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How many Graduate Scholarships are offered annually in the program?
Between 5 and 8 awards. Note that additional graduate research assistantships may be available on TRC-associated projects. Students may contact faculty directly to explore these opportunities.

How many years does the Scholars Program last?
Initially, a year, but students may apply for a second or third year.

When is the application deadline?
Applicants should work directly with Faculty the department they are enrolled in or are applying to. Individual faculty are awarded GRA slots each year and those are designated in January.

What action should potential UVM graduate students take?
Contact your future faculty advisor or the graduate program coordinator within your proposed program and advise them that you may qualify for the TRC Graduate Scholars Program. Review the list of TRC associated projects that are seeking to hire graduate assistants. You may contact the TRC graduate program coordinator Glenn McRae for assistance.

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What action should current UVM graduate students take if they are considering applying for this research program?
Review TRC research activities. Contact your advisor and suggest they nominate you for the TRC Graduate Scholars Program. Submit an application package to the TRC.

How do graduate program coordinators or faculty members nominate students?
In order to consider a nomination, the TRC requires an application from the student that includes a letter of nomination from the student's faculty advisor. The nomination letter should outline the student's qualifications and explain why they may be suited for the Scholars Program. It will be important for this letter to cover how the student’s academic and professional interests relate to the TRC’s research priorities and how their longer term career interests relate to the field of transportation. This can be submitted at a later date but will be required for student acceptance.

The TRC will communicate with the graduate program coordinator if a student is awarded a TRC research assistantship and the funding can then be included in the student's offer letter from the graduate program. A copy of the offer letter must be provided to the TRC.

Can the Scholars Program funding be combined with other student support?
The research assistantship may not be combined with other employment-based funding sources within a student's program because the Graduate College has a maximum 20 hours of work per week rule. An additional $1,000 may be available to support the selected student’s professional travel, conferences or registration fees.

Do the research scholarships include tuition?
Since the research assistantship is paid from a USDOT grant to UVM, graduate students receiving the funding will have the out of state portion of their tuition paid by the UVM Graduate School—this is in addition to the research funding to the student of $28,000. Students will still pay their in-state tuition.

Are continuing full-time UVM graduate students eligible?

Can scholars start at different times?
Scholars usually start in September at the beginning of the academic year, but under special circumstances the start date can be delayed until January.

For More Information

For more information about graduate studies and the TRC, contact Glenn McRae with your area of interest.

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