Children's Books: Fiction
Title Author Date Description
Abdul and the Designer Tennis Shoes William McDaniels 1990 Abdul turns his basketball game around with the help of some supposedly magic tennis shoes, but then discovers the real magic is inside him.
Abuela Arthur Dorros 1991 A young girl goes on a magical adventure with her abuela (grandmother).
Afrotina and the Three Bears Fred Crump, Jr. 1991 A retelling of the tale of Goldilocks with an African motif.
Akavak: an Inuit-Eskimo Legend James Houston 1968 A young Eskimo and his grandfather learn to rely on each other on a long and dangerous trip to visit the grandfather's brother, as the grandfather has vowed to do before he dies.
All of You was Singing Richard Lewis 1991 An Aztec legend about how music came to the Earth.
Andersen Book of American Folk Tales and Songs Ann Durell 1989 A collection of American folk tales and songs with sheet music from around the country.
Are You a Boy or a Girl Karleen Jimenez 2000 A girl who likes to do "boy" things must deal with people who question her activities.
Aunt Harriet's Underground Railroad in the Sky Faith Ringgold 1992 A young girl and her brother re-enact the route of the Underground Railroad with Harriet Tubman as a guide.
Aunt Martha and the Golden Coin Anita Rodriguez 1993 Aunt Martha tells the neighborhood children about a golden coin she found when she was young and which she believes holds special powers.
Beauty and the Beast Fred Crump, Jr. 1992 A retelling of the classic fairy tale with an African motif.
Bee Tree Patricia Polacco 1993 A girl and her grandfather follow the bees to a sweet, sticky conclusion.
Black Folktales Julius Lester 1969 A collection of 12 entertaining African and African-American folktales.
Black Mother Goose Book Elizabeth Oliver 1981 The short nursery rhymes of Mother Goose, with African-American illustrations.
Black Snowman Phil Mendes 1989 A snowman comes to life and teaches Jacob to have pride in his African heritage.
Blubber Judy Blume 1974 The timeless story about teasing and bullying and how far it can go.
Boy of the Three-Year Nap Dianne Snyder 1988 A lazy Chinese boy and his mother plot to marry him off to the daughter of a rich merchant so that he won't have to work.
Bravest of All Kate Emery Pogue 1973 An old fireman and his older truck must rush to save a house when all of the newer trucks and firefighters are out on another call.
Bright Eyes, Brown Skin Cheryl Hudson & Bernette Ford 1990 An early child's book about fun and play without regard to racial boundaries.
Bright Shadow Joyce Carol Thomas 1983 The second book in a cycle telling the story of the Jackson family, in which Abby goes to school to become a doctor and is faced with the loss of her only love.
Carla and Annie Susan K. Smith 1989 A young black girl named Carla encounters racism at school.
Cay Theodore Taylor 1969 When Phillip is blinded and left stranded on a Caribbean island with only an aging black man for company, he must learn to cope both with his blindness and his prejudices.
Chicken Sunday Patricia Polacco 1992 A Romanian girl and her two friends scheme to make enough money to buy a special Easter hat for the friends' mother.
Chocolate Cupcake Paper Doll Book Fred Crump, Jr. 1999 A collection of dazzling paper dolls of various African designs. Drawings only; no color.
Christopher, Please Clean Up Your Room Itah Sadu 1996 A boy named Christopher is in for a nasty surprise when he doesn't clean up his room.
Cinderella Fred Crump, Jr. 1990 A retelling of the classic fairy tale with an African motif.
Come Sunday Nikki Grimes 1996 A collection of poems by a young black girl about going to church on Sunday.
Cornrows Camille Yarbrough 1979 A mother and her children celebrate the history of Africa while braiding hair.
Cumbayah Floyd Cooper, illus. 1998 The beautifully illustrated pictures of this book accompany the text of the traditional song "Cumbayah".
Day They Came to Arrest the Book Nat Hentoff 1982 Although fictional, this book is a telling and insightful account into the dangers of censoring what people, and especially students, read.
Daydreamers Tom Feelings and Eloise Greenfield 1981 A poem and accompanying pictures about life's possibilities.
Definitely Cool Brenda Wilkinson 1993 When Roxanne enters junior high and begins running with a new group of friends, she must decide whether to do what's right or what's popular.
Devil's Arithmetic Jane Yolen 1988 A young Jewish girl named Hannah is at Passover when suddenly she finds herself transported back to 1940s Poland. Although Hannah knows what is happening, nobody wants to believe her and she must take bold action herself if she is to save them.
