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Graduate and Undergraduate Transportation Courses

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Transportation Summer 2013

Courses offered in Summer 2013 Semester by TRC Faculty and Associated Faculty, as well as courses eligible as electives in the Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Transportation Systems.

CDAE 095 / CEMS 095 Careers in Transportation (1CR)

Transportation is a multi-disciplinary sector that depends on a wide array of professionals to get things moving. Regardless of one's academic background, finding a lifelong, fulfilling career in a sector that cannot be outsourced overseas and is essential for quality of life is more possible and necessary than ever. Roughly 40-50% of the transportation workforce is slated to retire in the next 5-10 years, making the sector ripe for young professionals seeking gainful employment. This one-credit course aims to familiarize students with the diversity of potential careers in transportation, from engineering and construction to community outreach and policy research, and will focus on how to tailor undergraduate and pre-professional work to build a competitive resume. Any undergraduate curious about entering this booming field, irrespective of academic major, is qualified for the course.

Time: May 20- June 14; On-line

Instructor: Nicholas Leggett

ENVS 195 Sustainable Transportation Planning (3CR)

The environmental and energy impacts of auto-dependence will be explored in depth and the class will focus on four types of solutions; education, policy, design or technology and four specific transportation modes; transit, walking, biking and car-pooling.

Time: May 20- June 14; 1-4:45p TWTh

Instructor: Richard Watts

NR 385 Landscape Dynamics Modeling (2CR)
Contact to sign up: Gillian L. Galford, Ph.D.

Gillian.Galford@uvm.edu / 802.656.2920

The applications of landscape dynamics modeling include deforestation simulation, forest fire spreading, carbon cycling and emissions, fluvial regimes, urban growth and much more. The course will review and demonstrate these applications and will set some of the basic theory and overview of Dinimica-EGO modeling framework including the visual interface, library of analytical and simulation algorithms; analyzing landscape metrics; design, calibration, validation, and operation of landscape dynamics models; applying the models to real studies. Advanced users may learn how to develop Genetic Algorithms and Model Wizards. The course is free and open to students, staff, faculty and collaborators. Students taking this course may like to apply their new skills through the Vermont Climate Assessment (NR 385). Students seeking credit for this course need to contact Gillian L. Galford, Ph.D., Gillian.Galford@uvm.edu .
Note: It is expected that participants in the course have a foundation in GIS.
Dr. Britaldo Soares-Filho is a pre-eminent Brazilian scholar who is donating his time to build capacity in this area. He is a collaborator of Dr. Galford at the Gund Institute who has used this modeling framework in classes at UVM. .

Time: August 20-24 from 9am -5pm,UVM

Instructor: Gillian L. Galford