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Annual UVM Publications and Creative Works Reception

February 27th

The Annual UVM Publications and Creative Works Reception sponsored jointly by the Faculty Senate and the Office of the Provost, will take place from 5:30 to 7:00pm on February 27 in the Keller Room of Ifshin Hall.

Central to the mission of our university is the creation and dissemination of new knowledge. At this reception, we celebrate the accomplishments of our colleagues who have published a book or produced a substantial creative project in the past calendar year.

We invite submissions from all faculty and staff who have published a book or accomplished a similarly significant achievement in the fine and performing arts in calendar year 2019. If your book or artistic accomplishment was published or occurred after the call for submissions last year, we’ll gladly include it this year. Examples of creative accomplishments recognized at this reception include those that receive a high level of recognition, those held at distinguished venues, those selected by national jury, or professional productions. Regrettably, volume precludes the inclusion of self-published books.

We will gather information about your accomplishment via survey. Please complete this survey by February 10. All 2019 artists and authors responding to the survey will receive a more formal invitation to the reception in February.

Whether or not you can attend the reception, we ask that you provide a copy of your book, music CD, exhibition catalogue, theatre or performance poster, etc. for display at this event—it makes for an impressive show of quantity, quality, and diversity! Please drop off your book, CD, exhibition catalogue, or publicity materials related to your performance, production, or exhibition in the Office of the Provost, 304 Waterman, by February 21. You may retrieve these materials as you leave the reception, or, if you prefer, your materials will be returned to you after the event.

Every year, despite our best efforts, some authors and artists miss this call and do not get invited to the reception. Please share this notice with colleagues who may have published a book or produced a significant artistic project in 2019.

Should you have any questions about the Annual UVM Publications Reception, please contact Lori Desotell in the Office of the Provost at 656-1417.

We look forward to celebrating your accomplishments.