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2018 President's Our Common Ground Staff Award

It is my distinct pleasure to announce the 2018 President’s Our Common Ground Award recipients:

  • Patricia Corcoran, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Joe Gervais, Associate Director of Athletics
  • Erin Montgomery, Student Services Professional, Larner College of Medicine
  • Ferene Paris Meyer, Program Director, First Year Experience, Center for Academic Success
  • Kunie Renaud, Financial and Grant Administrator, College of Education and Social Services
  • Ben Wimett, Outreach Professional, Center for Disability & Community Inclusion

The President’s Our Common Ground Award recognizes University of Vermont staff members who exemplify the qualities of the University of Vermont’s Our Common Ground, the statement of aspirations and shared values of our community: Respect, Integrity, Innovation, Openness, Justice, and Responsibility. This award honors the extraordinary contributions and the significant impact the award recipients have made on our University.

Thank you to the Selection Committee for your diligence and hard work in helping to select this year's recipients. We very much look forward to celebrating the exemplary accomplishments and contributions of the President's Our Common Ground Award recipients. 

With appreciation and very best wishes,

Tom Sullivan,