Disappearance Rosa Guy 1979 Imamu Jones must defend himself against false charges of kidnapping.
Dragonwings Laurence Yep 1975 A Chinese immigrant named Windrider and his son Moon Shadow have a dream: to make a flying machineand rise above their poverty.
Durango Street Frank Bonham 1965 When Rufus gets out of a work camp, the only way to protect himself from a vengeful gang is to join a rival gang. The story of one boy's attempt to break the cycle of gang violence.
Ebony Duckling Fred Crump, Jr. 1992 A retelling of H.C. Anderson's The Ugly Ducling.
Echoes of the White Giraffe Sook Nyul Choi 1993 A South Korean girl named Sookan must deal with the various problems and discomforts of living as a refugee in Pusan, South Korea, during the Korean War.
Enchanted Hair Tale Alexis de Veaux 1987 A boy with "different" hair learns that there are others like him and not to let some people's fears and misunderstanding get him down.
Fast Sam, Cool Clyde, and Stuff Walter Myers 1988 The story of a group of black friends growing up in the inner city.
Fast Talk on a Slow Track Rita Williams-Garcia 1991 A fast-talking student tries to succeed at door-to-door sales and at Princeton.
Fire in My Hands Gary Soto 1990 A collection of poems, most having to do with growing up in the American Southwest.
First Apple Ching Yeung Russell 1994 Ying's quest to buy an apple for her grandmother on her birthday. In China, apples are too expensive for all but the richest, but Ying has a dramatic plan.
Front Porch Stories Eleanora Tate 1992 Humorous stories from a father to his children about growing up with his tough Aunt Daisy in the South.
Gingerbread Days Joyce Carol Thomas 1995 A collection of poems about a young girl's year-round experiences with her family.
Grab Hands and Run Frances Temple 1993 When Felipe's father is taken away by the government, his family follows his last advice and flees their home in El Salvador, making the long trek to distant Canada.
Grandpa's Face Eloise Greenfield 1988 Tamika loves to watch her grandfather perform on the stage. But when she comes across him rehearsing a harsh and angry look, she worries that someday he might look at her that way.
Hakim and Grenita Fred Crump, Jr. 1991 A retelling of "Hansel and Gretel" with an African motif.
Have a Happy… Mildred Walter 1989 A young boy's introduction to the joys of Kwanzaa teaches him to be proud of his culture and the fact that he celebrates a "different" holiday.
Heaven's Reward Catherine Sadler 1985 A collection of six Chinese fairy tales which reflect Taoist and Confucian moral lessons.
Her Stories Virginia Hamilton 1995 A collection of African American folktales, fairy tales, and true stories.
Honey, I Love Eloise Greenfield 1978 A collection of sixteen "love" poems by Eloise Greenfield.
Hoops Walter Myers 1981 Harlem basketball player Lonnie Jackson and his coach Cal are on their way to the Tournament of Champions. When a man approaches Cal wanting him to bench Lonnie in order to throw the tournament, Cal and Lonnie must make a difficult decision.
How Many Days to America? Eve Bunting 1988 A family, evicted from their home for unknown reasons, embark on a desperate sea journey to reach America.
Imani in the Belly Deborah M. Newton Chocolate 1994 A woman named Imani saves her village from Simba, King of Beasts.
In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson Bette Bao Lord 1984 A Chinese immigrant girl struggles to adapt to life in America while learning baseball and following her hero, Jackie Robinson.
Jamako and the Beanstalk Fred Crump, Jr. 1990 A retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk in an African motif.
Jamal's Busy Day Wade Hudson 1991 A humorous look at one boy's day in school, from the perspective of it being a job that one goes to like any other.
Jar of Dreams Yoshiko Uchida 1981 During the Depression, a Japanese grandmother helps her granddaughter feel proud of her heritage.
Jomo: A Name to be Pround Sharon Carter 1990 A young boy named Jomo learns to be proud of his African heritage.
Kimako's Story June Jordan 1981 A week in the life of a seven-year-old black girl named Kimako.
King's Equal Katherine Paterson 1992 An arrogant prince must find a princess who is his equal in order to succeed to his father's throne.
Koya Delaney and the Good Girl Blues Eloise Greenfield 1992 A perennially sunny and cheerful girl must deal with problems that can't be solved just by a laugh and a smile.
Last Summer with Maizon Jacqueline Woodson 1990 Best friends Margaret and Maizon must each deal with crises that threaten to tear apart their friendship.
