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Seeking Children for Autism and Brain Imaging Study

Dr. Patricia Prelock from the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences at the University of Vermont is currently seeking children either with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or without ASD (typical), between the ages of 7-13 years old, to participate in a research study.

The purpose of this research study is to determine whether children with ASD can improve their theory of mind (ToM) through a social cognitive intervention using social stories. The study will involve a series of assessments, and children will participate in a 9-week Social Story intervention as well as two MRI/fMRI scanning visits. All assessment and treatment procedures will take place at either the University of Vermont Eleanor M. Luse Center, the University of Vermont Medical Center, or in your home.

Compensation of $50 will be provided for completing each MRI/fMRI scan.

Please contact Yu Han at for more details. Thank you for considering this opportunity.