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Iridium Satellite Options

By Sarah Greenberg on 11-Feb-10 16:58. Comments (0)
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Depending on the size of our data transfer needs, we have a few different options:


DLS-9612 Plug and Play SBD Data ModemThe Iridium DLS-9612 Plug and Play SBD (Sh

Another Controller Option

By Gregg Carpenter on 11-Feb-10 16:42. Comments (0)
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The TS-7260 is a compact full-featured Single Board Computer (SBC) based upon the Cirrus EP9302 ARM9 CPU, which provides a standard set of on-board peripherals. The EP9302 features an advanced ARM920T 200 MHz processor design with MMU. TS-7260 includes software power consumption control for on-board peripherals, making this board ideal for use in power sensitive designs, such as battery-powered systems. In addition, the TS-XDIO standard feature can be replaced by either 2 extra serial ports or an SD Card socket, which enables fast boot to Debian Linux from a SD Card.

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