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Degree Information Needed for University Catalogue

For new faculty members

The University of Vermont Catalogue includes a listing of faculty members and their academic degrees. This list is populated by degree information that faculty members enter in PeopleSoft.

Degree information only needs to be entered one time. This is an annual reminder, but this is NOT an annual task.

By September 30:

  • NEW faculty members should enter their degree information in PeopleSoft.


  • Login to PeopleSoft Human Resources
  • Follow this path: Self Service > Learning and Development > My Current Profile.
  • Follow the instructions that appear on the profile page.

Important Notes:

  • You must flag a single degree as your terminal degree for display in the Catalogue.
  • You must use the SAVE button at the bottom of the screen to save your changes.

If you need assistance, contact Kerry Castano at 656-1299 or