Modeling Vehicle Choice to Assess Potential GHG Emission Gains

Principal Investigators: Lisa Aultman-Hall and Brian Lee
Funding Agency: US DOT

Project Summary

Achieving increased transportation efficiency and minimizing transportation greenhouse gas emissions in a rural state is challenging. Trip lengths are most often too long for biking or walking modes. Land use patterns create challenges for fixed route transit services. Realizing transportation efficiency will require different system changes, including changes to private household vehicle fleets. This project is a joint endeavor with the New England Transportation Institute (NETI) funded jointly by the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and UVM’s USDOT UTC grant. The overall goal is to document ways that the greenhouse gas emissions from rural commuters could be reduced including through employer and government-based incentive programs. UVM’s portion of the project will document potential gains from vehicle choice including use of EPA’s MOVES model for emissions estimates.