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Take a book, Leave a book

The UVM Book Nook, located on the 1st Floor at Brennan's, in the Davis Center is experiencing another phenomenal year of Free Book giveaways! We do receive small Book Donations from week to week, but the demand for special and excellent books by UVM Students keep us hustling to replace them with books of equal interest. The Book Nook has a Drop Box near to the entrance to Brennan's, or you can deposit them in the Drop Slot at the Book Nook Bookcase itself.

After 6 years we know that our students love old and modern classics covering every literary genre of fiction and nonfiction. These past 2 years we've seen a growing interest in Poetry, Religion, Spirituality, Ecology and Sustainability, and Racial and Ethnic Relations.

We ask all students, faculty, and staff to think about the UVM Book Nook, this Spring 2018 when they desire to donate a book that they enjoyed and would like to pass along to inspire a student, and quite possibly enrich their life beyond measure.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed and continues to do so to our wonderful little library.