Council For Unity:  Chapter Officers

The job of the Executive Board especially to ensure the general well being of the chapter, its members and its affairs.

Joe Russell

Joe Russell Image
Chief Advisor

DaVaughn M. Bryan


Cherise I Brown Varela


Brittney A. Yegla

Vice President

Drew M. Sander

Director of Services 

James Prendergast

Communications Chief

Donna Gatesman
Chief of Staff


To contact members of the Exc. Board, you may send e-mails to:

The Executive Board, which shall:

1. Shall consist of the President, Vice President, Membership Services Coordinator, Chief of Staff, Public Relations Coordinator, and Chairpersons of each Council for Unity committee.
2. Shall assist in the preparation of the agendas for Council General Assembly Meetings.
3. Shall consider and make recommendations on the rules and procedures of the Council for Unity.
4. Shall ensure the wellbeing of the Chapter at Large.
5. Shall establish, for specific term, ad hoc committees, as it deems necessary.
6. Shall serve as advisors to the CFU President.