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Posting Guidelines

What kinds of announcements are appropriate for UVM A&E?

The "announcements" portion of UVM Announcements & Events includes information that affects large populations of the university including faculty, staff and/or students. These are typically informational and academic updates related to procedures, deadlines, policies, major building and construction notices and academic requirements.

Events are included in the Campus Calendar. Learn how to add your event to the Calendar.

When and how long will you run my announcement?

If you submit your announcement by 4 p.m. on a Thursday it will run in the following Monday's edition. It will be featured as a new story in the left-hand column. The following Monday it will run again under "Previous Stories" in the right-hand column. Your event will also be available on the UVM A&E website until it expires (typically the day after the deadline or event, or within 30 days).

My announcement is in line with the guidelines above? How do I submit for inclusion?

Deadline: Announcements should be submitted by Thursday at 4 p.m. for inclusion in the following Monday's edition of UVM A&E. To submit, please complete the online form. You may upload a Word Document with the details of your announcement within the survey. This is helpful if your announcement includes specific formatting (bullets, bolding, hyperlinks etc.) You may also upload images via the online form.

Required and Optional Information

The online form will walk you through the submission process, which will include the following:

Headline - This will appear at the top of the article and as the title of the article in the UVM A&E email.

Subheader (optional) - The subheader is often used to highlight relevant deadlines or other important information.

Story Author - This will appear at the top of the article and may be a person or department. An email address must be included.

Main Text - The main body of your announcement should include all relevant details, i.e. What, Where, When, Who, How. Avoid writing your article in the first person narrative. Think of the announcement as a webpage. It is also helpful to include any related hyperlinks within the text to provide the reader with additional information and contacts.

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