamo? Are Irish Potatoes a gift from the inca? Using an acessible, lively question-and-answer format, the author describes the contributions of Spaniards, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Cuban, Dominicans, and Central and South Americans.  This revisef edition also covers California Prosposition 187 and the key roles Latina women now play in politics and the arts.
  • FOCUS ON HISPANIC AMERICANS. A reproducible resource with 29 brief biographical sketches, extension activities, and worksheets celebrating the achievements of the Hispanic Americans.  
  • MEXICAN-AMERICAN FOLKLORE: Legends, Songs, Festivals, Proverbs, Crafts, Tales of Saints, of Revolutionaries, and More.  filled with entertaining and illuminating examples, this comprehensive look at Mexican-American folklore covers folk speech and naming, riddles, beliefs and superstitutions, foods, architecture, and customs.  Teacher resouce.
  • SPANISH-AMERICAN FOLKTALES.  By Teresa Pijoan de Van Ellen.  This collection of 28 short tales is a rich and varied sampling of Spanish- American literary culture.  Works such as 'Leaf Monster', which chronicles the antics of a crafty coyote, capture the writ, preservance, cleverness, and humor reflecting the spanish experience on the North American continent.  Grade 4 and up.  
  • AMERICANOS: LATINO LIFE IN THE UNITED STATES/ LA Vida Latina en los Estados Unidos.  Introduction by Carlos Fuentes. "When you see this book, you will see America", writes Edward James Olmos in his stirring preface to this beautifully rendered photo documentary.  Accompanied by poems, essays, and brief commentary in both English and Spanish, the far-ranging photographs depict a wide spectrum of Americans.
  • MEXICO.  An appealing activity book converting the history culture, geograhpy, and people of Mexico.  Each topic features a one-page reading followed by three pages of activities.
  • LATIN AMERICA TODAY.  1997 Revised Edition.  A reproducible atlas.  Includes tables, maps and graphs depicting the regions size, population, commoditiies, cities, energy, demographic statistics ect.
  • HISPANIC AMERICAN HERITAGE.  Teacher Created Materials, 1995.  Reprinted, 1999.  This is a complete resource book that feature the cultural heritage of Hispanics living within the United States.  It includes ideas, materials, and activities that can be used with students in intermediate grades and middle school.  
  • PORTRAITS OF MEXICAN AMERICANS.  By Theresa Perez.  Good Apple, Carthage, IL, 1991.  Explores the lives of over fifteen individuals and groups of Mexican Americans and their contributions to society. Each unit contains biographical/historical information followed by a variety of reproducible activity sheets.  For Grades 4-8.