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2014 Walk Bike Summit

2014 Vermont Walk/Bike Summit!

2014 Papers Accepted TRC students, staff and associated faculty

Carol Vallett (TRB Carol Vallett (CESS), Glenn McRae (TRC), Michelle McCutcheon-Schour (TRC) - "Bringing Developmental Evaluation Practices and Principles to the Transportation Education Development Pilot Program"

Tyler Feralio, Britt A. Holmen (CEMS-TAQ) - "Effect of Drive Cycle and Fuel Type on Ultrafine Particle Number Emissions Model Input Optimization"

Karen M. Sentoff, Britt A. Holmen (TRC, CEMS, TAQ) - "Fuel Economy Benefit of a Hybrid-Electric Light-Duty Vehicle across Real-World Operating Modes"

Eric Talbot (RSG), Bob Chamberlin (RSG), Britt A. Holmen (CEMS), Karen M. Sentoff (TRC-TAQ) - "Calibrating A Traffic Microsimulation Model To Real-world Operating Mode Distributions"

Lisa Aultman-Hall (TRC), Jeffrey LaMondia (Auburn University) - "Defining Long-distance Travel and Implications for Travel Forecasting"

Lisa Aultman-Hall (TRC), Jeffrey LaMondia (Auburn University), Elizabeth Greene (RSG) - "Long-distance Work and Leisure Travel Frequencies: An Ordered Probit Analysis of Stated Preference Data Kristine Harootunian"

(TRC), Brian H.Y. Lee (TRC), Lisa Aultman-Hall (TRC) - "Odds of Fault for Out-of-state Drivers in Crashes in Four States in the USA Nathan Belz"

(TRC-UAK), Lisa Aultman-Hall (TRC), Brian H.Y. Lee (TRC), Per Garder (UMO) - "An Event-Based Framework for Non-Compliant Behavior at Single-Lane Roundabouts"

Margaret J. Eppstein (CEMS), Donna M. Rizzo (CEMS), Brian H.Y. Lee (TRC), Joseph Krupa (CEMS) and Nadine Manukyan - "National Survey Respondents as Agents in a Model of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Adoption"

Dea van Lierop (McGill), Brian H.Y. Lee (TRC), Ahmed M. El-Geneidy (McGill) - "Secure Investment for Active Transport: Willingness to Pay for Secured Bicycle Parking in Montreal, Canada"

B.W. Gomez, Mandar M. Dewoolkar (CEMS), J.E. Lens (CEMS), C.C. Benda - "Evaluation of design assumptions for structural backfill of abutments and retaining walls"