Children's Books: Non-Fiction
Title Author Date Description
Afro-tots Letters ABC Oswald Gifts 1992 A children's book which teaches the alphabet using cultural images from Africa.
Afro-tots Numbers 123 Oswald Gifts 1992 A children's book which teaches the numbers 1-10 using cultural images from Africa.
All the Colors We Are Katie Kissinger 1994 A bilingual (English/Spanish) book explaining why different people have different skin colors.
Althea Gibson: Tennis Champion Tom Biracree 1989 A biography of the first African-American woman to break the race barrier in tennis.
Ashanti to Zulu: African Traditions Margaret Musgrove 1976 Brief snapshots of African culture, one for each letter. Winner of the Caldecott Medal.
BAA: A. Philip Randolph: Labor Leader Sally Hanley 1989 A biography of the famous African-American labor leader and proponent of nonviolent protest.
BAA: Adam Clayton Powell, Jr: Political Leader Robert Jakoubek 1988 A biography of the African-American preacher and US Representative.
BAA: Bill Russell: Basketball Great Miles Shapiro 1991 A biography of the gifted athlete widely considered to be the greatest defensive player in the history of basketball.
BAA: Frederick Douglass: Abolitionist Editor Sharman Apt Russell 1988 A biography of the famous African-American abolitionist, orator, and author.
BAA: Harriet Tubman: Antislavery activist M.W. Taylor 1991 A biography of the famous African-American conductor on the Underground Railroad.
BAA: James Baldwin: Author Lisa Rosset 1989 A biography of the famous African-American author of Native Son.
BAA: James Farmer: Civil Rights Leader Jeff Sklansky 1992 A biography of the African-American civil rights leader famous as the founder of the Committee on Racial Equality (CORE) and a leading advocate of nonviolence.
BAA: James Weldon Johnson: Author Jane Tolbert-Rouchaleau 1988 A biography of the African-American author of Along This Way and The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man.
BAA: Langston Hughes: Poet Jack Rummel 1988 A biography of the famous African-American poet of the Harlem Renaissance.
BAA: Malcolm X: Militant Black Leader Jack Rummel 1989 A biography of the African-American political leader and preacher. Two copies.
BAA: Marian Anderson: Singer Anne Tedards 1990 A biography of the famous African-American soul and opera singer.
BAA: Martin Luther King, Jr: Civil Rights Leader Robert Jakoubek 1989 A biography of the famous preacher and civil rights leader.
BAA: Muhammad Ali Jack Rummel 1988 A biography of the famous African-American boxer.
BAA: Nat Turner: Slave Revolt Leader Terry Bisson 1988 A biography of the African-American who led a bloody slave revolt in 1831.
BAA: Paul Robeson: Singer and Actor Scott Ehrlich 1988 A biogaphy of the gifted African-American singer, actor, and champion of the poor.
BAA: Prince Hall: Social Reformer Arthur Diamond 1992 A biography of the 18th century social reformer and founder of the first black Masonic Lodge.
BAA: Ralph Ellison: Author Jack Bishop 1988 A biography of the African-American author of Invisible Man.
BAA: Scott Joplin: Composer Katherine Preston 1988 A biography of the composer of "The Entertainer" and "Maple Leaf Rag".
BAA: Sojourner Truth: Antislavery Activist Peter Krass 1988 A biography of the African-American suffragette and antislavry activist.
BAA: Thurgood Marshall: Supreme Court Justice Lisa Aldred 1990 A biography of the first African-American Supreme Court Justice.
BAA: Zora Neale Hurston: Author Paul Witcover 1991 A biography of the female African-American author of Jonah's Gourd Vine, Their Eyes Were Watching God, and Dust Tracks on a Road.
Barefoot Book of Heroic Children Rebecca Hazell 2000 Stories of twelve children who made a difference in the world through their actions, including Anne Frank and Sadako Sasaki.
Baseball Saved Us Ken Mochizuki 1993 The author tells of his experience as a young boy in a Japanese-American internment camp in Idaho.
Black Americans in Science and Engineering Eugene Winslow, ed. 1984 This book details the lives and accomplishments of several prominent African-American scientists and engineers.
Black is Brown is Tan Arnold Adoff 1973 A poetry/children's book about diversity.
Simon Bolivar Dennis Wepman 1985 A biography of the South American statesman, revolutionary, and general who liberated several countries from Spain.
Bound for America James Haskins & Kathleen Benson 1999 A detailed account of the voyage of slaves to America from Africa.
Central African Republic in Pictures Lerner Publications 1991 Important highlights of the land, people, history, and culture of the Central African Republic
Civil War for Kids Janis Herbert 1999 An informative history of the Civil War designed for children and including several hands-on activites.
Cobblestone: Frederick Douglass Carolyn Yoder, ed. 1989 A biography of the famous abolitionist.
Cobblestone: Harriet Tubman Frances Nankin, ed. 1981 A children's biography of the famous conductor on the Underground Railroad.
Color Me Brown Lucille Giles 1976 This is a book with brief character sketches accompanying colorable pictures of famous African-Americans.
Color me Light of the World Sharon Carter 1989 This coloring book tells the history of the Bible and the black community.
Colors All Around Me Vivian Church 1971 This picture book illustrates the diversity of the African-American community.
Colors Come from God…Just Like Me! Carolyn Forche 1995 A young African-American girl tells about how God created everybody different and unique.
Don't Feel Sorry for Paul Bernard Wolf 1974 A photographic essay of two weeks in the life of a young boy with birth defects who has learned to use prosthetics to live an almost normal life.
