Welcome to CARGO!

CARGO (Cryospheric Autonomous Robot for Greenland Operations) is a student group at the University of Vermont CEMS. Our mission consists in the design, develop and deployment of an autonomous vehicle that will carry scientific equipment to perform field measurements within the Greenland Summit.

This mission is sponsored by NASA and it will assess the spatial variability surrounding Summit using microwave radar and temperature instruments. The data collected from this mission will be used to determine the subpixel variability of temperature and accumulation within 4 different passive microwave pixels surrounding Summit, by imaging the top 10 m of near surface firn in a 50 by 50 km grid.


Team Roster:

Chassis and traction

  • Thatcher Friant
  • Brian Leach
  • Ben Zabriskie
  • Dylan Gifford

Navigation and drive control

  • Gregg Carpenter
  • Sam Moore
  • Andrew Cooper Reid

Satellite communications

Energy scavenging and management



Jeff Frolik, Associate Professor, CEMS UVM

Carl V. Wolf, Assistant Professor, VTC