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At first thought, transportation research might seem to include building bridges, setting traffic signals or paving roads, but in reality, transportation systems are at the heart of our environmental concerns, energy use and vital communities.

The TRC's research projects focus on sustainable transportation for northern communities. Projects often address how transportation impacts the environment, vital communities and energy efficiency.

Labs at UVM associated with transportation research include:

- Transportation Air Quality Lab

- Spatial Analysis Lab

- Park Studies Laboratory

Transportation-air quality lab

USDOT UTC funding has been used to seed foundational unique data and expertise in signature focus areas.

Please follow the links to see our projects listed by focus area: all projects, current projects, or past projects pages.

UVM and Vermont faculty and students were very active at the 2013 Transportation Research Board (TRB) Meetings. The wide range of research presented is a good representation of the current work happening at and through the TRC and its Vermont partners.