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A Risk-Based Flood-Planning Strategy for Vermont’s Roadway Network

Principal Investigator: David C. Novak
Funding Agency: USDOT

Project Summary

We propose to expand the Network Robustness Index (NRI) to specifically focus on disruptions to Vermont’s roadway network caused by flooding. We will identify the links in the state-wide network that are most critical to the operational functionality of the state’s roadway system and quantify the impacts associated with flooding episodes, like the ones which occurred in northern Vermont in the Spring of 2011 and in southern Vermont in August 2011. We will rank-order the most vulnerable links using a risk-based probability approach that takes into account the likelihood a particular link will be flooded, the expected reduction in capacity on those links due to flooding, and the dynamic re-routing of travelers. High-priority links can be fortified either by improving drainage or retrofitting the roadway to prevent impacts from extreme rainfall and snowfall.