Lemming Condition Alan Arkin 1976 With the advice of his friend Crow, Bubber the lemming must decide whether to participate in the great lemming drive to the sea planned for the afternoon.
Little Bill: Best Way to Play Bill Cosby 1997 Little Bill discovers the joys of using his imagination.
Little Bill: Day I was Rich Bill Cosby 1999 Little Bill finds what he thinks is the biggest diamond ever.
Little Bill: Hooray for the Dandelion Warriors! Bill Cosby 1999 Little Bill learns about team cooperation and sexism.
Little Bill: Meanest Thing to Say Bill Cosby 1997 Little Bill learns about kindness and not saying mean things.
Little Bill: Money Troubles Bill Cosby 1998 Little Bill learns the value of charity and saving money.
Little Bill: My Big Lie Bill Cosby 1999 When Little Bill gets home after curfew, he learns that even a small lie can quickly grow out of control.
Little Bill: One Dark and Scary Night Bill Cosby 1999 Little Bill learns about confronting his fears.
Little Bill: Shipwreck Saturday Bill Cosby 1998 When Little Bill's homemade ship is wrecked, he is inconsolable until a friend shows him that all is not lost.
Little Bill: Super-Fine Valentine Bill Cosby 1998 Little Bill develops his first crush.
Little Bill: Treasure Hunt Bill Cosby 1997 Little Bill discovers his great talent.
Little Bill: Worst Day of My Life Bill Cosby 1999 Little Bill learns about obedience and acting grown-up.
Little Red Riding Hood Fred Crump, Jr. 1989 A retelling of the classic fairy tale with an African motif.
Make a Joyful Sound Deborah Slier, ed. 1991 A large collection of poems for children by African-American authors.
Maniac Magee Jerry Spinelli 1990 Jeffrey "Maniac" Magee is a legend in Two Mills. But can he end racism in a segregated town?
Markita Alissa Nash 1994 A black girl's struggle to fit in with her whiter family.
Mgambo and the Tigers Fred Crump, Jr. 1992 A retelling of "Little Black Sambo" without the racial stereotypes.
Moles and the Mireuk Holly Kwon 1993 A Korean folk tale demonstrating how even the littlest animals are important.
Mother Goose Fred Crump, Jr. 1990 A retelling of the nursery rhymes with African motifs.
Motown and Didi Walter Myers 1984 Two opposites in Harlem become each other's support in a turbulent world.
Mouse Rap Walter Myers 1990 An inner city youth must deal with his returning father as well as with an enigmatic new girl.
Mrs. Katz and Tush Patricia Polacco 1992 A young boy and his elderly neighbor gain a special bond when they decide to jointly adopt a homeless kitten.
My Little Island Frane Lessac 1985 A girl and her friend visit the small Caribbean island where she grew up and learn about Caribbean culture.
My Name is Not Angelica Scott O'Dell 1989 The story of the infamous slave revolt on the Danish island of St. John, told from the viewpoint of a fictional eyewitness.
Mystery of Drear House Virginia Hamilton 1987 Thomas lives in a house that everyone believes is haunted. Can he find out the truth about the house before he becomes another casualty in its long history?
Nappy Hair Carolivia Herron 1997 A humorous examination of a young gir's cultural identity.
Night of the Full Moon Gloria Whelan 1993 When soldiers come to relocate a local Indian tribe, Libby Mitchell is mistaken for one of them and moved hundreds of miles from her home and family.
Other Little Angel Fred Crump, Jr. 1994 A retelling of the classic story about a lonely angel in an African-American motif.
Outside Shot Walter Myers 1984 A second book about Harlem basketball player Lonnie Jackson, continuing his adventures into college.
Park's Quest Katherine Paterson 1981 A young boy searches for the truth about his father, a Vietnam War veteran.
Patch of Blue Elizabeth Kata 1961 A shut-in blind white girl finds love and attention with a black man when she goes to the park.
People Could Fly Virginia Hamilton 1985 A collection of African-American folktales.
Peter Kate Walker 1993 An Australian boy must deal with the prejudices and stereotypes around him when he discovers that he is gay.
Planet of Junior Brown Virginia Hamilton 1971 This Newberry-award winning book tells the story of the friendship between two opposites - music prodigy Junior Brown and streetwise Buddy Clark.
Pool Party Gary Soto 1993 When Rudy Herrera is invited to a pool party for the most popular girl in school, he learns the value of just being himself.
