Council For Unity: Chapter Partners

ALANA Student Center

The ALANA Student Center (ASC) exists to ensure that African, Latino/a, Asian and Native American (ALANA) students success at the University of Vermont. ASC promotes academic achievement, personal growth, identity formation. and cultural development.

Beverly Colston is the Director of the ALANA Student Center

John Mejia is the Staff Assistant of the ALANA Student Center.

Center for Cultural Pluralism

The Center offers a unique “Cultural Hub” where individuals and organizations working on behalf of cultural diversity and social justice issues can focus on collaboration and coalition efforts. The Center offers advising, consulting, educational programs and modest grants to further UVM’s strategic objectives linked to cultural diversity and social justice.

The Center supports and initiates educational and social programs designed to raise awareness, expand understanding and knowledge and develop skills for effective intercultural communication.

The Center for Cultural Pluralism is a highly visible, tangible symbol of UVM’s commitment to equity, social justice, inclusiveness, and critical thinking.

Spectrum Youth Services

Spectrum Youth and Family Services is a community-based social service agency committed to working with Vermont youth and families to improve their lives through advocacy, direct service, and a continuum of support in order to work toward a more just and compassionate community.

To engage students in active learning, meaningful achievement in academic pursuits, genuine commitment to healthy community life, and purposeful preparation for responsible citizenship in a global community.

The mission of the Center for Student Ethics & Standards is to promote the developing character, conscience, citizenship, civility, and individual and social responsibility of our students. Organized into four units, the center provides students with programs that promote the obligations of citizenship in the University community. The Center provides students with the tools needed for success in a pluralistic society by providing feedback about behaviors that both enhance and harm the academic community, as well as assistance and opportunities in modifying such behaviors.