El Guero: A True Adventure Story Elizabeth Borton de Trevino 1989 The turbulent times of growing up in revolutionary Mexico are described in this ture story of El Guero, the author's father.
Families: A Celebration of Diversity, Commitment, and Love Aylette Jenness 1990 A cross-cultural look at 17 different families and their experiences together.
First Book about Africa Veronica Freeman Ellis 1989 An introduction to the people and culture of Africa, told from the perspective of a young class.
Freckles E. Daniel McClure 1976 A man teaches children that people of all colors deserve equal treatment.
Girl-Son Anne Neuberger 1995 The story of Korean girl Induk Pahk, who had to go to school disguised as a boy because of her country's gender discrimination.
Great Encounter: A Special Meeting Before Columbus Patricia A. Piercy 1991 Black children learn about King Abubabakari, who discovered America more than a hundred years before Columbus.
HA: George Santayana David Carter 1992 A biography of the great Spanish philosopher and scholar.
HA: Gloria Estefan Rebecca Stefoff 1991 A biography of the Cuban-American singer from Miami Sound Machine.
HA: Joan Baez Hedda Garza 1991 A biography of the famous 1960s protest singer.
HA: Jorge Luis Borges Adrian Lennon 1992 A biography of the award-winning Argentinian author of Ficciones (Fictions).
HA: Jose Marti Todd M. Appel 1992 A biography of the Cuban patriot and revolutionary.
HA: Junipero Serra Sean Dolan 1991 A biography of the Spanish Franciscan priest who came to the New World to convert Native Americans.
HA: Lee Trevino Thomas W. Gilbert 1992 A biography of the wisecracking Mexican-American, the first to win the US Open golf tournament.
HA: Pablo Nerudo Joseph Roman 1992 A biography of the famous Chilean poet.
HA: Placido Domingo Rebecca Stefoff 1992 A biography of the Spanish opera singer, widely considered to be one of the top three tenors in the world.
Hip Hop Land Omar Shaheed 1995 This book for children and adults attempts to explain the Hip-hop movement.
Jambo Means Hello Muriel Feelings 1974 A children's introduction to the Swahili alphabet. This is a Caldecott Honor book.
Land I Lost: Adventures of a Boy in Vietnam Huynh Quang Nhuong 1982 The author's recollections of growing up in a small Vietnamese hamlet.
Leagues Apart: the Men and Times of the Negro Baseball Leagues Lawrence S. Ritter 1995 Short biographical sketches of some of the most famous Negro Leaguers.
Madagascar in Pictures Lerner Publications 1989 Important highlights of Madagascar's land, people, history, and culture.
Martin Luther King, Jr. Jacqueline Harris 1983 A children's biography of MLK, Jr. with accompanying pictures.
Moja Means One Muriel Feelings 1972 This book teaches children to count from one to ten in (ki-)Swahili.
My First Kwanzaa Book Deborah M. Newton Chocolate 1992 A children's introduction to the customs and celebrations of Kwanzaa.
My Grandma Has Aids: Annisha's Story Valerie Reeder-Bey unknown This book for children explains in easy-to-use language the facts about AIDS, appropriate to a small child's level.
My Hiroshima Junko Morimoto 1987 The author's memories of the fateful August day when an atomic bomb was dropped on her town.
Nigeria in Pictures Lerner Publications 1995 Important highlights of Nigeria's land, people, history, and culture.
Peace Chris Sewell 1980s? A collection of essays for children on important peace activists of the past.
People Shall Continue Simon Ortiz 1977 An epic story of Native American People - from the creation to the present day that speaks in the ryhthms of traditional oral narration.
Pocketful of Goobers Barbara Mitchell 1986 A story/biography about George Washington Carver's well-known association with the peanut.
Real McCoy: The Life of an African-American Inventor Wendy Towle 1993 A biography of the African-American inventor Elijah McCoy, famous for inventing an automatic oil cup for trains, leading to the phrase "The Real McCoy".
Sadako and the Thousand Cranes Eleanor Coerr 1977 The true story of Sadako Sasaki, a young Japanese girl who is diagnosed with leukemia and attempts to fold a thousand paper cranes to be cured.
Shapes: How Do You Say It? Meredith Dunham 1987 How to say different common shapes in English, French, Spanish, and Italian.
Starting Home: The Story of Horace Pippin, Painter Mary Lyons 1993 A biography of the African-American painter, with examples of some of his paintings.
Stories for our Children Byron Douglas 1995 A collection of stories both from Christian and African-American history.
Story of Sacajawea: Guide to Lewis and Clark Della Rowland 1989 A biography of the courageous Native American woman who accompanied the Corps of Discovery to the Pacific.
Talking Walls      
Tall Boy's Journey Joanna Kraus 1992 A Korean orphan must adapt to his new family and way of life when he is adopted by an American couple.
Thirteen Moons on Turtle's Back Joseph Bruchac & Jonathan London 1992 An overview of the Native American lunar calendar system, with examples from different cultures.
This Strange New Feeling Julius Lester 1981 Three true stories of black men and women finding love during the era of slavery.
To Hell with Dying Alice Walker 1988 The story of a friendship between a young girl and an old man.
Totto-chan Tetsuko Kuroyanagi 1996 The story of an amazing school in war-torn Tokyo.
Trevor's Story Bethany Kandel 1997 This book describes the life and experiences of a boy named Trevor, who is growing up in a biracial family.
Where in the World Are You? Kay Cooper 1990 An introductory lesson in basic geography for kids.