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Home for the Holidays Food Donations

It’s almost time for the Prism Center’s Home for the Holidays; a time to mark the end of the semester in community, share a meal, and de-stress with a fun, queer-affirming celebration. As one of our student staff recently said, “Home for the Holidays is part craft party, part the hug you need this time of year, and part giant potluck.” Won’t you join us?

For departments, faculty, or staff that would like to donate something for the potluck, and we hope you will, please let us know what you plan to bring by filling out this Google form. We work very hard to meet all dietary needs and follow all the rules of our catering waiver. Please keep the rules in mind (i.e. food cannot be reheated) when planning your scrumptious snack, decadent dessert, or holiday hors d’oeuvres…

  • Rules are noted on the form.
  • Please let us know what you’re bringing by 11/29 (deadline falls during Thanksgiving recess).
  • Preparing something together as an office bonding activity?

Tag us in your Instagram/Facebook photos and we’ll help spread the word about our amazing campus partners and beautiful community we’re so grateful to be a part of. We’ll have games, crafting with the Queer Student Union, and plenty of space to connect with campus colleagues and students. Drop in 4-7pm , December 6th at the Prism Center in Allen House.