Possum Magic Mem Fox 1991 A grandma possum and her invisible granddaughter set out across Australia to find the magic that will make her visible again.
Pudd'nhead Wilson Mark Twain 1894 The classic Mark Twain novel about a black boy and a white boy switched at birth; a devastating indictment of slavery and the antebellum south.
Rainbow Jordan Alice Childress 1982 The story of a lonely black girl named "Rainbow" who must grow up without her mother.
Rainbow People Laurence Yep 1989 A collection of Chinese folk tales that were brought over to America by immigrants.
Rapunzel Fred Crump, Jr. 1991 A retelling of the classic fairy tale with an African motif.
River Dream Allen Say 1988 Mark dreams that he and his Uncle Scott go fishing and catch the biggest fish of all.
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Mildred Taylor 1976 The Newberry-award winning story of a black family in the South during the turbulent years of the civil rights movement.
Rose for Zemira Fred Crump, Jr. 1994 A retelling of Beauty and the Beast in an African motif.
Ruby Rosa Guy 1976 The inspiring story of two insecure teenagers who beome best friends.
Sing for Your Father, Su Phan Stella Pevsner 1997 The story of a young Vietnamese girl and her family whose lives are destroyed by the Vietnam War.
Skeeter Kay Smith 1989 Two young boys befriend an old man and his mutt and learn valuable life lessons as they hunt for a legendary deer.
Skirt Gary Soto 1992 When Miata loses a special dance skirt that was passed down to her from her mother, she and her best friend Ana must find and retrieve it before the dance competition.
Sleeping Beauty Fred Crump, Jr. 1992 A retelling of the classic fairy tale with an African motif.
Song of the Trees Mildred Taylor 1975 The story of an African-American girl growing up in Depression-era Mississippi.
Soul Looks Back in Wonder Tom Feelings 1993 Poems by 13 major African-American poets, collected and illustrated by Tom Feelings.
Star Fisher Laurence Yep 1991 An American family which moves to West Virginia must fight against the racism and prejudice that their new neighbors have because the family has Chinese ancestry.
Storm in the Night Mary Stolz 1988 A grandfather and his grandson exchange stories about being frightened during thunderstorms.
Story of Ferdinand Munro Leaf 1936 When peace-loving bull Ferdinand is sent to Madrid to compete in a bullfight, his decision to just be himself leads to a lifetime of happiness.
Super-Vroomer Northern Calloway 1978 A group of friends construct a car to appear in a race but are disqualified for safety reasons. In the process they learn an important lesson about winning and losing.
Taxi That Hurried Lucy Mitchell 1946 Can Bill the trusty taxi driver and his faithful taxi deliver a woman and her son to the train station before their train leaves?
Teacup Full of Roses Sharon Mathis 1972 The story of a black family struggling to escape the crushing poverty and misery of the ghetto.
They're All Named Wildfire Nancy Springer 1989 Two young girls, one white, one black, become friends in a small Pennsylvania town beset with bigotry and intolerance, and must then deal with the problems that arise from that friendship.
Thumbelina Fred Crump, Jr. 1988 A retelling of the classic fairy tale with an African motif.
Tongues of Jade Laurence Yep 1991 A collection of Chinese folk tales that were brought over to America by immigrants.
Uncle Jed's Barbershop Margaree Mitchell 1993 A beautifully illustrated story about a kind black man and his dream of building his own barbershop in the Depression-era South.
Uncle Remus Unknown 1986 Brer Fox and Brer Bear plot to capture and humiliate the clever Brer Rabbit.
What Mary Jo Shared Janice Udry 1991 A touching story about a shy child's first show and tell.
White Archer: an Inuit-Eskimo Legend James Houston 1967 When Kungo the Eskimo is left an orphan by a vicious raid, he vows to become the best archer ever and take his revenge on those who killed his family.
Who Comes to Your House? Margaret Hillert 1973 A series of short poems about the various kinds of people who might visit a house.
Who is Carrie? James and Christopher Collier 1984 The story of a Revolutionary War-era slave named Carrie on a journey to discover the truth about herself and her family.
Won't Know Till I Get There Walter Myers 1982 When Steve and his foster-brother Earl get in trouble with the juvenile court, they are sentenced to do community service in an old-age home and gradually form a bond with the seniors living there.
Ytek and the Arctic Orchid Garnet Hewitt 1981 An Inuit legend about a young and inexperienced shaman who must confront various difficulties while attempting to bring back the caribou to his hungry tribe.