Council For Unity: About Us


The Council for Unity became a recognized Student Government organization here at the University of Vermont in the fall of 2004 .

CFU at UVM started with one young man, DaVaughn M. Bryan, he was member of the Christopher Columbus High School Chapter of the Council for Unity. He was an active member serving on the chapter's leadership and acting site coordinator.

DaVaughn developed a profound respect for the ideals upon which the National organization was formed. Based on concepts of Family, Unity, Self-Esteem and Empowerment or (FUSE). Over time these virtues became core ideals to him, ideals that he wished to take with him as he made the transition from High School student to college first year student.

He met with the President and founder of the organization Mr. Robert DeSena, and together they discussed their vision of the starting a Collegiate chapter of the organization. Mr. DeSena charged him with the responsibility and authority to begin a chapter.



DaVaughn M. Bryan - Founder

Cherise Brown Varela – President

Brittney Yegela - Vice President

Strength in Numbers,

Beauty in Diversity

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