Main Drive Power (MDP) considerations.

If the snowmobile has to drive a 62 mile (approx) course with a 12 mile extended range capability at a constant speed of  5 miles per hour, it would take the snowmobile almost 15 hours to return to base.  As a guess, I'll assume the snowmobile can accomplish this task with a 28V DC motor at a constant 20A draw.  If I were to use a Lithium Maganese Nickel (LiMnNi) Polymer Li-Ion Cell rated at 3.7V 40Ah weighing 2.8 lbs, I would need approximately 8 cells.

         28V / 3.7V per cell = about 8 cells

         New Voltage = 29.6V wich is OK

         Since each cell has a capacity of 40Ah, 8 cells would give us 320 Ah total

         Each cell cost about $200, our cost would be $1600 (estimated)

         Total run time is now limited to 320 Ah / 20A constant draw = 16 Hours

         Total weight of battery pack is 2.8 lbs per cell x 8 cells = 22.4 lbs

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