FFY 2009 Research Projects

NETC 09-2

PROJECT TITLE: Effective Establishment of Native Grasses on Roadsides

STATUS: Active


PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR(S): Julia Kuzovkina, Associate Professor, Department of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture, University of Connecticut

PI E-MAIL: jkuzovkina@uconn.edu


  1. To document the current state-of-the-art on the establishment of grass species, particularly warm-season species, native to southern New England.
  2. To test the germination and establishment of ecotypes from the Northeast under controlled conditions to determine the temperature range needed for successful establishment, tolerance to the herbicides commonly used to control crabgrass, and the efficiency of chemical treatments to enhance germination.
  3. To examine the establishment of native grasses in the field with planting dates, planting method and species mix as variables.

NETC 09-3

PROJECT TITLE: Advanced Composite Materials: Prototype Development and Demonstration

STATUS: Active


PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR(S): Roberto Lopez-Anido, Advanced Structures and Composites Center, University of Maine

PI E-MAIL: rla@maine.edu


  1. To design and fabricate, using fiber-reinforced composite materials, a standard drain system for bridges that can be produced economically for use throughout New England.
  2. To install the drain system in 2 to 3 representative bridge applications in New England to provide information on its performance, ease of construction, and cost.